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Title: Gordan B. Stine scrapbooks

Collection #: Mss 1028

Dates: 1937-1989

Size: 2 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Charleston native, Gordan B. Stine, D.D.S, had an active political and civic career. Over the course of twenty years, Stine headed the Exchange Club of Charleston, College of Charleston Alumni Association, K.K. Beth Elohim Brotherhood, Hebrew Benevolent Society, Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce, South Carolina Dental Association, Charleston County Council, and Charleston County Democratic Party. He married (1951) Barbara Berlinsky and had two sons, Robert (b. 1952) and Steven (b. 1954).

Scope and Content Note:

The scrapbooks contain correspondence, speeches, photographs, photocopies, clippings, ephemera, and pamphlets.

Collection consists of 27 unbound scrapbooks (have been rehoused in original order) compiled by Stine over the course of his professional career. Majority of collection deals with Stine's political and community accomplishments and highlights local and state political and civic issues, 1960s-1970s. His activities and achievements are documented by newspaper articles (majority from Post and Courier) and correspondence from friends, colleagues, political figures, heads of organizations, etc.

Includes correspondence from prominent individuals including Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon; Generals William Westmoreland and Mark Clark; Senators Strom Thurmond, Ernest Hollings and Edward Kennedy; SC Governor James B. Edwards; and Mayors J. Palmer Gaillard and Joseph Riley, Jr. Collection also reflects Stine's association with the College of Charleston, mainly as President of the Alumni Association.

Jewish material (found primarily in the first eight scrapbooks) includes clippings re. Stine's election as president of K.K. Beth Elohim Brotherhood and Hebrew Benevolent Society, congratulatory letters (for accomplishments) from Rabbi Cohn (KKBE) and Nat Shulman (JCC and Jewish Welfare Relief Fund) and misc. ephemera.

Collection contains a variety of photographs (color and black and white) of Stine receiving awards, visiting a naval submarine (USS Frances Scott Key) and posing with various committees (Bicentennial Committee, County Council.)

Misc. loose personal papers include original invitation (1937) to Stine's bar mitzvah and a school autograph book (1936-1937); correspondence (personal and related to Stine's 1984 Charleston County Council Bid); b/w and color photographs (1970s-1990s) of Stine with various politicians and receiving an honorary doctorate degree from the College of Charleston; misc. invitations and awards (1970s-2000s) and certificates of achievement and recognition for civic work and dentistry. Also includes several items (pins, caps, belt buckle) related to Stine's service (1940s) in the U.S. Marines; thirteen of Stine's original paintings (dental themes); misc. material including Stine's vitae and a birthday card (1994) from President and Mrs. Clinton.










Scrapbook #1 (1937-1966): Majority are clippings re. Stine’s election or appointment to various posts including president of K.K.B.E Brotherhood, president of the Exchange Club of Charleston, Exchange Club Man of the Year (1965), trustee of Hebrew Benevolent Society and president of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. Includes congratulatory correspondence for accomplishments from S.C. Representative Thomas F. Hartnett, Mayor J. Palmer Gaillard, Jr., Rabbi Burton Padoll and Rabbi Allan Tarshish. Also includes a typescript of Stine’s Bar Mitzvah speech (1937) and an affidavit (1944) signed by his parents that "Stine" was preferred spelling of their last name (vs. Stein); misc. certificates of appreciation to Stine (Kiwanis and American Cancer Society) and clippings re. his wife, Barbara (social)





Scrapbook #2 (1965-1967): clippings re. Stine’s second election as Exchange Club of Charleston Man of the Year (1966) with accompanying congratulatory correspondence; other clippings re. Stine as College of Charleston Alumnus of the year and work with Trident Chamber of Commerce Beautification committee; congratulatory correspondence from Nat Shulman re. Stine’s 2nd term as president of Coastal Carolina Fair; from Sen. Ernest Hollings re. appreciation for supporting his senate campaign; misc. letters from Tau Epsilon Phi re. restarting Upsilon Chapter at College of Charleston and from National Exchange Club re. award (1966) as District Governor; clippings re. possible Charleston Railroad Museum (and Stine’s involvement) and Stine’s role as Patron of the Festival of Arts, KKBE (1966)






