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Title: Rosen family scrapbooks

Collection #: Mss 1031

Dates: 1930-1954

Size: 1 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Nathan Rosen and Yetta Bicoff were married in Greenville, South Carolina, in May, 1942. They had three sons, Russell (1944), Alan (1945), and Baran (1950.) Yetta Rosen is a charter member of the League of Women voters in the Charleston area, and Nathan Rosen was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1941-1946). The Rosens lived in Charleston, SC.

Scope and Content Note:

The scrapbooks include photographs, photocopies, clippings, ephemera, and pamphlets.

Collection consists of five scrapbooks compiled by Yetta and Nathan Rosen. First (1930-1935) contains photographs, clippings and ephemera from Nathan Rosen's days at College of Charleston (includes dance cards and bid notice from Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP).

Scrapbooks #2 and #3 pertain to Yetta Rosen's life, 1937-1940, and include ephemera from Greenville High School, clippings regarding work with Greenville YWCA and Synagogue Beth Israel and departure for University of South Carolina (USC) in Columbia, S.C. College material includes ephemera from football games and Tri Kappa sorority, playbills from campus performances, semester class schedules, rough draft (1939) of USC publication, "The Red Sheet," academic achievement certificates and 1939 commencement program.

Scrapbook #4 (1931-1948) further documents Nathan Rosen's College of Charleston days and early political career; includes photographs of Rosen with friends at Folly Beach, on the College of Charleston campus, and at a TEP Stag Dinner at Fort Sumter Hotel (1939); ephemera includes fraternity party invitation, tickets to football games and the 10th Azalea Festival luncheon; clippings re. Rosen's involvement with the Charleston Elks Club and his legislative work with the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Loose material includes clippings regarding the Rosen's wedding and rough drafts of thank you notes for gifts.

Final scrapbook (#5) documents both Yetta and Nathan Rosen's lives, 1942-1944; includes photographs of their wedding (Greenville, SC) and honeymoon in Miami, FL; clippings re. Rosen's re-election to the South Carolina House of Representatives, Yetta Rosen's involvement with the Girl Scouts, World War II, food rationing, post-war planning and development of St. Andrews Parish; clippings and ephemera re. births of Russell and Alan Rosen.

Miscellaneous collection material consists of Yetta Rosen's autograph book (1931-1932), ephemera and oversize photograph from the Grand Lodge Convention of B.P.O.E. Elks, New York City, July 6-11, 1946; Yetta Rosen's memo book (1954) and color photocopies of Rosen family photographs (ca. 1919-1954), including interior image of Sam Rosen's Drygoods (181 King St.), ca. 1919.


