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Title: Albert Simons Papers

Collection #: 0044

Dates: 1908-1977

Size: 6 boxes (5 linear ft.)

Biographical Note: Architect. Albert Simons was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He attended the College of Charleston and received a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He served as an instructor in architecture at Clemson College in 1915 and 1916, and was a partner in the architectural firm of Todd, Simons & Todd in 1916 and 1917. After a period of military service during World War I, Simons returned to Charleston and with Samuel Lapham established the architectural firm of Simons & Lapham. Simons served as a lecturer on fine arts at the College of Charleston from 1924 to 1947. In 1917 Simons married Harriet Porcher Stoney, daughter of Samuel Gaillard Stoney. Albert Simons died in 1980.

Scope and Content Note: Papers consist of Simons' writings, correspondence, sketchbooks, clippings, prints, and miscellaneous items.

Simons' writings include lecture notes (many on index cards) and essays on subjects such as church architecture, French history, Robert Mills, the architecture of Charleston (S.C.), Greek temples, and Sir Christopher Wren.

Letters (1908-1977) are mostly Simons' personal and professional correspondence with various individuals, family members, and organizations, but also include a letter (1908 Feb. 25) from William Martin Aiken to Samuel G. Stoney concerning funds for a "proposed enlargement of the Confederate Home School" in Charleston, S.C.

Ten sketchbooks (1915-ca. 1961) contain notes, watercolor paintings, and sketches in pencil and ink. Most of the sketches were made during Simons' trips abroad and reflect his interests in the art and architecture of Italy, England, Greece, France, and elsewhere, but there are also several landscapes of the Clemson, South Carolina area. A number of the finely detailed colored watercolors depict architectural elements, details, and ornaments such as columns and mosaics. In addition, there are many pencil sketches and studies of human figures and faces, including renderings of persons in ethnic costumes and uniforms.

Collection also contains numerous prints of paintings, sculptures, and other art works used by Simons in his fine arts lectures, and a group of materials (1946-1957) pertaining to R. Buckminster Fuller and geodesic domes including clippings, reprints of articles, and photocopies of Fuller's letters.

Miscellaneous items include biographical material about Simons (drafts of an article for Who's Who in America), clippings (1924-1977) about Simons and his work, printed materials, and some of Simons' medical bills and records of insurance payments.

Subject Headings:

Aiken, William Martin, 1885-1908.
Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895-1983.
Simons, Albert, 1890- -- Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.
Stoney, Samuel Gaillard, 1853-1926.
Confederate Home and College (Charleston, S.C.)
Architects -- South Carolina -- Charleston.
Decoration and ornament, Architectural.
Charleston (S.C.) -- History.
Clemson (S.C.)
South Carolina -- History -- 1865-


Biographical Sketch 1/1

Personal Papers-Meditation on St. Paul gathered from the acts of the Apostles and the Letters of St. Paul. 1/2

“Charleston During the Last 50 Years” 1/3

Works of Henry Holland as given by Dorothy Stroud 1/4

Notebook 1/5

Sketch Book 1/6

Sketch Book 1/7

Sketch Book 1/8

Sketch Book 1/9

Sketch Book 1/10

Sketch Book 1/11

Sketches Pencil and Ink Graphics 1/12

Seal: A World Port (Lions Club) 1/13

Christmas cards 1/14

Christmas cards 1/15

Personal Corres. Paul M. Macmillan, 4/5/43 1/39

Personal Corres. Donald Moffat 1/45

Personal Corres. Ray Moxley, 5/12/75 1/46

Personal Corres. John R. Notman, 2/14/55 1/47

Personal Corres. Henry N. Parsley, Jr., 9/24/76 1/48

Personal Corres. Pastoria Hotel, London 1/49

Lecture Robert Mills 3/1

Lecture Acropolis Athens 2/1

Lecture Robert Adams 2/2

Personal Papers-Robert Adams 2/3

Personal Papers-Cathedrals and Churches 2/4

Lecture Charleston, S.C. 2/5

Lecture Civic design 2/6

Lecture College of Charleston 2/7

Lecture The development of Charleston Architecture 2/8

Lecture The Early Architecture 2/9

Lecture English Baroque 2/10

English, Baroque, or the School of Wren 2/11

Lecture Early Charleston Architecture 2/12

Lecture English Renaissance 2/13

Lecture George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales 2/14

Lectures Introduction to Modern Architecture 2/15

Lecture Samuel H. Kress 2/16

Lecture Map of Charles Town in 1730 2/17

Lecture Michelangelo, 1938 2/18

Lecture Palladio 3/2

Lecture Preservation in Charleston, S.C. 3/3

Lecture Restoration of Old Exchange Building 3/4

Lecture Some landmarks of Christian Architecture 3/5

Lecture Sir Christopher Wren 3/6

Lecture Miscellaneous 3/7

Writing Historic Charleston Foundation by Robert N. S. Whitelaw 4/18 Lecture-Writings 3/8

Personal Correspondence- Adele and Fraser Wilson 3/9

Personal Correspondence- Johnston Avery, 8/13/35 3/10

Personal Correspondence-Bee 3/11

Personal Correspondence-E. Milby Burton 3/12

Personal Correspondence-George E. P. Buxton 3/13

Personal Correspondence-Margaretta and St. Julian Childs 3/14

Personal Correspondence-Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Cooke, 1/3/56 3/15