Scrapbook #3 (1967): photograph (b/w) of Stine making a speech (ca. 1967); photograph (color) of Stine presenting Chamber of Commerce Beautification Award to SCE &G for remodeling its building (141 Meeting St.); photograph (b/w) of Stine at a S.C. Dental Association meeting; clippings re. Stine’s election as trustee to Hebrew Benevolent Society and KKBE President with accompanying congratulatory correspondence; clippings re. awards given by the Chamber of Commerce Beautification committee; ephemera from Stine’s participation in the 1967 Assembly of Union of American Hebrew Congregations meeting, Montreal; letter from Gov. Robert McNair re. Governor’s dinner in Charleston; letter from S.C. State Board of Health re. appointment to Dental Advisory Committee; misc. social clippings re. Mrs. Stine’s activities





Scrapbook #4 (1968): clippings re. Stine’s election as chairman of Charleston County Democratic Party with congratulatory correspondence (including notes from S.C. Representative Robert W. Turner, Thomas J. Tobias, Nat Shulman and Sen. Ernest Hollings; majority of scrapbook contains clippings re. 1968 S.C. primary elections and contention between Democrats and Republicans; congratulatory correspondence to Stine after Democrats swept the 1968 S.C. elections; misc. includes photograph (color) of Stine with local Democratic party officers; letter from President-Elect Richard Nixon asking Stine for recommendations of "exceptional individuals" for his new administration; Charleston Symphony Orchestra program signed by Eleanor Steber and Blanche Thebom (soprano and mezzo soprano)





Scrapbook #5 (1968): photographs (b/w) of Stine with Joe Riley, Sr. and L. Mendel Rivers and Stine with Rivers on his [Rivers] birthday; clippings re. Stine’s appointment as Chairman of Charleston County Democratic Party, local politics and 1968 elections (many pertain to L. Mendel Rivers); letters of congratulations to Stine after Democrats swept local elections; clippings and ephemera re. appreciation banquet held in Stine’s honor by the Charleston County Dem. Party; letter to Stine re. induction in the 1968 edition of Community Leaders of America; misc. includes a program from S.C. Council of Union of American Hebrew Congregations held at KKBE (1968); letter from Southeast Office, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith congratulating Stine on being named leading layman in Charleston





Scrapbook #6 (1969-1970): clippings re. Stine’s election as president of Charleston Jewish Welfare Fund; congratulatory letter from Rabbi Cohn (KKBE) re. being named president of Hebrew Benevolent Society; letter from American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee advising Stine that he had been nominated for the committee; clippings re. Mini Park project (Stine was chairman); clippings from dedication of KKBE archives room and Stine’s re-election as chair of Chas. County Dem. Party; misc. correspondence from Rep. L. Mendel Rivers and Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (most brief and congratulatory); ephemera, 300th Anniversary of Founding of SC (invitation to events, programs, etc); program from 1970 Governor’s Conference on Beautification, Columbia, SC





Scrapbook #7 (1970): clippings re. Stine’s election as president of Jewish Welfare fund; letters from S.C. politicians (Hollings, Rivers, Gov. John C. West, state Democratic party chairman Harry M. Lightsy; letter from Lieut. Gov. Earle Morris, Jr. offering thanks for Stine’s support of his campaign; from Nat Shulman, (Director of Jewish Community Center) offering congratulations on Stine’s election as president of Hebrew Benevolent Soc; from Jewish Joint Distribution Committee informing Stine his nomination to join had been accepted; ephemera from 1970 Democratic Chairman’s Appreciation banquet; photograph (b/w) of Stine speaking to the Civitan Club





