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Title: Edna Ginsberg Banov papers

Collection #: Mss 1039

Dates: 1960s-1990s

Size: .25 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Edna Ginsberg was born in Charleston, South Carolina, shortly after her parents emigrated from Russia. She grew up in Charleston, married Milton Banov in 1929, and had three children. Among other civic engagements, Banov was president of the Charleston Junior Council of Jewish Women and Hadassah. An avid writer, Banov composed many short stories based on family and friends. A large portion of her original manuscripts were destroyed by a water leak. This collection of writings are what remain, some of which were re-written from memory.

Scope and Content Note:

Entire collection is photocopies of Edna Banov's unpublished manuscripts and other writings; originals remain with donor. Includes poems, short stories, letters, memoirs, notes, book reviews, eulogies, tributes and a compilation of Banov's short stories and letters titled, "Potpourri, Some of This, Some of That." (Many works in "Potpourri" have draft versions in the collection.) Most writings are annotated and several have critique notes included (from an unnamed editor.)

Banov's memoirs reflect on her life in Charleston, SC, and include references to her birth, schooling and the life of her husband Milton Banov. Most letters are written to her children and grandchildren and contain family history and references to Jewish heritage and express pride in family accomplishments. Misc. material includes a four page critique of Banov's writing by Skip Johnson; Milton Banov's eulogy; speeches given by Banov children in honor of Edna and Milton Banov at Synagogue Emanu-El events, including dedication of the Edna and Milton Banov Library.

Collection also contains a 45 rpm record of sound recording made for Banov (1944) by her parents, Isaac and Pauline Ginsberg; record is a spoken letter from the Ginsberg's (who were living in Miami Beach, Fl.) to the Banov family and contains wishes of health and happiness as well as Isaac Ginsberg singing a song in Yiddish; contents of record have been transferred to a cassette tape which is accessible to researchers.


