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Title: David A. Cohen, Jr. collection

Collection #: Mss 1021

Dates: 1870s-1990s

Size: 3 linear ft.

Biographical Note: South Carolina families connected by the marriage of David A. Cohen, Sr. (1896-1963) to Hilda Hennig (1886-1980). Henry Hennig (1858-1922), father of Hilda Hennig was originally from Neumark, Germany. He made his living in Darlington, South Carolina, as a lien merchant and was a founding member (1896) of the Darlington Hebrew Cemetery Association.

The Cohen family was active in community groups including the Darlington Hebrew Congregation (founded in 1924) and the Darlington Temple Sisterhood (founded 1925.) Hilda Hennig Cohen was president (1962) of the South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhoods and her son, David A. Cohen, Jr., was president (1954-56) of the Darlington Hebrew Congregation.

Scope and Content Note: Includes letters, contracts, deeds, ledgers, minutes, reports, photocopies, clippings, ephemera, postcards, typescripts, journal, architectural floor plan.

Papers (1928-1980) of the Darlington Temple Sisterhood: include certificate of incorporation and 1933 constitution; correspondence, bulk pertains to financial matters; broken runs of minutes; topics include general business, fundraising activities and state sisterhood news; broken run of annual reports; financial records include bank statements, check book, and account ledgers for general sisterhood funds and cemetery expenses.

South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhood (SFTS) papers contain annual convention programs, minutes (typescripts) from Executive Board meetings, revisions to constitution, and typescript of first "SC Sisterhood News." National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods material includes uniongram packet, ephemera from 1937 Union of American Hebrew Congregations conference; annual report, and by-laws.

Papers (1954-1993) of the Darlington Hebrew Congregation: typed history (1964) of Darlington Jewish community; correspondence (1954-1993), bulk pertains to possible synagogue and rabbi service; correspondence (1956-1991) re. cemetery (includes hand drawn plats); broken runs of annual meeting minutes (1953-1972) include general business reports, cemetery issues, rabbi service, finances; financial records contain checkbooks (1954-1965 and 1971-1982,) bank statements (1963-1986) and savings account book (1958-63).

Hennig family financial papers consist of real estate documents (1877-1927) for lands in Darlington County; most are transactions between Henry or Lena Hennig and farm owners (including African-American sharecroppers); other material includes Hennig family tax returns and real estate summaries (1922); bids (1930) submitted to Herbert Hennig, Darlington County Clerk, for county audit. Hennig personal papers are primarily handwritten letters: between Henry and Lena Hennig (1900, 1903-4); bulk written while Henry was in Germany visiting family.

Misc. letters from Hennig relatives, business and religious associates; correspondence in gothic German [bulk to Henry/Heinrich Hennig] from locations in Germany, London and New York; includes postcards with hand-drawn illustrations; misc. ephemera includes invitations, calling cards and event programs (some in German).

Cohen family papers include Hilda Cohen's journal (1950s-1960s) detailing vacations to Europe and South America; David A. Cohen, Jr.'s term (1961-1971) as 5th grade teacher at Beth Israel Synagogue (Florence, SC) is represented by pupil activity books, teachers' guides, lesson plans, student rosters; invitation and menu from the wedding (October 1918) of David Cohen and Hilda Hennig.

Subject Headings

Cohen, David A., Jr., 1921-1997

Cohen family.

Hennig family.

Jews – South Carolina – Darlington – History.

Jewish families – South Carolina – Darlington –History.

Deeds – South Carolina – Darlington County – History.

Financial instruments – South Carolina – Darlington County –History.

Business records – South Carolina – Darlington County – History.

Sharecroppers – South Carolina – Darlington County – History.

Darlington Hebrew Congregation ( Darlington, S.C.)

Darlington Temple Sisterhood ( Darlington, S.C.)

Hennig, Henry.

Hennig, Lena Witcover.

Cohen, Hilda Hennig.

Financial records.

Business records.


Family papers.

Donor: Cohen, David A., Jr., 1921-1997.


