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Title: Prystowsky-Feldman family papers

Collection #: Mss 1016

Dates: 1918-1950s

Size: .25 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Charleston families connected by the marriage (1955) of Arnold Prystowsky (b. 1919?) to Shirley Feldman (1927- ). Ezra Prystowsky (d. 1929) became a U.S. citizen (Poland native) in 1898 and founded clothing store E. Prystowsky and Sons (521-523 King Street.)

Scope and Content Note:

Includes correspondence, photographs, photocopies, scrapbook.

Correspondence (telegrams) regarding marriage (1918) of Raye Karesh and Moses Prystowksy; photographs (1950s-60s) of Prystowsky women at Brith Sholom Beth Israel events; photocopies of images from wedding (1955) of Arnold Prystowksy and Shirley Feldman; photocopies of family documents including real estate titles (1888-1940) for St. Philip St. property, Prystowsky family U.S. citizenship information (1898-1912), partnership document from E. Prystowsky and Sons (1926). Also includes Aleph Zadik Aleph scrapbook (1936-1939.)


  1. Family Papers

  2. Correspondence (1918): congratulatory telegrams to Raye Karesh and Moses Prystowsky on their marriage. 1/1

    Photographs (1950s-1960s): Print, group of elderly women at a restaurant (includes Mollie Prystowsky?) and 1963 BSBI Sisterhood awards ceremony; photocopies of Arnold and Shirley Prsytowsky’s wedding photos. 1/2

    Misc. Prystowsky documents (1888-1950): all photocopies; includes real estate titles (1888, 1903, 1909, 1940) for sale of land on St. Philip St; Ezra Prystowsky’s will (contains disbursement of lands on St. Philip, Canon and King streets); Ezra Prystowsky’s citizenship certificate (1898); bond certificate re. funds given the Hebrew Orphan Society. 1/3

  3. Aleph Zadik Aleph Scrapbook (1936-1939): compiled by Arnold Prystowsky; contains clippings, photographs, conference ribbons, certificates, The Trumpet Vol. 1, No 1, March 1936, District No. 5 (original); event ephemera. 1/4

  4. Misc: photocopies of booklets removed and cataloged: 25th Anniversary Charleston Jewish Community Center, Bicentennial Celebration, Charleston Jewish Community; Washington’s Birthday Ball (1938) Francis Marion Hotel. 1/5