I.   Poems  
  1. "Jottings from a Journal on the afternoon of a lecture by a grandfather to one on his grandsons about to enter his freshman year in college." Two copies (typed); one on "Edna Banov" letterhead, the other on plain paper; both undated.    
  2.  "Washer and Dryer." Four copies (typed); "Published in College of Charleston as 3rd place winner," handwritten on one copy; March 20, 1989.    
  3.  "To Arms." One page; typed on "Edna Banov" letterhead; undated.    
  4. "On a Deserted Beach." One page; typed.    
  5. Untitled; first line, "Birth is a beginning"; one page typed; undated; "All Rise" at bottom of page (may have been used in a eulogy.)    
II.   Short Stories  
  1. Untitled; about Mrs. Fineman and the Cancer Society; five pages (typed); two copies, one annotated; undated    
  2. "The Game"; four pages (typed); two copies, one annotated; attached handwritten critique notes (by unknown editor); undated.    
  3. "A Hobby"; four pages (typed); undated.     
  4. "Heartburn"; three pages (typed); undated.    
  5. "The Interview"; three pages (typed); undated.    
  6. "Ole Susie"; two pages (typed); two copies, one annotated; attached handwritten critique notes (by unknown editor); undated; characters include Miz Rose and Mister Max.    
  7. "Sunday Morning"; three pages (typed); two copies, one annotated; undated; about "Ole Susie, Miz Rose and Mister Max."    
  8.  "Miss Rosela and Mr. Max"; five pages (typed); annotated; handwritten critique notes (by unknown editor) attached.    
  9. "Miz Rose"; three pages (typed); two copies, one annotated; attached handwritten critique notes (by unknown editor); undated.    
  10. Untitled; five pages (typed); undated; about "Ole Susie"; two versions; both annotated.    
  11. "The Laundry"; seven pages (typed); title is handwritten; annotated; undated.    
  12. "Mrs. Kligman and her English Neighbor"; three pages (typed); title is handwritten; annotated; undated.    
  13.  Untitled; eight pages (typed); first line, "Today is his wedding anniversary."    
  14. "The Tante"; four pages (typed); two copies; written at top of one copy, "Working Proof for Edna Banov-Not for Publication"; both copies annotated; undated.    
  15. Untitled; three pages (typed); first line, "Grandma-come on letís buckle up."    
  16. "Potpourri-Some of This, Some of That"; collection of short stories and letters by Edna G. Banov (most have "working" versions listed above); 43 pages; typed; undated.    
III.   Letters  
  1. Letter from Edna Banov to her daughter-in-law Nancy Banov, on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah (May 19, 1979); sentimental letter from a mother-in-law; four pages; typed on "Edna Banov" letterhead.    
  2. Letter from Edna Banov to her grandson, Mark, during his first year as a graduate student at Duke University (1979); re. family news, mention of Hurricane Davidís effect on Charleston, etc; three pages; typed on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead.    
  3.  Letter from Edna Banov to her son, Charles, thanking him for tribute he gave to Edna and Milton Banov at an Emanu-El event; includes copy of a tribute from Edna to Milton on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary; two pages; typed on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead; Aug. 29, 1983.    
  4.  Letter from Edna Banov to her deceased Uncle Willie (an assignment for journal writing class, 1984); four pages; two copies, rough draft (annotated) and "proof" copy.    
  5. Letter from Edna Banov to her grandson, Mark re. family matters and updates, Feb. 3, 1989; two pages; typed on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead.    
  6. Letter from Edna Banov to her great-granddaughter on the occasion of her birth (1990); one page; typed on "Edna Banov" letterhead.    
  7. Letter from Edna Banov to Faye Rones re. Banovís memories of growing up on St. Philip St. during the 1920s (for the St. Philip St. Reunion, 1990); six pages; typed and annotated on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead.    
  8. Letter from Edna Banov to her grandson, Mark re. her pride in his medical career; February 19, 1992; two pages (incomplete); handwritten on "Edna Banov" stationery.    
  9. Letter from Edna Banov to her grandson, Seth on the occasion of his 22nd birthday (1992); three pages; typed on "Edna Banov" letterhead; includes notes on Seth used to compose letter.    
  10. Letter from Edna Banov to her grandson, Mark re. family news and congratulations on his medical practice; Nov. 7, 1992; five pages; handwritten on "Edna Banov" letterhead.    
  11. Letter (April 27, 1993) from Edna Banov to her daughter Linda (Leba) re. anticipation of Lindaís Charleston visit; two pages; typed on "Charleston" stationery; includes recipe for Sweet and Sour Shad Fish and Roe.    
  12. Letter from Edna Banov to one of her daughters re. Motherís Day; May 12, 1993; three pages; handwritten on "Edna Banov" stationery.    
  13.  Letter from Edna Banov to Jane and Allan re. memories of cousins, Rita and Leon Banov (for a tribute); three pages; typed on "Edna Banov" letterhead; annotated; May 1994.    
IV.   Memoirs/Reflections  
  1. Edna Banovís reflections on the life of her friend, Mildred Reznick Firetag, upon her passing, Dec. 1980; four pages typed; copy of News and Courier obituary attached.    