I.   Darlington Temple Sisterhood (DTS)     
  A. Certificate of Incorporation, 1930; typescript of DTS Constitution, 1933.   
  B. Correspondence (1940-1957): misc. letters to sisterhood including thank you notes and typed letters re. bonds purchased.  
  C. Minutes of Sisterhood Meetings:    
  * June –Dec.1928; Jan-May, Sept-Dec. 1929; Jan-June, Sept-Dec. 1930; Jan-March 1931: general business reports and discussion of: cemetery up-keep; fundraising activities; possibility of building a synagogue; lotto parties; overseas bags for Red Cross; bonds purchased; scholarship funds; Sunday school activities.  
  * May-Dec. 1931; Jan.-June, Sept-Dec. 1932; Jan, March, April, Sep- Dec. 1933; Jan-March, June 1934: general business reports and discussion of: possible locations for a synagogue building; reports of the South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhoods; location for Sunday School classes; Jewish interest essays; charitable contributions; cemetery.  
  * June, Oct., Dec. 1934; Jan-June, Sept-Dec. 1935; Jan, Feb., April-June, Sept-Dec. 1936; Jan-June, Oct.-Dec. 1937; Jan-June, Oct-Dec. 1938; Jan-June, Sept. –Dec. 1939; Jan-May, Sept, Oct., Dec. 1940; Jan-April, Oct-Dec. 1941; Jan-April, June, Oct-Dec 1942; Jan-April, Oct-Dec. 1943; Jan-June, Oct-Dec. 1944; Jan-May, Sept-Dec. 1945; Jan-June, Sept, Nov., Dec. 1946; Jan-March, May, June, Sept, Oct, Dec. 1947; Jan.-June, Oct-Dec 1948; Jan, Feb. April-June, Oct, Dec. 1949: general business reports and discussion of: cemetery upkeep; fundraising; bonds purchased; correspondence with Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin; Jewish relief in Germany; aid to needy children; SC Library Association, local war efforts.  
  * Jan.-June, Oct-Dec 1950; Jan.-April, June, Oct-Dec. 1951; March-June, Oct-Dec. 1952; Feb.-June, Oct-Dec. 1953; Feb-June, Oct-Dec. 1954; Jan.-June, August, Oct., Dec. 1955; Jan-Mar., May-June, Oct, Dec. 1956; Jan-April, June, Oct-Dec, 1957; Jan-March, May, June, Oct-Nov. 1958; Jan-June 1959: general business reports and discussion of: cemetery beautification projects and reorganization; state sisterhood news; state sisterhood meeting in Darlington; fundraising; care packages to soldiers in Korea via Red Cross: contributions and charitable projects.  
  D. Annual Reports 1925, 1937-38, 1944-45, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1951,52, 1952-53, 1958-60, 1961-62: includes synopsis (1925) of change from Ladies Aid of Darlington to a temple sisterhood; general overviews of a year’s activities; includes reports of officers and committee chairman on membership, community service, financial matters, and participation in religious school and synagogue activities.  
  E. Misc. material: delegate button and ribbon worn by Mrs. D.A. Cohen at the 1937 National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods Convention; photograph (1954) from banquet at SC Temple Sisterhoods convention, Darlington, SC; sisterhood questionnaire (1946); Kiwanis

acknowledgement of monetary gift in memory of Hilda Cohen.