I.   Misc. Family Papers    
  A. Autograph Book 1931-32: signed by Yetta Bicoffís classmates at the John St. School (Greenville, SC) and at Greenville High School; misc. signatures from August 1931, possibly summer friends?  
  B. Family Photographs (color photocopies): images 1919-1954; include interior image (ca. 1919) of Samuel Rosenís Drygoods (181 King St.); birthday party (Yetta Bicoff pictured?) ca. 1920s; group at "Pajama Party," 1929; wedding photo of Nathan Rosen and Yetta Bicoff, 1942; Nathan Rosen with other S.C. politicians at a Naval base, ca. 1940s; group (1948) at ground breaking of Beth Israel Synagogue in Greenville, S.C.; Sam and Rebecca Bicoff pictured; image from meeting of Charleston Section, Federation of Jewish Women, ca. 1954; dinner photo of the Rosens at Bínai Bírith Banquet, 1948; Nathan Rosen with USC Law School classmates at twenty year Reunion, 1957   
  C.  Misc.: ephemera (ticket stubs, invitations, programs, brochures, etc) from Grand Lodge Convention of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, New York City, July 6-11, 1946; Yetta Rosenís memo notebook; (ca. 1954) contains logs of daily expenditures (clothes, shoes, etc.), "to do" lists, lunch dates; several notes written in Yiddish; drinking straw, handwritten on wrapper, "stolen from Coburgs [Dairy] 11/23/00"  
II.   Scrapbooks    
  A. Scrapbook #1 (1930-1935): Compiled by Nathan Rosen; includes dance cards and invitations from Phi Alpha Iota dances (1931-1932), Council of Jewish Juniors Annual Ball (1934), Arrow Social Club dance (1930); Valentine and birthday cards (1931); photographs: "Betty and Esta", 1931; Rita Karesh and Nathan Rosen, 1930; Rosen with Lena Solomon, several of Rita Karesh and Lena Solomon, 1930; misc. items from College of Charleston days: Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) bid card; news clippings re. offices Rosen held at the College  
  B. Scrapbook #2 (1939-1940): Compiled by Yetta Bicoff; contains birthday cards; clippings re. Bicoffís work with the YWCA and Synagogue Beth Israel; ticket stubs from football games (USC-Clemson, USC-Furman); invitations to dances (AZA); telegram from Nathan Rosen re. Valentines day; program from Bubble Banquet, Greenville High, April 1940;Greyhound tickets to NY, W.V.; flier, "American Jubilee" (from New York Worldís Fair, 1940); program, "Week End Conference, Business Girls Club of YWCA of North and South Carolina, 1940" with annotated speech on the economic status of Negro folded inside program; clippings (1932-33) of "Banjokin" column, from the Greenville News, (several contain anecdotes and poems submitted by Yetta Bicoff)  
Box 2
  C. Scrapbook #3 (1937-1939): Compiled by Yetta Bicoff bulk related to her days at University of South Carolina (USC); ephemera from Greenville High School commencement and senior banquet (1937); clippings re. Bicoffís departure for USC; correspondence from USC re. admission to the two-year secretarial program; 1939 class schedules; football game programs; menu from Pig Trail Inn with scene for a play handwritten on back side; misc. invitations to dances; notes for USC publication, "The Red Sheet" (Bicoff was publisher); playbills from performances at Drayton Hall; 1938-39 issue, "University of South Carolina The Yís Bird"; bid letter from Tri Kappa sorority and related ephemera; 1938 timetable of classes; loose material includes USC commencement program, June 7, 1939; booklet, "Achievement Record, Certificates Awarded by the Gregg Writer"; "Toddle House Digest, Oct. 1, 1938"  
Box 2 
  D. Scrapbook #4 (1931-1948): Compiled by Nathan and Yetta Rosen; photographs (ca. 1939) of Nathan Rosen and friends at Folly Beach and College of Charleston; invitation (1931) and photograph (1939) from TEP Stag Dinner, Fort Sumter Hotel; invitations to TEP parties; clippings re. Rosenís service to the Elks (1946) and legislative work with the South Carolina House of Representatives; ephemera from Tenth Annual Convention of S.C. Assoc. of Bínai Bírith; clippings re. Charleston politics; ticket stubs from USC football games; passes for 10th Azalea Festival reception and luncheon; loose material includes "rough drafts" of thank you notes for wedding gifts; clippings re. Rosensí engagement and wedding (from Charleston and Greenville newspapers); articles re. Rosen from the "Elks Tooter" (1944-45)  
Box 3
  E. Scrapbook #5 (1942-1944): Compiled by Yetta Rosen; includes wedding and honeymoon (Miami) photographs (1942) and honeymoon ephemera (train ticket, matchbooks, Hotel Netherland mementos); ephemera from Elks meetings and events; clippings re. Rosenís 1942 re-election to S.C. House of Representatives, his legislative work and Yetta Rosenís involvement with the Girl Scouts; photographs of Yetta Rosen at 55 Montague St and of both Rosenís at Elks Servicemenís Dinner; food rationing ephemera; ticket stubs and program for Clemson vs. Carolina football game (1943); clippings re. development of St. Andrews Parish; ephemera from legislative trip to New Orleans (regional post-war planning meeting), includes airline brochures; clippings and ephemera, re. births of Russell and Alan Rosen; clippings re. Rosenís appointment as Exalted Ruler of the Elks. loose material includes wedding cards and congratulatory telegrams; program, "Celebration of Progress/St. Andrews Parish, SC 1943"; b/w photo of navy war ships on the Wando River (?)  
Box 4 
III.   Oversize    
  A. Ephemera: paper napkin (originally in scrapbook #1) from Johnnie Harrison Night Club, Savannah, GA; signed by Nathan Rosen and friends, Dec. 30, 1931  
Box 4
  B. Photograph: black and white; The Party from the South, Grand Lodge Convention B.P.O.E., Hotel Commodore, July 9, 1946; Nathan and Yetta Rosen pictured   
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