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Inventory of the Bloom Family Papers, 1905-2010

Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, clippings, school records, and other materials relating to the Bloom family of Greenville, South Carolina. The majority of records document the education, military service, and community involvement of Jack Bloom, with a smaller quantity of materials pertaining to his parents, Julius and Jennie Shatenstein Bloom, and his wife, Lillian Chernoff Bloom, as well as items relating to the Chernoff, Cohen, and Shatenstein families.
Title: Bloom family papers
Creator: Bloom family
Date(s): 1905-2010  (bulk 1943-1980)  
Extent: 4.5 linear feet
(5 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 2 flat boxes, 2 oversize folders, 5 compact discs)
Repository: Special Collections, College of Charleston Libraries
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: (843) 953-8016
Fax: (843) 953-6319
Call Number: Mss 1118
Language of Material: Materials in English and Yiddish

Biographical Note

Julius Harry Bloom (1894-1973) was born in Poland to Amelia and Harris Bloom. The family immigrated to the United States in 1905, and in 1910 settled in Greenville, South Carolina, where Harris opened Bloom's Department Store. In 1917 Julius left to fight in World War I, serving in France with the 118th infantry. He was severely injured and recovered in multiple hospitals in France and Britain before returning home in 1919. Once home, Julius took over Bloom's Department Store and married Jennie Shatenstein. The couple had their first child, Jack, in 1920, followed by a second son, Melvin, and a daughter, Shirley. Julius ran Bloom's Department Store until his retirement in 1966, when he closed the store.

Jack Bloom attended Furman University, and in 1941 began studying law at Duke University. He interrupted his studies to serve in the army during World War II. From 1943 to 1945, he was stationed at Camp Shanks in New York. After the war, Jack completed his law degree at Duke, graduating and passing the bar in 1947. His younger brother, Melvin, received a Ph.D. in chemistry, and his sister, Shirley, married Jack Cohen in 1952 and had two children, Mark and Stacy.

Jack married his wife Lillian Chernoff in 1956, and settled in Greenville, where Jack worked as an attorney. Apart from his career as a lawyer, he dedicated himself to research and writing, and, in 2005, published "A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, South Carolina" in The Proceedings and Papers of the Greenville County Historical Society. Both Jack and his father were active members of the local Jewish community. Julius served as president of Congregation Beth Israel in Greenville for 21 years and Jack was involved with the South Carolina Association of B'nai B'rith Lodges. Lillian Bloom was an active member of numerous civic associations and organizations, including the American Red Cross and the Mental Health Association of Greenville County. Jack and Lillian Bloom died in 2010.

Collection Overview

The collection consists of photographs, correspondence, school records, certificates, and clippings that document the Bloom family of Greenville, South Carolina, as well as a small number of materials relating to the Chernoff, Cohen, and Shatenstein families. Materials focus mainly on Julius and Jennie Bloom and their son, Jack. The largest portion of the collection consists of photographs, featuring mainly Jennie and Julius Bloom, their son Jack, and daughter, Shirley. Several photograph albums contain images of later generations of the Chernoff family. Paper documents pertain primarily to Jack Bloom's correspondence, education, military career, and involvement in the Jewish community, with a smaller number of items documenting the education and career of his wife, Lillian Chernoff Bloom. The collection also contains research files, drafts, and the final manuscript for A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, South Carolina by Jack Bloom.

Collection Arrangement

Materials are described at the folder level.

Search Terms

The following terms have been used to index this collection in the Library's online catalog. They are grouped by name of person, family, or organization, by topical subject, by place, and by types of material.


    • Bloom, Jack L., 1920-2010
    • Bloom, Jennie Chernoff
    • Bloom, Julius H., 1893-1973
    • Bloom, Lillian, 1921-2010
    • Bloom family
    • Chernoff family
    • Shatenstein family


    • World War, 1914-1918--Veterans.
    • World War, 1939-1945--Veterans.
    • Jewish businesspeople
    • Jews--Social life and customs
    • Jews--Intellectual life


    • Greenville (S.C.)

    Types of Material

    • Black-and-white photographs
    • Color photographs
    • Photograph albums
    • Correspondence
    • Certificates
    • Manuscripts for publication
    • Notebooks
    • Diplomas
    • Membership cards
    • Color patches (military patches)
    • Clippings (information artifacts)
    • Digital images

    Related Resources

    Related Material

    Julius H. Bloom papers (Mss 1034-012), an oral history interview with Jack L. Bloom (Mss 1035-126), and the South Carolina Association of B'nai B'rith Lodges records (Mss 1037).