  F. Financial Records     
  * Bank Statements 1974-1975 (Citizens and Southern Nat’l Bank of SC)   
  * Bank Statements 1976-1977 (Citizens and Southern Nat’l Bank of SC)   
  * Bank Statements 1978-1979 (Citizens and Southern Nat’l Bank of SC)   
  * Bank Statements 1980-1981 (Citizens and Southern Nat’l Bank of SC)   
  * Check Book (1975-1981): from Citizens and Southern Nat’l Bank of SC; with attached check stubs.  
  * Account Ledger (1931-1980): divided into sections that include membership dues, cemetery dues, building funds, cash account, expenses and profits from activities.   
  * Account Ledger-Cemetery (1964-1979): contains sisterhood expenses and profits; most figures pertain to upkeep and dues of cemetery.  
II.   South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhoods     
  A. Convention Programs   
  * 1928, Darlington, SC    
  * 1936, Bishopville, SC    
  * 1938, Camden, SC    
  * 1939, Charleston, SC    
  * 1940, Columbia, SC    
  * 1941, Darlington, SC    
  * 1942, Columbia, SC    
  * 1945, Sumter, SC    
  * 1947, Florence, SC    
  * 1949, Kingstree, SC    
  * 1953, Columbia, SC    
  * 1954, January, Darlington, SC     
  * 1954, November, Sumter, SC    
  * 1956, January, Florence, SC    
  * 1956, November, Myrtle Beach, SC    
  B. Minutes of Executive Board meetings and Annual Convention: typescripts of reports (1930, 1935-37, 1945, 1947-49, 1954-56) made at conventions; all minutes include statewide temple sisterhood reports.  
  C. Misc. Material: clippings about 33rd convention in Myrtle Beach; typescript, SC Sisterhood News (first edition); quiz, "Things Jewish" arranged by members; statewide membership information and constitution revisions, 1947-1948.  
III   National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods: Uniongram packet (1951); pamphlet, of American Hebrew Congregations banquet (1937); pamphlet, "Sisterhood Song Of Welcome"; 30th Annual Report (1942); By-Laws (1943); letter to members re. Vietnam War, Kent State and telegram to Pres. Nixon re. National Guard (1970).  
IIV   Darlington Hebrew Congregation     
  A. History of Darlington Jewish Community: partial typescript of article published in Darlingtoniana, A History Of Darlington County (1964); by Mrs. Leroy (Sadie) Want.   
  B. Correspondence-General (1954-1993): letters, typescripts and photocopies; between David A. Cohen, Jr. and others re. Rabbi services in Darlington, possibility of building a synagogue, financial matters; also contains architectural drawing of proposed synagogue building.  
  C. Correspondence-Grove Hill Cemetery (1956-1991): letters, typescripts and photocopies; from individuals to cemetery representatives re. purchase or identification of family plots and establishment of perpetual care plan; includes hand drawn plats of cemetery.  
  D. Congregational Prayers; typescripts and photocopies of prayers used at services.  
  E. Congregational Meeting Minutes: June 1953; April, May, July, Aug. 1954; June-Sept. 1955; Sept. 1956; Sept.-Dec. 1957; Sept. 1958; Sept. 1959; Sept. 1960; Feb., Sept, Oct. 1961; Oct. 1962; Nov. 1963; June 1964; Oct. 1966; April 1967; March 1970; May 1971; May 1972: general business reports and discussion of: cemetery issues including transfer of deed for Hebrew section from Grove Hill Cemetery to Temple Sisterhood; establishment of perpetual care system; securing rabbi for monthly services; building a synagogue; finances.  
  F. Checkbook (1954-1965): Darlington County Bank and Trust; includes list of congregational bonds, check register and misc. cancelled checks and statements.  
  G. Checkbook (1971-1982): First National Bank of South Carolina; includes check register and misc. receipts, statements and cancelled checks.   
  H. Bank Statements 1963-1978 (First Nat’l Bank of South Carolina)   
  I. Bank Statements 1979-1986 (First Nat’l Bank of South Carolina and South Carolina National)   
  J. Misc. Financial Information: savings account ledger (1958-63) from Citizens Bank of Darlington; typed report (1981) of trustee accounts; bill (1972) from Rosenblum’s Hebrew Book Store.   
V.   Hennig Family Financial Documents     
  A. Tax returns/real estate summaries (1922) for Henry and Lena Hennig; includes descriptions of real estate acquired and disposed of; also summary (1922) of real estate acquired and disposed of by Herbert and Julian Hennig and Hilda Hennig Cohen.  