  2. "Jottings from a Journal", 1990; Edna Banovís reflections on "selftime"; three pages, typed; includes final copy and three "working copies" with annotations and corrections.    
  3. "Journal Jottings-Day One" 1991; Edna Banovís reflections on attending Camp Camea at the Jewish Community Center; three pages, typed; "working proof for Edna Banov"; rough draft copy with annotations.    
  4. "Reflections on 1991"; three pages, typed; "unfinished" handwritten across first page; also fourteen page transcript (typed) of "Reflections of Edna Banov" dictated into tape recorder at Ryanís [steakhouse?] Feb. 4, 1992; transcript is basis for "Reflections of 1991"; transcript contains reflections of Banovís husband Milton (who died in 1991) and her family.    
  5. Reflections by Edna Banov on her life; 1992; six pages, handwritten; covers her childhood, schooling, courting, honeymoon, and husband.    
  6. Misc. reflections by Edna Banov on aging; ca. 1993; two pages, handwritten.    
  7. Notes/reflection on birth (1922) of Edna Banovís third sister; undated; one page, handwritten on "The Milton Banovís" stationery.    
  8. "About Milton"; Edna Banovís reflections on her husband; written for dedication of the Edna and Milton Banov Memorial Library at Synagogue Emanu-El (1993); six pages, typed; annotated; also contains memoir of "The Monday Night Menís Study Group."    
  9. "About My Birthday"; Edna Banovís reflections on her birth; three pages, typed; also previous draft (annotated); undated.    
  10. Untitled; a memoir about Miss Mehrtens, Edna Banovís sixth grade homeroom/geography teacher; four pages; typed and annotated; undated.    
V.   Notes for writings   1/5
  1. Notes for a short story about a man exiled in his own home; one page typed; handwritten on cover page, "Assignment for Sept. 30, 197_"    
  2. Notes for a memoir about the year 1985; ca. 1986; one page; typed on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead.    
  3. Notes about memories; two pages; handwritten on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead; may be for Milton Banovís eulogy (1991).    
  4. Notes about Milton Banov and Nancy Banov; five pages; handwritten on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead; may have been for a speech or memoir about family; undated but ca. 1991-1994 (after Milton Banovís death.)    
  5. Notes about being a middle sister; half a page; handwritten on "The Milton Banovís" letterhead; undated.    
  6. Notes about Milton Banovís child rearing style; half page fragments; handwritten; undated.    
  7. Notes about "Papa" (fiction or non-fiction?); half page, typed and annotated; undated.    
  8. Notes about "the Colonel"; half page, typed; undated.    
VI   Misc. Writings   2/1
  1. "For all those Born Before 1945-We Are Survivors"; one page; typed; undated; reminiscences of one born before 1945.    
  2. Resolution to Anita Sternberg (1906-1993) for Sisterhood of Synagogue Emanu-El minute book; two pages; typed with annotations.    
  3. Review of book, "Love and Knishes" by Sara Kasdan; six pages; typed with corrections and annotations; undated.    
  4. Writings about Chanukah and Christmas: copy of poem "Twas the night before Chanukah" (not written by Banov); speech ("Reading") given by Edna Banov to the Sisterhood Emanu El Chanukah Brunch Meeting, Dec. 11, 1968, (after reading of poem) re. how Jewish children deal with Christmas; short story (half page), "Our December Dilemma" re. Jews with Christmas trees.    
VII   Misc. writings by other people   2/2
  1. Speech delivered by Steven Steinert, Sept. 11, 1993, at dedication of the Milton and Edna Banov Library at Synagogue Emanu-El; five pages; typed; refers to the Banovs and their love for books and learning.    
  2. Remarks made by Charles L. Banov (representing the Banov family) at the 36th anniversary of Synagogue Emanu El; 1981; speech honors Edna and Milton Banov; three pages, typed.    
  3. Critique of Edna Banovís writing by Skip Johnson, Nov. 12 1992; four pages, typed.    
  4. Eulogy for Milton Banov, March 7, 1991; author?; eight pages, typed.    
  5. Letter to Edna Banov from her niece, Helen; two pages; handwritten; contains poem, "When I am an Old Woman"; undated.    
  6. Memoir, "About Susie" written by Linda Banov, Dec. 3, 1956; two pages; typed and annotated; also contains copy of Susan Gethers (Susie) obituary; Susie was an employee of the Banov household.    
VIII.   Photocopies of Banov family photographs: candid shots, ca. 1920s-1950s; Edna and Milton Banov; Edna Banov with friends (Esther Brody); images from Sullivanís Island, Isle of Palms; Passover dinners; Isaac and Pauline Ginsberg and other relatives, Buster Banov.   
IX.   Misc.: Record Album (sound disc); 45 rpm; made for Edna Ginsberg Banov by her parents (Isaac and Pauline Ginsberg) in 1944; contains the Ginsbergís wishes of health and happiness to the Banov family and Isaac Ginsberg sings a song in Yiddish; (NOTE: record has been recorded on cassette tape and can be accessed by researchers); review of Lori Banovís book, "Summer í79 in France" printed in the New York Times, April 4, 1979.  
    Note: Edna Banov gave a taped audio interview to the Jewish Heritage Project in 1995