    Correspondence, 1920-2006, undated

    The majority of correspondence is from Jennie and Julius Bloom to their son Jack, written while he was finishing his law degree at Duke University. It also includes a smaller number of letters from Jack while stationed at Camp Shanks in New York during World War II.

    1920-1947   box 1 | folder 1

    1962-1978   box 1 | folder 2

    1985-2006   box 1 | folder 3

    Undated   box 1 | folder 4

    Photographs, circa 1905-2010, undated

    The majority of photographs document the daily life of multiple generations of the Bloom family, including images taken in their home and at casual events and functions. Of note are images of Julius Bloom in uniform during World War I, Jack Bloom stationed at Camp Shanks during World War II, and Julius and Jack Bloom attending Congregation Beth Israel events. A significant number of subjects are unidentified.

    Harris and Amelia Bloom, circa 1905-1910, 1937, undated   box 1 | folder 5

    Julius Bloom as a young man, circa 1917-1918, undated   box 1 | folder 6

    Jennie Shatenstein Bloom as a young woman, undated   box 1 | folder 7

    Bloom family group photographs, circa 1930-1971, undated   box 1 | folder 8

    Julius and Jennie Bloom, 1942-1965, undated   box 1 | folder 9

    Jack Bloom as a child, 1920-circa 1930, undated   box 2 | folder 1

    Jack Bloom as a young man, 1939-1947, undated   box 2 | folder 2

    Jack Bloom in the army, 1943-1945, 1957, undated   box 2 | folder 3

    Jack Bloom as an adult, 1955-1968, 1998-2003, undated   box 2 | folder 4

    Jack Bloom as an adult oversize photos, 1955   Oversize Paper Folder 1

    Lillian Bloom, 1985, undated   box 2 | folder 5

    Shirley Bloom Cohen and family, 1958-1982, 1998, undated   box 2 | folder 6

    Family friends, 1942-1955, 1994, undated   box 2 | folder 7

    Unidentified, 1937-1963, 1995, undated   box 2 | folder 8

    Unidentified, undated   box 2 | folder 9

    Small photograph album, circa 1960, undated   box 3 | folder 1

    Images of Shirley Cohen, her two children, and friends.

    Small photograph album, 1977, 2003, undated   box 3 | folder 2

    Images of Jack and Lillian Bloom, the Chernoff family, Jack's high school reunion, and Jack and Shirley.

    Small photograph album, 1994-2010, undated   box 3 | folder 3

    Images of Lillian and Jack Bloom.

    Small photograph album, 2001, undated   box 3 | folder 4

    Images of Stacy Cohen's wedding, Jennie Bloom, and Jack and Shirley Bloom.

    Small photograph album, 2006-2007, undated   box 3 | folder 5

    Images of Jack and Lillian Bloom, and unidentified family members.

    Small photograph album, 2008, undated   box 3 | folder 6

    Images of Jack and Lillian Bloom, Miriam Chernoff, and unidentified family members.

    Small photograph album, 2009, undated   box 3 | folder 7

    Images of Jack and Lillian Bloom, and the Stewart family.

    Scrapbook, circa 1915, 1935-1987, undated   box 4

    Materials mostly document Lillian Bloom's youth and the Chernoff family, as well as a smaller number of items pertaining to Lillian and her husband, Jack Bloom. Includes photographs, marriage certificates, wedding invitations, clippings, letters, and anniversary cards.

    Scrapbook, circa 1917, 1944-1979, undated   box 4

    Materials document the Chernoff family-mainly Lillian Chernoff Bloom, and Jack and Lillian Bloom's courtship and marriage. Also includes a small number of items documenting Shirley Cohen and her son, Mark. Includes clippings, letters from Jack to Lillian, programs, photographs, business cards, and genealogical documents, such as a family tree.

    Photograph album, circa 1940-1970   box 4

    Images of Lillian Chernoff as a young woman, and with her husband, Jack Bloom, in the 1960s.

    Photograph album, circa 1950s-1960s, 1990s, undated   box 4

    Images consist of Lillian and Jack Bloom; also includes some older photos, one of Jennie Shatenstein, and a few of Lillian Bloom in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

    Photo Viewfinder Keychains and buttons, 1923, circa 1975-1980, undated   box 3 | folder 8

    Contains images of Lillian and Jack Bloom, as well as several members of Lillian's family including Herman Chernoff and Lillian's mother, Pauline Markowitz Chernoff.