  B. Real Estate documents (approx. 100 items): mortgage deeds and bonds for land purchased and sold in Darlington County, SC; several land survey attachments (hand drawn); almost all pertain to lands owned by the Hennig family:    
  * 1877-1899   
  * 1900-1905   
  * 1906-1910   
  * 1911-1915   
  * 1916-1919   
  * 1920-1927   
  C. Misc. Financial material (1902-1930): hand written lists of properties owned by the Hennig family; misc. receipts, checks; lease agreement for property owned by Lena Hennig; bids submitted to Herbert W. Hennig, Clerk of Darlington County, for county audit.  
VI   Hennig Family Personal Papers     
  A. Correspondence-Henry Hennig to Lena Hennig (1900, 1903): 1900 series from Nov-Dec when Henry visited his family in Neumark, Germany; 1903 series written from New York and MA when Henry and son, Julian visited relatives; accounts of daily activities, several love letters; a few separate letters from Julian.   
  B. Correspondence-Lena Hennig to Henry Hennig (1900, 1904): 1900 series are reply letters to Henry when he was in Neumark, Germany; general accounts of daily activity, family news and mentions of NY social life; 1904 series written to Henry when Lena was in New Bedford, MA visiting relatives with daughter, Hilda; accounts of daily activity.  
  C. C. Correspondence-Misc. to Henry Hennig (1883-1902): congratulatory letter on upcoming marriage, from Aunt Sarah Heyman; re-organization of the Darlington Sunday School Society from Rabbi J.H.M. Chumaceiro; from Hyman Witcover re. financial troubles; from business associates and misc. acquaintances; several letters addressed to "Henry Henricks."  
  D. Correspondence-Postcards [in German] (1876-1905)-to Henry Hennig: from friends and relatives in Thorn, Neumark and Berlin, Germany and London; several have original artwork.   
  E. Correspondence-to Henry Hennig [in German]: handwritten; on letterhead from: W. Sultan, Thorn, Germany; P. Wunderlich; Henry Bonas and Company/Diamond Brokers; J. Hennig and I. Hennig, Schwarzenau Westpr; Feder Bros.Wholesale Tobacconists, Cleveland; Carl Marcus; J. Louis-Cigars, Tobacco and Pipes, Kansas City, MO; Bernheim, Rexinger & Co. Distillers and Jobbers in Whiskies, Cincinnati, OH; L. Alexander, Neumark (Germany); Dr. Sigbert Auerbach, Brooklyn, NY; J.M. Hennig, Berlin; also letters from London.    
  * 1878-1884   
  * 1885-1898   
  * 1900-1907   
  * No dates   
  F. Misc. Hennig Family material (1883-1905): receipt for dues paid to Darlington Friendship Lodge No. 7; handwritten essay on "The Pentateuch"; group of calling cards, many in German; engraving plate, "Mrs. Henry Hennig"; several early 20th c. playing cards and New Year cards; Henry Hennig’s diploma, (1893) Oriental Order of the Palm & Shell S.A.N.D.S (Freemason)-in JHC flat file  
  G. Misc. Ephemera [in German] (1901-1906):most from Neumark, Germany; pamphlets, invitations, businesses documents; event programs; two issues of Kreis=Blatt, (June 23 1904, September 20 1906)  
VII   Cohen Family Papers     
  A. Hilda Cohen’s notebook/journal (1950s-60s): handwritten notes on Judaism (possibly presented to Christian women’s groups); journal of trips to Europe and South America; details sea voyage to Europe and airplane travel to South America; mentions of Jewish sites visited and general travel observations.   
  B. Pupil Activity Books (2) (ca. 1957): The New Jewish History  
  C. Beth Israel Sunday School-Teacher Material (ca. 1960s-1970s): teacher guides (by World Over) for 25th anniversary of United Nations (1970) and Tu B’shevat; blank lesson plans, discipline rules, student evaluation sheets; typescripts, Jewish Heritage Series lessons; meal blessings and other Jewish blessings.   
  D. Beth Israel Sunday School: 5th Grade Lesson Plans (written by David A. Cohen, Jr.): handwritten notes about weekly lessons, extracurricular activities and assignments; student rosters and religious school schedules.    
  * 1961-1962   
  * 1964-1965   
  * 1966-1967   
  * 1970-1971   
  E. Family Ephemera: Invitation and menu from wedding of David Cohen and Hilda Hennig, October 17, 1918   
    Note: David A. Cohen, Jr. gave a taped audio interview to the Jewish Heritage Project in October and July 1995.