Personal Correspondence-William R. Cullison 3/16

Personal Correspondence- Correspondence Thomas Della Torre 3/17

Personal Correspondence-W. Dwerly 3/18

Personal Correspondence- Mrs. S. Henry Frances Edmunds, 11/14/66 3/19

Personal Corres.- Eliza 3/20

Personal Corres.-Ellen 3/21

Personal Corres.-Elmina and Virginia 3/22

Personal Corres.-Robert M. Ferguson, 4/21/58 3/24

Personal Corres.- Richard H. Gabel, 11/20/70 3/25

Personal Corres. Giffy and Harvey 3/26

Personal Corres. Ginney and Stoney, Simons 3/27

Personal Corres. George Grice, 3/14/34 3/28

Personal Corres. Cora Lee Hamlin, 1/6/76 3/29

Personal Corres. John Mead Howells, 12/28/31 3/30

Personal Correspondence International Who’s Who 10/2/46 3/31

Personal Corres. Harold Jacobs, 11/29/76 3/32

Personal Corres. Huger W. Jervey, 11/21/41 3/33

Personal Corres. “Uncle Joe” 3/34

Personal Corres. Anne Keating, 6/1/77 3/35

Personal Corres. Mr. and Mrs. Peyre Lapham, 1/7/36 3/36

Correspondence-Luke 3/37

Personal Corres. Lydia, 1/6/76 3/38

Newspaper Clipping-Planning is Custom-Fashioned for Charleston 6/3/57, Charleston Evening Post 3/40

Personal Corres. Anthony Minoprio 3/41

Personal Corres. Penny and Thomas 3/42

Personal Corres. Polly 3/43

Personal Corres. Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Rhett Maybank Jr., 1/7/76 3/44

Personal Corres. James A. Michener, 9/5/75 3/50

Personal Corres. Kenneth H. Petchenik 3/51

Personal Corres. E. Carter Preston, 8/18/61 3/52

Personal Corres. Mrs. Granville T. Prior, 1/7/76 3/53

Personal Corres. Emily Blake Rutledge, 1/7/76 3/54

Personal Corres. Mr.and Mrs. Richard W. Salmons 3/55

Personal Corres. Anton Schutz, 10/18/61 3/56

Personal Corres. Bentham Simons, 6/18/35 3/57

Personal Corres. Charles Scibner’s Sons, 3/8/28 3/58

Personal Corres. Elizabeth G. Simmons 3/59

Personal Corres. Wilhelmina Simmons 3/60

Personal Corres. Mrs. Heyward S. Singley, 1/7/76 3/61

Personal Corres. Sinkler 3/62

Personal Corres. Southern Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Inc. 3/63

Personal Corres. Phil Stats 3/64

Personal Corres. Theodore S. Stern, 3/1/77 3/65

Personal Corres. Harry Sternteld 3/66

Personal Corres. W. Bonner Thomason 3/67

Personal Corres. Ernest and Enid Tuckey 3/68

Personal Corres. U.S. Public Relations 2/74 3/69

Personal Corres. James G. Uzzell 3/70

Personal Corres. Who’s Who In America, 1946-1947 3/71

Miscellaneous Corres. 3/71

Personal Corres. Samuel G. Stoney to William. Martin Aiken, 2/25/08 3/72

American Export Lines List of Passengers 4/1

Birthday List 4/2

Bishop’s Scholar Program 4/3

Blue Cross Blue Shield Material 4/4

Charleston Library Society 4/5

Christmas List 4/6

Financial Information 4/7

Fuller, Richard Buckminister-Autograph printed material 4/8

Guide to modern Architecture in Copenhagen 4/9

Itinerary for Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simons 4/10

Medical University of S. C. material 4/7

Miscellaneous Printed Material 4/8

Printed material Bookplates 4/12

St. Anne, Limehouse- A brief guide 4/13

Personal Papers- Harbenson: Christmas Cards 4/14

St. Francis Xavier Hospital Material 4/14

Programs held at Parris Island, S.C. 4/15

Two Sermons preached at the memorial service for the Very Rev. F.W. Dwerly, First Dean of Liverpool, 12/11/60 4/15

University of Pennsylvania Bulletin, 5/52 4/16

News Release 10/15/61 Art treasure for America, Samuel H. Kress Collection 4/19

University of S. C. Press Royalty and refund Report 4/17

Newspaper Clipping Architectural wrought iron- William Martin Aiken 5/1

Newspaper Clipping Albert Simons, nominated for High Honor 5/2

Newspaper Clipping- Architect donates books to College, News & Courier 10/19/72 5/3

Newspaper Clipping Artist Funeral this Afternoon 5/4

Clipping-An Early American Culture In Winterthur Publication-Charleston Evening Post 12/4/40 5/5

Newspaper Clipping Local author catalogues Charleston Writers in talk before Women’s 5/6

Newspaper Clipping-New Fine Arts Center will be named for local architect. News & Courier, 8/8/77 5/7

Newspaper Clipping-Officers named at annual session of Art association News & Courier, 3/10/51 5/8

Newspaper Clipping, Painting and sculpture of S. H. Kress Collection 5/9

Newspaper Clipping Albert Simmons, “There’s a lot of Work Left”, 9/11/77 News & Courier 5/10

Newspaper Clipping A world post, Chas. Evening Post- 11/5/24 5/11

Miscellaneous 5/12

PrintedMaterial 5/13

PrintedMaterial 5/14

Printed Material 5/15

Blue Print-Clemson University 5/16

Sketch Book II 5/17

Photographs and Illustrations used for lectures. Misc. and Italian Renaissance 6

Photographs and Illustrations used for lectures: Major Artist, French art, Eyphan art, Chinese art, Chalden, Aleysnden Brook, Autun, Assyrian art, and American Art 7