Scrapbook #8 (1970): clippings re. 1970 political elections and Democratic party in Charleston; ephemera advertising the Democratic Action Team (from Chas. S.C.) for 1970 elections (includes images and bios of all candidates); letters to Stine from SC politicians (Robert E. McNair, John C. West, Solomon Blatt, Earle Morris) and others (Nat Shulman, Harry Lightsey, Coleman Glaze) congratulating him for efforts on behalf of the SC Democratic Party; letter informing Stine that he was under consideration for the 1971 "Who’s Who in American Politics"; misc. clippings re. restoration of the Charleston City Market and Mini Parks project; brochure from 14th Annual Coastal Carolina Fair (Stine headed flower show) and program (1970) Dem. Women of Charleston First Annul Banquet





Scrapbook #9 (1971): clippings re. Stine’s re-election as president of the Hebrew Benevolent Society and election as president of the Trident Chamber of Commerce (includes press releases); congratulatory letters from Sen. Strom Thurmond and multiple other civic leaders and politicians; letter from Nat Shulman re. Stine’s re-election to the Jewish Community Relations Committee; congratulatory letters for Stine’s successful election as Charleston Alderman for Ward 13; multiple clippings of election coverage and several 1971 special elections; group of letters recommending Stine to be Dean of the MUSC Dental School (many from prominent SC politicians); letters informing Stine he would be included in 1971 "Personalities of the South" and "Community Leaders in America"; ephemera from 1971 inaugural events for Gov. John West; name badges from various conferences; misc. clippings re. death of L. Mendel Rivers and Charleston’s Award of Distinction for 1971 Clean Up Day (Stine co-chair)





Scrapbook #10 (1972): letters from politicians including Senators Edward Kennedy and Strom Thurmond re. Stine’s work with the Trident Chamber of Commerce; several congratulatory letters from local groups (including the Jewish Community Center) and colleagues re. Stine’s election as V.P. of the S.C. Dental Association; clippings re. 1972 Chamber of Commerce events and initiative including articles re. Hampton Park Zoo and new visitor center; clippings re. Sam Donaldson at the 199th Trident Chamber annual meeting; commemorative envelope and program (July 1972) from the christening of the USS South Carolina; letter from Royal Society of Health (London, England) informing Stine he was up for fellowship in the society





Scrapbook #11 (1972): Programs and invitations from banquets and events Stine attended; pamphlet, "A Summary Report, Rebellion Road, Hog Island, Charleston Harbor, SC Aug. 1972"; clippings re. Trident Chamber of Commerce activities including articles re. closing of the Hampton Park Zoo and Tourist Dollars program; clippings re. end of Stine’s term (1972) as Chamber President and letters of thanks for his work; letter form Jenkins Orphanage Institute (Holland Daniels) thanking Stine for contributions; letter from Solomon Blatt thanking Stine for his hospitality during a visit to Charleston





Scrapbook #12 (1973): News and Courier article re. development of Brittle Bank Park; ephemera from dedication of Maybank Hall, College of Charleston; photograph (b/w), Stine holding Charleston Bicentennial Community logo; clipping re. Charleston’s Bicentennial Celebration activities (Stine chaired Charleston County Bicentennial Committee); clippings re. cleaning streets of Charleston with Bicentennial Committee funds and Stine’s involvement; clippings re. local politics; articles about Charleston partnership with Boston observing the American Revolution Bicentennial celebration; articles re. controversy over float in Charleston’s Bicentennial parade





Scrapbook #13 (1973): photograph (b/w) Gordon Stine holding Charleston’s Certificate of Recognition for the American Revolution Bicentennial; photographs (b/w) of Stine with Bicentennial Committee; letters to Stine: from Saul Cohen (JCC) congratulating him on election as President of the S.C. Dental Assoc; from Strom Thurmond wishing him success on Bicentennial Committee; clippings re. Bicentennial activities: clean-up efforts, themes, dances, leaders, etc; clippings re. local highway initiatives; misc. correspondence from city leaders and groups re. Stine’s work; clippings re. Stine’s appointment to the Charleston Advisory Board of Directors of the Citizens and Southern National Bank; correspondence congratulating/thanking Stine for the his efforts during the Bicentennial weekend (Dec. 1973); misc. invitations to events including launch (in VA) of nuclear submarine, "L. Mendel Rivers"; Pride Power newsletter announcing Stine as new chairman





