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Title: Weinberg family papers

Collection #: Mss 1002

Dates: 1890-1980

Size: 1 3/4 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Originally named Levi and tracing its roots into Germany in the late 1600s, the family and its members scattered and emigrated to America, settling in Charleston, South Carolina, ca. 1840, and eventually moving to the Manning, South Carolina, area where the family participated in the Civil War and in mercantile and other activities of Clarendon County.

Scope and Content Note: Includes photocopies, check stubs, bank statements, bound volumes, loose pages, etc.

The collection consists mostly of financial records of Leon Weinberg (1884-1945) and family papers of his brother Julian Weinberg (b. 1882). Leon Weinberg's financial records are mostly check book stubs, cancelled checks, and bank statements (1936-1943), concerning his activities in Manning where he owned a dime (or dry goods) store, a grocery store, a cotton warehouse, and other concerns.

Business records (1929-1943) of the mercantile business include two daybooks, showing charges of customers, and income and expenses of the business. There are also deeds, plats, insurance papers and related materials regarding the ownership of various parcels of land and buildings in Manning, South Carolina.

The other materials in the collection are photocopies of early records, with the earliest items from the 1850s, including a marriage contract and a receipt for land, and copies of late 19th and 20th century records regarding land ownership in Manning.

There are letters, cemetery inscriptions and other materials documenting the Levi, Weinberg, Iseman, and other families, with many certificates and papers (including a copy of the chartering of the Clarendon County United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter, 1922, and Daughters of the American Revolution application genealogy form), relating to Irma McKelvey (1899-1983) who married Julian Weinberg in 1927. Of special interest is a copy of a photograph of the Manning Guards, taken in 1888, with its Jewish and other members identified.


I. Financial Records of Leon Weinberg

  1. Check stubs (of business account one)
  2. June 1935-Feb. 1936 # 1-444 1-1

    Feb. 1936-March 1937 # 445-885 1-2

  3. Check stubs (of business account two)
  4. March 1935-March 1936 # 1900-1485 1-3

    March 1936-Dec. 1936 #1486-2087 1-4

  5. Check stubs (of business account three) These are almost all to individuals and may be a farming labor account.
  6. Oct. 1936-Sept. 1937 # 3001-3591 1-5

    Sept. 1937-Nov. 1937 #3542-4335 1-6

  7. Check stubs (Several miscellaneous accounts)
  8. Account one: July 1937-Oct. 1937 #2529-2676

    Account two: Dec. 1940-April 1942 no numbers

    Account three: October 1942-June 1943 # 450-530 1-7

  9. Check stubs (later financial accounts)
  10. Sept. 1942-Dec. 1942 # 11603-11701 1-8

    Jan. 1943-July 1943 #11850-12432 1-9

    July 1943-Sept. 1943 # 12433-13031 1-10

    Sept. 1943-Dec. 1943 #13031-13633 1-11

    Dec. 1943-June 1944 # 13783-14234 1-12

    June 1944-Nov. 1944 # 14235-14831 1-13

  11. Bank Statements and cancelled checks
  12. Cancelled checks and bank statements of Leon Weinberg and Cornelia Weinberg by Leon Weinberg, South Carolina National Bank, Charleston, SC 1-14

    Cancelled Checks, Weinberg 5 and 10 cts. Store Clarendon Cash Depository, Oct.-Nov. 1937 1-15

    Cancelled Checks, Leon Weinberg, Clarendon Cash Depository and cancelled checks and bank statements of LW, SC National Bank, Sumter, SC; with book of various financial records, such as cash out and including list of checks drawn on the SCN account 1-16

    Bank statements and cancelled checks, Leon Weinberg, SC National Bank, Sumter, SC, 1939 1-17

    Bank Statements, cancelled checks of LW, SCNB Sumter, 1940 1-18

    Bank Statements, cancelled checks of LW, SCNB Sumter, 1941 1-19

    Bank Statements, cancelled checks of LW, SCNB, Sumter, 1942 1-20

    Bank Statements, cancelled checks of LW, SCNB, Sumter, 1943 1-21

    Bank Statements, cancelled checks (some months) of LW, Bank of Clarendon, Manning, SC 1-22

  13. Financial and Business Records of Leon Weinberg Businesses
  14. Lists. A list of expenses and income by months for 1940; and a list of Accounts receivable (1940) by customer name and amount owed. 2-1

    Stock books (1940 [2], 41, 43) for 5 and 10 cts. Store, or general dry goods, listing item, cost (often in code), selling price, etc. Two Blue Horse Note Books were distributed by I.M. Pearlstine and Sons, Charleston; and Shep Pearlstine, St. Matthews, SC 2-2

  15. Insurance and property-related papers of Leon Weinberg.
  16. Papers (1937-1943) include deeds, mortgages, abstracts of title, insurance policies, plat, etc. re LW-s ownership of various parcels of land and buildings in Manning, SC -- including a cotton warehouse, a barbershop, a tenant outside of town, a grocery store and a dry goods or dime store. Title abstract mentions land owned by the Moses Levi family; with a life insurance on LW-s wife Cornelia. 2-3

  17. Miscellaneous financial papers of Leon Weinberg.
  18. Loose items (1941) removed from check book stubs, including telephone bills and receipts naming F.P. Burgess and correspondence with latter and Alex Sprunt and Son, Inc. re cotton. 2-4

  19. Bound volumes of business records
  20. The first volume contains various entries, including a chronological list (Jan. 1929-Dec. 1939) of customers, amount purchased, charged and balance owed; followed by list (April 1933) of charges for items by various customers; what appears to be an undated list of those paid for bales of cotton or some agricultural work; and finally, a day book (1936-1939) of income and expenses, or cash in and out, noted roughly in the same column. 3-1

    The second volume begins where the last left off (March 1939) and continues through May 1943, with quick summations of money deposited, cash spent, and totals of merchandise 3-2

II. Weinberg Family Papers.
  1. Land Records.
  2. These are photocopies of originals (1857, 1877-1945) of plats, deeds, mortgages, wills, etc. relating to selling, transferring ownership of, and buying various parcels of land in Manning, SC from various members of the Weinberg and Levi families 2-5

  3. Family history and genealogies.
  4. Photocopies of correspondence, family trees, genealogical tables, biographical summaries, and an 1854 marriage contract of Weinberg, Levi, Iseman and related families, tracing the Levi (later Weinberg) family from Germany in the 1600s to South Carolina. Ca. 1830, through Civil War service to the 20th century; with listings of Weinberg and related family members in the Jewish cemetery in Georgetown, SC 2-6

  5. Family history certificates and misc.
  6. Photocopies of originals (1922-1940-s) mostly documenting the connection (through marriage) of Weinberg and McKelvey families; with diplomas, confirmation certificates, marriage invitations, Daughter of American Revolution genealogical papers, and Founding (1922) of the Clarendon County Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

  7. Family history photograph.
  8. A copy of an 1888 photograph of the Manning Guards, with names of members noted. Jewish members include Capt. A. Levi and 2nd Lieutenant L. Appelt. 2-8

  9. Miscellaneous family papers.
  10. Photocopies of originals (1922-1988). Includes bills of sales, list of household goods, receipts, painting contract, stock certificate and specifications for the construction of a service. 2-9