    School records, 1933-1947

    Records pertaining to the education of Jack and Lillian Bloom, from high school through post-graduate degrees.

    Programs, letters, and report cards, 1934-1947   box 3 | folder 9

    Graduation ceremony programs, letters of achievement, such as honor roll and scholarship awards, and report cards.

    Yearbooks, 1939, 1941   box 3 | folder 10

    Jack Bloom's high school year book and photocopied pages from Lillian Bloom's college year book.

    Jack Bloom law school notebooks, 1947, undated   box 3 | folder 11

    Notes on wills and estates.

    Jack Bloom law school notebooks, 1947, undated   box 5 | folder 1

    Notes on wills and estates.

    Exams and papers, 1947, undated   box 5 | folder 2

    Final exam on wills and estates, and a paper titled "A Short Study of Three Approaches of Modern Philosophy: Idealism, Realism, and Pragmatism" by Jack L. Bloom.

    Diplomas, 1933-1947   box 5 | folder 3

    Jack Bloom's high school, undergraduate, and law school diplomas and Lillian Chernoff Bloom's undergraduate diploma.

    Genealogical research files, 1998-2010

    Chernoff family files, 1998-1999, 2010, undated   box 5 | folder 4

    Shatenstein family reunion correspondence, 2006   box 5 | folder 5

    Audiovisual, 2006, 2008
    (Jewish heritage Collection CDs Box 1 | 5 CDs)

    "Shatenstein-Satenstein photos disc-1," 2006   CD 1118-CD01

    Family photographs compiled and scanned at the Shatenstein family reunion in 2006.

    "Shatenstein-Satenstein photos disc-2," 2006   CD 1118-CD02

    "Shatenstein-Satenstein photos, index, trees disc 3," 2006   CD 1118-CD03

    Also includes family trees and name indexes.

    Jack and Lillian Bloom audio interview, disc 1, 2008   CD 1118-CD04

    Informal interview with Jack and Lillian Bloom conducted by Miriam Chernoff.

    Jack and Lillian Bloom audio interview, disc 2, 2008   CD 1118-CD05

    Congregation Beth Israel, 1949-2010, undated   box 5 | folder 6-7

    Service and events programs, copies of the Beth Israel Bulletin, yearly sheets noting leadership and special events, and correspondence regarding redecoration fundraising efforts.

    Invitations and announcements, 1920- 1963, undated   box 5 | folder 8

    Birth announcements, bar mitzvah invitations, wedding invitations, funeral memorial book for Harris Bloom, and a certificate honoring the wedding anniversary of Jack and Lillian Bloom.

    Jack Bloom military service, 1943-2006, undated

    Military documents, 1943-1946, 2006   box 5 | folder 9

    Flag flown for retired Colonel Jack Bloom with certificate, 1985   box 6

    Patches, pins, and uniform belt, undated   box 7 | folder 1

    A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, South Carolina, 1981-2006, undated

    Research clippings, 1981, 1986   box 7 | folder 2

    Research notes, undated   box 7 | folder 3

    Correspondence 1997-2006, undated   box 7 | folder 4

    Drafts, 1998-2005   box 7 | folder 5

    Professional certificates, 1949-1993, undated   box 8 | folder 1

    Oversize professional certificates, 1956-1972   Oversize Paper Folder 2

    From the United States Court of Appeals, the Grand Council of the Order of DeMolay, the Judge Advocate General's School, and the United States Court of Military Appeals.

    South Carolina Association of B'nai Brith Lodges, 1954-1959   box 8 | folder 2

    Membership cards, 1946, 1952-1953, undated   box 8 | folder 3

    From the American Bar Association, Zionist Organization of America, Order of DeMolay, and Greenville County of Economic Opportunity Commission.

    Lillian Chernoff Bloom certificates, 1954-1955, 1988-2004, undated   box 8 | folder 4

    Includes certificates of appreciation from the American Red Cross and a plaque recognizing her contributions to the Mental Health Association of Greenville County.

    Clippings, 1941-1973, undated   box 8 | folder 5-6

    News clippings describing Jack Bloom's community involvement, Julius H. Bloom, Bloom's Department Store, Congregation Beth Israel, and Shirley Bloom's marriage announcement. Also includes obituaries for several Bloom family members.

    Miscellaneous, 1969, undated   box 8 | folder 7

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    Acquisitions Information

    Materials were donated in 2010 by Miriam Chernoff.

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    Processed by Amy Lazarus, April 2015.

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