Scrapbook #14 (1974): photographs (b/w) of Stine at American Dental Association meeting and displaying the Charleston Bicentennial plan; clippings re. Charleston’s continuing bicentennial events; program from 50th anniversary celebration of National Exchange Club; clippings re. Mini-Farm program (organized by Pride/Stine) and proposed Naval Museum at Patriots Point; photograph (b/w) of Stine promoting the American Patriots Reading Club; clipping re. Stine’s intention to seek S.C. State Senate seat





Scrapbook #15 (1974): letters of congratulations from Charleston Jewish leaders re. Stine’s election to Board of Directors of United Way; letter from Mayor Gaillard re. serving on a local fund raising committee for beautifying Bethlehem (Israel); letters from U.S. Rep Mendel J. Davis thanking Stine’s for support of his re-election campaign; letters of support to Stine for S.C. Senate run (1974); copies of letters sent to Sen. Strom Thurmond recommending Stine for seat on Am. Bicentennial Council Advisory Council; clippings re. Bicentennial events (Broad St. Jubilee); letters congratulating Stine on election as President of the S.C. Dental Association; program from 11th Regional S.C. Dental Assoc.





Scrapbook #16 (1975): Clippings re. Stine’s appointment to Charleston County Council and resignation as Chairman of Bicentennial Committee; letters expressing regret for Stine’s loss for the S.C. State Senate seat (from Solomon Blatt and other SC politicians); program from Bicentennial flag raising ceremony; clippings re. Charleston County Council business (including new James Island Library); article on state of Mini Parks; photographs (b/w) of Stine receiving Governor’s Cup on behalf of Charleston Pride; congratulations letters on his appointment to County Council (from Nat Shulman, Edwin Pearlstine, Jr.)





Scrapbook #17 (1974-1975): Letter (1975) from Mayor Joe Riley, Jr. thanking Stine for contributing to his campaign; pamphlet, "Summary Report: Neighborhood Analysis, City of Charleston, SC June 1975"; "A Dictionary of Bostonese and Charlestonese" published by Charleston County Bicentennial Committee; invitation to dedication of U.S.S. Yorktown at Patriot’s Point; campaign advertisements (newspaper and fliers) for Stine’s State Senate Bid (1974); several issues of SC Dental Association Bulletin (mentioning Stine’s election as President and run for Senate);correspondence re. loss of Senate race; photograph (b/w) of Charleston County Council Members 1975-76; pamphlet, "Inaugural address by the honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr., 1975" autographed by Riley and his wife; clippings re. County Council activities; clipping re. Steven Stine’s King Street business.





Scrapbook #18 (1975): Invitation to dedication of new wing at Robert Scott Small Library (College of Charleston) honoring John Henry Dick and Wendell Mitchell Levi; photograph (b/w) of Stine at "June Morning on the Battery" dedication; misc. articles re. Stine’s run for the state Senate; clippings re. Charleston’s mayoral race; letter from outgoing Mayor Gaillard thanking Stine for his support; congratulatory letters re. Stine’s appointment to Charleston County Council seat (most from local politicians); letter informing Stine he had been invited to join the Pierre Fauchard Academy, a service organization of dentists; clippings re. County Council activities including probe into Charleston’s emergency medical service; misc. article about Helen Stine, Gordon’s Stine’s mother





Scrapbook #19 (1976): booklet, "A Challenge and a Goal/Charleston 1776-1976 South Carolina"; clippings re. County Council activities; letters of support in response to Stine’s announcement that he would seek a full term as Charleston County Councilman, several are Stine’s original letters of intent to run, with response written on the bottom; ephemera from ceremony designating Drayton Hall a National Historic Landmark





