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Title: Photographs and Illustrations for Gems in a Crown

Collection #: 0069

Dates: 1991-1993

Size: 71 items

Biographical Note: N/A

Scope and Content Note: The photographs and illustrations were taken for and most were included in: Lightsey, Harry M. Jr. Gems in a crown: the people and places of the College of Charleston, University of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston, S.C. : College of Charleston Foundation, 1993. The historic photographs that were borrowed from Special Collections for use in the book were refiled in their former locations. Tommy Thompson, a professional photographer in Atlanta, Georgia, made 42 color transparencies and 37 were selected for the book. Terry Richardson, a professional photographer in Charleston, South Carolina, made 12 color transparencies and 7 of these were selected for the book. The collection also includes 6 black and white drawings by Janusz Nedzi.

Subject Headings:

College of Charleston -- Pictorial works.
Architecture -- South Carolina -- Charleston.
Photographers -- United States.
Photography -- South Carolina -- Charleston.


Pen and Ink Drawings by Jaunaz Nedzi [Portfolio]

Cistern-Randolph Hall (appears on pp. vi-vii) [19x12]

Cistern-The Bishop Robert Smith House (appears on pg. 40) [19x12]

Blacklock House (appears on pg. 49) [12x19]

Sottile House (appears on pg. 60) [12x19]

Avery Institute (appears on pp. 66-67) [25x19]

Pi Kappa Phi Gate (appears on pg. 102) [12x19]

Blacklock House [interior] (does not appear in publication) [25x19]

The Bishop Robert Smith House [interior] (does not appear in publication) [25x19]

Color transparencies of photographs by Terry Richardson

Cougar, Audubon/Bachman The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (appears on p. 11) [5x7]

Map of Charleston harbor, A.D. Backe Survey sketch showing changes in Charleston bar from 1850 to 1855 (appears on pg.12) [5x7]

Sottile Theater, New Interior (appears on pg 72) [two copies] [5x7]

Blacklock House, outdoor "necessary" (appears on pg. 52) [4x5]

Blacklock House, outbuilding (appears on pg 52) [4x5]

Congressman Thomas E. Miller portrait (appears on pg. 69) [5x7]

Snowy Egret, Audubon Birds of America (pg. 95) [5x7]

Color transparencies of photographs by Tommy Thompson College Promenade (appears on pg. viii) [10x8]

Portrait of Bishop Robert Smith (appears on pg. 6) [10x8]

Randolph Hall, front (appears on pg. 20) [10x8]

Randolph Hall, Cistern and fence (appears on pg. 23) [10x8]

Randolph Hall, Towell Library, and Cistern (appears on pp. 24-25 and dustjacket) [10x8]

Randolph Hall, Chapel (Alumni Hall), interior (appears on pg. 27) [4x5]

Porter's Lodge (appears on pg. 31) [10x8]

Towell Library (appears on pg. 34) [10x8]

Bishop Robert Smith House (appears on pg. 38) [10x8]

Bishop Robert Smith House, fire place detail (appears on pg. 42) [10x8]

William Blacklock House (appears on pg. 46) [10x8]

William Blacklock House, main rooms (appears on pg. 48) [4x5]

William Blacklock House, main rooms (does not appear in publication) [2.5x2.5]

William Blacklock House, mantel (appears on pg. 50) [4x5]

William Blacklock House, vaulted ceiling (appears on pg. 51) [4x5]

William Blacklock House, stairwell (appears on pg. 51) [4x5]

Sottile House (appears on pg. 54) [10x8]

Sottile House, stained glass (appears on pg. 56) [10x8]

Avery Research Center (appears on pg. 62) [10x8]

Avery Research Center, restored classroom (appears on pg. 64) [4x5]

Sottile Theater, lighted dome (appears on pg. 74) [10x8]

Hugh P. Cameron House (appears on pg. 78) [10x8]

Bolles Female Academy (appears on pg. 81) [10x8]

John Scott House (appears on pg. 82) [10x8]

William James Rivers House (appears on pg. 83) [10x8]

Thompson-Muller House (appears on pg. 84) [10x8]

James Martindale House (appears on pg. 85) [10x8]

Wagener House (appears on pg. 86) [10x8]

Knox-Lesesne House (appears on pg. 87) [10x8]

Robert Scott Small Library, Maybank Mall (appears on pg. 90) [10x8]

Thaddeus Street Education Center (appears on pg. 92) [10x8]

Stern Student Center (appears on pg. 93) [4x5]

Fort Johnson, Plaque (appears on pg. 96) [4x5]

Fort Johnson, Powder Magazine (appears on pg. 98) [4x5]

St. Philip Dormitory (appears on pg. 100) [10x8]

Randolph Hall, President's garden (appears on pg. 104) [4x5]

College Street, promenade (appears on pg. 108) [10x8]

Transparencies not used in publication

Sottile Theater lighted dome (T. Richardson)

Blacklock House outbuilding (3 copies) (T. Richardson)

Towell Library

12 Glebe Street (T. Thompson)

Knox-Lesesne House (T. Thompson)

Randolph Hall, mall side (T. Thompson)

Randolph Hall, Cistern (T. Thompson)

Blacklock House, front door (T. Thompson)

Black and White photographs not used

Sottile House stained glass, 4x5 and two slides

President's Garden, Randolph Hall, 4x5

Knox-Lesesne House Gate, 4x5

Randolph Hall, Cistern, 5x7

Avery Institute, 4x5

Randolph Hall, Towell, Cistern, 10x7