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Title: Pearlstine family papers : real estate and financial documents

Collection #: Mss 1027

Dates: 1866-1956

Size: .25 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Thomas (Tanchum) Pearlstine immigrated to the U.S. in 1854. He was a founding member of Brith Sholom in Charleston, South Carolina. His descendents spread throughout South Carolina and owned large amounts of land, particularly in Orangeburg, Barnwell and Allendale counties.

Scope and Content Note:

Includes deeds, liens, bonds, mortgages, certificates, legal documents.

Collection of real estate documents: mortgages, titles, bonds, liens, and leases for lands bought and sold in Orangeburg, Barnwell, Allendale and Colleton counties (South Carolina). Particular towns include Branchville and Allendale. Majority of land transactions are for lands purchased or sold by Rebecca Pearlstine, Thomas L. Pearlstine, and Fannie Pearlstine. Notable is a 1870s deed for land sold in Orangeburg County by the South Carolina Railroad Company.

Collection also contains legal documents related to lawsuits against Pearlstine Karesh & Co. (1887) and Thomas L. Pearlstine (1921) over land in Orangeburg County. Misc. material includes Thomas L. Pearlstine's financial records, Fannie Pearlstine's tax worksheets (1950, 1952), and misc. correspondence re. land transactions. Also Rebecca Pearlstine's life insurance policy (1901) from the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.


I.   Real Estate Documents    
  A. 1870s: real estate documents pertaining to lands bought and sold in Orangeburg County, SC (Branchville area); most between William H. Reedish and others; Reedish later sold lands to Pearlstine family; also deed for land sold by the SC Railroad company in Orangeburg County.  
  B. 1880s: real estate documents pertaining to land in Branchville, SC bought and sold by L. (Louis?) Pearlstine (often acting as agent for others); deeds for land bought by and sold to Pearlstine Karesh & Co. (merchants) of Branchville, SC; deeds for land sold to Rebecca Pearlstine (in Colleton and Orangeburg counties); also "warrant of attachment" against Orangeburg County property owned by Pearlstine Karesh & Co.   
  C. 1890s: Titles and mortgages for Branchville lands sold to Rebecca Pearlstine; document for lands leased by Rebecca and J.T. Pearlstine to the A.M.E Church of Sandy Run, Branchville, SC; also a "Lien On Crop, With Mortgage" to Rebecca Pearlstine for lands in Orangeburg County (cultivated by J.W. Phillips)  
  D. 1900-1910: Titles and mortgages for lands sold in Colleton County; mortgages for lands sold in Barnwell county (some include plats); real estate title for Branchville land sold by Rebecca Pearlstine to Thomas L. Pearlstine.  
  E. 1911-1920: Titles and mortgages for land bought and sold in Barnwell County; deeds for lands bought and sold to Fannie Pearlstine in Barnwell County (town of Allendale); some deeds have plat drawings; handwritten listing of names and figures re. lands bought and sold (list of Pearlstine land?); title and correspondence for land sold (in Branchville, SC) by Dr. Kivy Pearlstine and Thomas Pearlstine, executors of Rebecca Pearlstine’s estate.  
  F. 1920s: legal documents, The Orangeburg Bank vs. Thomas L. Pearlstine and Pope and Fleming, re. debt on lands in Branchville, SC; mortgages and deeds for land bought and sold in Allendale County; deeds for land sold by Fannie Pearlstine in Branchville, SC  
  G. 1940s-1980s: document, (1941) "Satisfaction of real estate mortgage"(taken out by Fannie Pearlstine) for lands in Allendale county; correspondence (1948) to Thomas L. Pearlstine re. lands traded in Allendale, SC; tax worksheets (1950, 1952) for real estate owned by Fannie Pearlstine; deed (1951) for land sold in Allendale County; bond for sale of Rebecca Pearlstine’s lands, sold by Thomas L. Pearlstine and from lawyer re. another land transaction  
  H. Misc.: (possibly 1860s) land transaction; document has been torn but has seal from the South Carolina Railroad company  
II.   Thomas L Pearlstine Papers (1913-1956): envelopes

(empty) that held land transaction paperwork; have listings of properties bought and sold; checks; stock certificate (1951) Branchville Industries, Inc.; stock certificate (1918), Bank of Branchville; hand written notes and figures on property sales

III.   Misc.: Rebecca Pearlstine’s life insurance policy (1901), Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York; tax receipt (1902) for Rebecca Pearlstine; typed note (1977) from Henry Rittenberg to Milton Pearlstine, 1977  
    Note: Hanna Pearlstine gave a taped audio interview to the Jewish Heritage Project in 1996