Scrapbook #20 (1976): clippings re. activities of Charleston County Council includes: budget, voting amendments, zoning laws, etc.; article re. Stine’s Co-Chairmanship of the 1976 Trident United Way fund drive; misc. letters of congratulations to Stine for winning re-election to Charleston County Council; letter from President Gerald R. Ford (1976) asking Stine to support republican candidates for the U.S. Senate in 1976 elections; letter informing Stine he was selected to appear in the 1976-77 Bicentennial Memorial Edition of "Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans"; letter from Mayor Riley congratulating Stine on being elected President of College of Charleston Alumni Association





Scrapbook #21 (1976): "Call to Achievement" letter to Mrs. Gordon Stine asking that she attend the third assembly of the Governor’s Spirit of ‘76 Conference; press release re. Stine’s election as President of the Coastal Federal Credit Union; clippings re. local political activities and November general elections; clippings re. Charleston County Council business, topics include: possible secession of Rockville from Charleston County, public parking plans, and widening of roads; news coverage of the County Council election in which Stine ran for full term; letter from Nat Shulman, Executive Director of the Jewish Welfare Fund, congratulating Stine on election as College of Charleston Alumnus of the Year; program from Charleston Bicentennial Concert, June 1976, autographed by concert guitarist and composer Stanley Silverman





Scrapbook #22 (1977): Group of invitations to 1977 local and state government functions; group photograph (b/w) of the Citizens and Southern Bank Board; clippings re. County Council initiatives and Stine’s involvement including "double taxation" issues between Charleston and North Charleston; letter to Stine informing that he would be included in the first edition of "Who’s Who in Health Care"; correspondence between Stine and state legislators re. political matters and proposed bills; letter from Mayor Riley to Stine re. perceived negative remarks Stine made in reference to Riley; correspondence from constituents thanking Stine for his efforts on County Council and United Way Fund Drive; personal correspondence from Solomon Blatt re. their friendship; clipping re. sad state of the Mini Parks and Stine’s authorship of a no-smoking regulation in Charleston County buildings





Scrapbook #23 (1977): article form South Carolina Dental Journal re. Stine’s chairmanship of the South Carolina Dental Political Action Committee; clippings re. county council business: increase in salaries, county budget proposals, John’s Island zoning proposals, mass transit subsidies, double taxation issue; articles re. United Way Fund Drive; typescript copy of Stine’s speech at the annual College of Charleston Alumni meeting, May 1977; letter to Stine informing that his son Robert, would be included in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges 1976-77 Honors Program





Scrapbook #24 (1978): photograph (b/w) Stine breaking ground for a new building; clippings re. Charleston County Council including a News and Courier editorial endorsing Stine as County Council Chairman; articles re. County Council land sales and purchases, surplus revenues, Martin Luther King Day, Folly Road Overpass, Council salaries and expense accounts and Stine’s appointment to the National Association of Counties Environmental and Energy Steering Committee; articles re. Stine’s election victory as Charleston County Council Chairman; clippings re. problems with dean of MUSC Dental School; campaign letter from Gordon Stine in support of Mendel Davis (with image of Davis and others marching in support of Soviet Jews); letters congratulating Stine on appointment as County Council Chairman, (many from SC politicians and local Jewish leaders)





Scrapbook #25 (1979): mailgram from Assistant to President Jimmy Carter inviting Stine to a briefing at the White House re. Carter’s energy policy; letter from Rabbi Alan Cohen (Emanu-El) thanking Stine for speaking at new synagogue dedication; clippings re. county council business including: John’s Island growth plan, council pay policy , possibility of James Island Bridge, federal mandate on fluoride reduction in drinking water, new Charleston Museum building, taxes, consolidation of area fire departments; clippings re. incident with Stine’s son and a speeding ticket; letters of congratulations for winning the Hettie Rickett Award for contributions to community development; letters from Nat Shulman and others congratulating Stine on Service Above Self award from the N. Chas. Rotary Club; photographs (color, b/w) documenting Stine’s visit to the submarine, USS Frances Scott Key





