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Title: Solomon-Prystowsky family papers

Collection #: Mss 1013

Dates: 1880-1990

Size: .5 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Charleston families connected by marriage (1912) of Sophie Prystowsky (1893-1985) to Samuel Solomon (d. 1954). Of five children, Aaron Solomon (1917-1991) carried on family business, Sam Solomon Company, Inc. During the 1960s, A. Solomon opposed South Carolina Blue Laws as a denial of religious liberty and took the fight to the Supreme Court. He was an active member of the Free Masons and Jewish Community Center, where he served as president (ca. 1968) and on the Evaluative Committee (1970).

Scope and Content Note:

Sophie P. Solomon financial records, obituary, and eulogy; Aaron Solomon speeches, real estate documents (regarding 1966 sale of 167-71 St. Philip Street), certificates, correspondence (1970-1981), clippings (1940-1990), obituary, and eulogy. Miscellaneous family material contains photocopies of 1995 Solomon-Prystowsky family reunion booklet, program from 1981 dedication of Solomon Hall (Brith Sholom Beth Israel), and two family wills.

Also included are Solomon family photographs (1880s-1980s, bulk 1930s-50s, candid snapshots), images of Aaron Solomon receiving awards, and photocopied photo album (1934) compiled by A. Solomon while at Charleston High School.

Sam Solomon Company papers (1960s) contain mock-up designs for sporting goods, men's gifts and dolls (Tressy and Teenie Weenie Tiny Tears), catalog pages, photographs (1940s-1960s) of 484 King and 338 East Bay locations, and miscellaneous ephemera and clippings (1960s).

Aaron Solomon's Jewish Community Center affiliation is documented by JCC budget reports and financial statements (1964-1970), Evaluative Committee correspondence (1969-1970), questionnaires, and final report. Free Mason-Scottish Rite papers contain commemorative booklet (1924) from Charleston Supreme Council meeting, typed excerpts from Masonic ceremonies, and group photographs (1950s). Miscellaneous material includes Jewish interest pamphlets and clippings (1960s-80s) and photocopies of bill of sale (1945) for 180-182 Rutledge Avenue.


  1. Family Papers (1912-1995)

  2. Sophie Solomon-Papers (1967-1985): financial records including Homeowner’s policy from Bernard J. Olasov Agency; tax statements for homes in Chas. and Sullivan’s Island; obituary and eulogy (photocopies). 1/1

    Aaron Solomon-Personal Papers (1934-1991): photocopy, "South Carolina’s Blue Law-A Denial of Religious Liberty (original removed and cataloged); annotated speech, "Gaining and Maintaining the Loyalty of Our Youth to Torah Judaism"; documents (1966) re. sale of nos. 167,169,171 St. Philip St; high school transcript, selective service and civilian defense cards; memoir of life on St. Philip St.; obituary and eulogy (photocopies). 1/2

    Aaron Solomon-Awards (1960s-1980s): ephemera and certificates from Jewish Community Center, Friendship Lodge No. 9, Hebrew Benevolent Society, Jewish Welfare Fund and ORT. 1/3

    Aaron Solomon-Correspondence (1970-1981): thank you and congratulatory letters for participation in events and organizations; condolences on mother’s death. 1/4

    Aaron Solomon-Clippings (1940-1990): re. marriage, re-dedication of Brith Sholom, awards and honors received and Sunday blue law issue. 1/5

    Misc. Solomon-Prystowsky papers (1912-1995): photocopies of booklets: Solomon-Prystowsky Family Reunion, Dedication of Solomon Hall (originals cataloged); wills of Hattie G. Prystowsky and Louis Rabinowitz; tribute to Sam Solomon written by Louis Rabinowitz. 1/6

  3. Photographs

  4. Solomon Family (1880s-1981): courtship and wedding of Aaron Solomon and Gertrude Sosnick; family snapshots, bulk 1930s (one carte-de-visite ca. 1880s); group Hanukah photographs; dedication of Solomon Hall. 1/7

    Aaron Solomon (1930s-1980s); bulk 8x10s receiving awards; includes photocopied photo album (1934) senior year, Charleston High School. 1/8

  5. Sam Solomon Company, Inc. (1960s)

  6. Designs for sporting goods layout in United Jewelers and Distributors Inc. catalog (Nov. 1966); includes copy, type proof, final art paste up, printed page. 2/1

    Images and illustrations used for sporting goods layout. 2/2

    Designs for men’s gifts layout in United Jewelers and Distributors Inc. Catalog (Nov. 1966); includes copy, type proof, final art paste up, printed sheet. 2/3

    Images and illustrations used for men’s gifts layout. 2/4

    Designs for page in American Character Inc catalog 1964-1165; includes manuscript copy, type proof, black and white mechanical engravers proof, positives, printed page and catalog. 2/5

    Images, illustrations and transparencies for doll page (Tressy and Teeny Weenie Tiny Tears). 2/6

    Sam Solomon Co., Inc.-Photographs (1940s-1960s): promotional images; interior of stores at 484 King and 338 East Bay. 2/7

    Sam Solomon Co., Inc. - Misc. (1960s): advertising blotter (proof); clippings. 2/8

  7. Jewish Community Center Affiliation (1964-1970)

  8. Budget Reports 1964-1970: for 1970-1971 Famous Artist Series, chart of assets, liabilities, net worth, revenues, proposed budgets and year-end audits 1964-1970; correspondence re. budget changes (1968). 2/9

    Evaluative Committee [Planning and Study Committee] Correspondence (1968-1970): re. formulation of committee, requests to JCC Executive Director, and from National Jewish Welfare Board. 2/10

    Evaluative Committee survey and results (1970). 2/11

    Evaluative Committee –Report, August 1970. 2/12

  9. Freemason-Scottish Rite Papers (ca. 1920s-1960s): booklet, "Session of the Supreme Council A&A.S.R. Charleston, SC, 1924"; image of 33 A&A Scottish Rite of Freemasonry bldg. (Broad at Church.); typescripts of ceremonies: first half of 3rd Degree, 30º - First Apartment Degree, 31º Venerable President, Sages-32º (one page), "Dew Drop Lecture-Knowledge of G", speech re. conferring of white apron; group photographs (1950s). 2/13

  10. Misc. Material (1940s-1980s): Real estate titles (1945) and bill of sale (photocopies) for land (No’s 180-182 Rutledge Ave.); Jewish interest material includes Yeshivat Birkat Moshe pamphlet; clippings re. Judaism and Rabbi N. Rabinovitch. 2/14

Note: Gertrude Solomon gave a taped audio interview to the Jewish Heritage Project in April 1998; a 1989 interview with Aaron Solomon also exists.