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Title: Neidich-Rudowitz family papers

Collection #: Mss 1014

Dates: 1890-1996

Size: .75 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Beaufort, South Carolina, families connected by the marriage (1938) of second cousins Dr. Sol Neidich (1913-1996) and Evelyn Rudowitz (1915-1996). Dr. Neidich, a general practitioner, was an original member of the Beaufort Memorial Hospital medical staff (1944) and practiced for almost 50 years. He was active in B'nai B'rith District Lodge No. 5 (president 1958), the Jewish Welfare Fund, and the United Jewish Appeal, Israel Bonds. His interest in Middle East Jewish affairs brought him in contact with state and national politicians. Dr. and Mrs. Neidich died in a 1996 automobile accident.

Scope and Content Note:

Includes correspondence, speeches, photographs, photocopies, clippings, ephemera, pamphlets.

Family photographs (1890-1960) include: cabinet cards (bulk from New York photographers), photo postcards and images at B'nai B'rith events. Papers (1950s-90s) of Dr. Sol Neidich include: obituary and eulogy, publications (1958-1988) regarding Israel and Middle Eastern affairs, speeches (1950s-1980s) regarding Israel and Middle East affairs and several from B'nai B'rith and Beaufort events; clippings (1950s-60s) about Dr. Neidich; B'nai B'rith papers (1950s-90s) include convention ephemera and District No. 5 B'nai B'rith Constitution (1978).

United Jewish Appeal material (1969-1990) contains speeches and fund raising letters; correspondences series includes: miscellaneous personal letters (1920s-90s); personal correspondence (1975-90) from Dr. William Wexler, Honorary President, B'nai B'rith International; letters (1971-94) regarding medical service; correspondence (1949-96) regarding Alan and Rose Neidich Memorial Fellowship and South Carolina B'nai B'rith Scholarship; letters (1965-96) regarding appointments to B'nai B'rith committees; mixed social/pro-forma correspondence (1961-96).

Political correspondence(1966-94), state and national; letters (1966-92) to and from South Carolina politicians (including L. Mendel Rivers, Ernest F. Hollings, John C. West and Strom Thurmond) regarding US-Middle East affairs; correspondence (1984-80) regarding B'nai B'rith International and Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith relations; letters (1970) regarding chaplaincy services at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Center.

Miscellaneous material (1910s-1990s) contains family ephemera (photocopies of wedding invitations, letterhead, certificates) and Jewish interest pamphlets and clippings from South Carolina events.


  1. Rudowitz-Neidich Personal Papers

  2. Photographs-Rudowitz family (1890-1955): cabinet card portraits (most by New York photographers), postcard photos and candid snapshots; includes a 1915 New Year photo with patriotic mount in Yiddish, German and English. 1/1

    Photographs-Neidich Family (1908-1960): cabinet card portraits and photographs of Sol Neidich with friends and colleagues at events and social gatherings. 1/2

    Sol Neidich-Publications (1958-1988): photocopies of articles from The Beaufort Gazette, New York Times, The State, News and Courier and The American Jewish Committee Viewpoint; most are editorials re. Middle East relations/problems. 1/3

    Sol Neidich-Clippings (1950s-1960s): (photocopies) re. Israel trip and work with Jewish marines. 1/4

    Sol Neidich-Awards Received (1950s): copies of speeches given re. Boss of the Year, B'nai B'rith Fellowship (1958) and roast of Dr. and Mrs. Neidich. 1/5

    Sol Neidich-Eulogy and obituary, 1996. 1/6

    Evelyn Neidich-Eulogy and obituary, 1996. 1/7

    Misc. Neidich-Rudowitz (1910s-1990s): booklet (1929), "Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Beverage Dispensers International Alliance"; business card (1920s), Rudowitz and Neidich Outfitters; misc. letter head; Holland America Line Able Mariner certificate (1995); photocopy of wedding invitation (1914)of Abe Rudowitz and Fannie Papish. 1/8

  3. Correspondence-Sol Neidich

  4. Correspondence (1920s-1990s)-Misc. Personal: re. family history and history of Jews in Beaufort; photocopies of letters (1950s) between Sol and Morris Neidich and Yiddish letters (1920s) from Israel. 1/9

    Correspondence (1975-1990)-Personal-Dr. William Wexler: postcards, letters from Israel. 1/10

    Correspondence (1971-1994)-Medical career; most from patients. 1/11

    Correspondence (1979-1988)-Alan and Rose Neidich Memorial Fellowship. 1/12

    Correspondence (1949-1992)-South Carolina B'nai B'rith Scholarship, Brandeis University; also contains clippings and financial statements. 1/13

    Correspondence (1965-1996)-B'nai B'rith: re. Dr. Neidich's appointments to various committees. 1/14

    Correspondence (1961-1996)-Mixed affiliation/pro forma social correspondence. 1/15

    Correspondence (1966-1994)-Generic political, South Carolina and national. 1/16

    Correspondence (1966-1992)-Political/US-Middle East relations: re. Arab-Israel peace talks and Genocide convention 1960s: contains letters from L. Mendel Rivers, Ernest F. Hollings, John C. West and Strom Thurmond. 1/17

    Correspondence (1964-1980) - Relations between B'nai B'rith International and Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. 1/18

    Correspondence (Aug. 1970-Oct. 1970)-Parris Island Marine Corps Chaplaincy service: includes letters from Beaufort and Savannah Jewish Councils, Jewish Welfare Board. 1/19

  5. Speeches

  6. Speeches (1950s)-Israel: handwritten, typescripts, typed on note cards. 2/1

    Speeches (1950s-1980s)-Misc.: topics include B'nai B'rith, City of Beaufort, Southern Jewish Experience and various tributes. 2/2

  7. Affiliation Papers

  8. B'nai B'rith (1950s-1990s); ephemera from triennial convention in Washington DC, historic Jewish sites and award ceremonies; programs 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th Annual SC State Association B'nai B'rith lodges and 82nd District Lodge No. 5 convention; photocopies of articles (1950s-80s) re. Sol Neidich; District No. 5 B'nai B'rith Constitution (1978). 2/3

    United Jewish Appeal (1969-1990): Sol Neidich speeches; letters re. fund raising. 2/4

  9. Misc.

  10. Jewish Interest ephemera (1958-1995): notes re. Jewish exhibit, fliers for Jewish memorials and temple dedications (SC); pamphlet (1958), re. Israel's 10th anniversary of independence; photocopies of articles re. Beaufort's noise ordinance against street preachers (1992 Wall Street Journal) and Jewish doctors in medical history; typescript (1975), "The Legislative Rights of Jews Forced to Abandon Arab Countries"; booklet: Seven Wonders of the World (with illustrations). Original has been cataloged. 2/5