Scrapbook #26 Loose Material (1979): misc. invitations to events at the Citadel, MUSC, State House, etc; letter from Gov. Richard Riley re. problems incurred in Charleston as a result of Hurricane David; thank you letters to Stine for speaking at various events, invitations to attend College of Charleston Alumni events and congratulations for awards won; clippings re. County Council activities including: mention of salary increase for councilmen, problems with the police dept., James Island Bridge, housing issues and county hospital proposal; Stine’s name badge form the 1979 National Association of Counties Meeting





Scrapbook #27 Loose Material (1980-1989): clippings re. Charleston County Council topics include: budget, James Island annexation controversy, transit systems, Charleston County animal shelter, housing and redevelopment authority disputes






Misc. Personal Papers


Box 3



Misc. Personal Papers: Autograph book (1936-1937) signed by Stine’s class mates at the James Simon School, Asbury Park High School, George Washington High School and Trenton Central High School; invitation (1937) to Stine’s bar-mitzvah (Asbury Park, NJ)





Correspondence (1967-1977): most is personal; letter of condolence on death of Stine’s father; letter from Rep. Solomon Blatt re. admittance of Stine’s son, Robert, to University of South Carolina; letter of apology written to Stine from U.S. General W.C. Westmoreland re. comments made at a Charleston Hibernian Society meeting.





Correspondence (1984): letters of regret from supporters after Stine’s loss in 1984 Charleston County Council election; many letters are from Charleston attorneys.





Photographs (1970s-1990s): b/w image (ca. 1970s) of Gordan Stine with South Carolina Governor James B. Edwards and another man; b/w image (1975) of Stine presenting Bob Hop a plaque; b/w image (1988) of Stine with SC Rep. Robin Tallon (and others) in Washington, DC; color group photograph (ca. 1990s?) of Gordan Stine with the Emory Dental School Class of 1950; several color photographs of Gordan Stine receiving an honorary doctorate degree from the College of Charleston, May 1999.





Invitations/Awards (1970s-2000s): Memo (1971) from Gordan Stine, Chairman of the Charleston Democratic Party announcing an upcoming meeting of the Charleston County Democratic Party; invitation (1996) to the Camp Ho Non Wah Health Lodge dedication; letter (1996) from KKBE President, Robert A. Goldstein, thanking Stine for fundraising efforts for a new organ; letter (1998) from James B. Edwards to Alex Sanders sending regrets for College of Charleston event honoring Stine; letter (1999) from Wheeler M. Tillman congratulating Stine on his College of Charleston honorary doctorate degree.





News Clippings (1950s-1990s): re. Stine’s presentation (1955) on the benefits of adding fluorine to Charleston’s water supply; Stine’s election (1965) as Charleston Exchange Club Man of the Year; re. North Charleston’s failed attempt to secure a grant for city hall; clipping (ca. 1970s) announcing Stine’s son, Robert Stine, as the newest staff member at Karl Karesh men’s clothing store; clippings and campaign announcements related to Stine’s 1984 re-election bid for Charleston County Council; Post and Courier "High Profile" article (Jan. 1997) about Gordan Stine.





Certificates (1950-1997): originals and photocopies of plaques and certificates chronicling Gordan Stine’s charitable contributions, achievements and honors in the field of dentistry and various other awards and recognitions for community service





World War II Artifacts (1940s): related to Stine’s service in the United States Marines; four pins; belt buckle and waistband; two caps (navy blue wool and khaki)





Art Work: ten of Stine’s original paintings; oil paint on 8x10 boards; each painting has a dental theme and includes a tooth or toothbrush in the image; many are abstract; were displayed in Stine’s dental office





Misc.: announcement (card) for the Steven Stine Shop, ca. 1970s; mailing list of Charleston residents (many are attorneys)-probably used during Stine’s 1984 County Council re-election campaign; birthday card (1994) to Stine from the White House-signed by President and Mrs. Clinton; Stine’s curriculum vitae, ca. 1995





Oversize Material: (1950-1994); includes oversize certificates and awards acknowledging Stine’s accomplishments in dentistry and civic work; includes and oversize painting of the same dental genre mentioned above.




Note: Dr. Gordan Stine gave a taped audio interview to the Jewish Heritage Project in Feb. 1996.