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Title: Triest family papers

Collection #: Mss 1040

Dates: 1871-1987

Size: .375 linear ft.

Biographical Note:

The Triest family immigrated to America from Bavaria in 1856. The first Maier Triest (1831-1894) was a Confederate officer in the Civil War, and his son Montague (1871-1927) opened Triest and Israel Insurance and Brokerage Agency (later Triest and Sholk) in Charleston, South Carolina in 1903.

The second Maier Triest (1901-1969) became president of Triest and Israel upon his father's death and served as chairman of the Charleston County School Board (1944-1968), director of South Carolina Electric and Gas Co., and president of Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim. He also served on the board of the Hebrew Orphan Society (the third generation of Triests to serve) and College of Charleston Alumni Association. He married Miriam Neuberger and had a daughter, Maxine, who married Henry H. Freudenberg.

Scope and Content Note:

This entire collection consists of photocopies of the documents and artifacts relating to the Triest family.

Contains photocopied genealogical material on descendants of Joseph Triest and Caroline Hollander. Photocopied papers of Maier Triest (1831-1894) include his U.S. citizenship certificate (1871), obituary and letter from his wife, Hannah, to their son, Montague. Montague Triest material contains photocopied clippings (from various publications) re. opening of Triest and Israel Brokerage and Insurance firm (1903), affiliation with the Elks Lodge (1910-1911), Charleston Board of School Commissioners (1911) and the German Friendly Society.

Contains photocopied image of Triest with Charleston High School class of 1881 (published in the Evening Post, 1938); Adelaide Triest's eulogy (given by Rabbi Allen Tarshish of Congregation Beth Elohim) and photocopied pages from "Charleston Come Hell or High Water: A History in Photographs," that feature Triest. The second Maier Triest (1901-1969) is documented by photocopied clippings re. election as president of the Charleston Real Estate Exchange and chairman of the Charleston County Board of Education, article re. award from the S.C. Association of School Boards, and photocopied scrapbook of clippings, ephemera and memorials related to his death.

Other family material includes photocopied clippings about Triest and Israel Agency (1903-1980s), family photo album with images of the second Maier Triest as a toddler and young man, with his sisters and mother (ca. 1912), of Triest's daughter, Maxine (ca. 1930s) and with his grandchildren (1950s); misc. images of Mrs. Montague (Adelaide) Triest (ca. 1950s) and Hannah Triest (ca. 1910). Collection contains several photocopied pages of Triest family Bible (published 1853) that record family marriages (1869-1982), births (1869-1989) and deaths (1848-1989).

Misc. family material includes photocopied wedding invitations, newspaper article (1969) about former Triest home at 73 Rutledge Ave. and inventory (taken by Miriam Triest, 1969) of contents of 8-E Ashley House; also Joseph Triest's Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (1871) and page from 1861 census listing his address; obituaries of Morris Israel (Montague Triest's father-in-law) and Samuel Jacobs (the second Maier Triest's brother-in-law). Photocopied papers of the Freudenberg family include ketubah for marriage (1928) of Margot Strauss and Walter Freudenberg; architect's plan (1929) for family department store in Essen, Germany, and certificates of naturalization for Walter Freudenberg (1945) and Henry and Ella Strauss (1946).


I.   Triest Family    
  A. Genealogies: Includes computer printed genealogy of the descendents of Joseph Triest and Caroline Hollander (traces five generations into the 1980s); family tree hand drawn by Etta Triest, traces Triest and Hollander families;   
  B. Maier Triest (b.1831-d.1894): Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, 1871; two obituaries from Charleston newspapers; letter (copies of original handwritten version and typed transcription) from Hannah Triest, (wife of Maier) to her son, Montague re. her wishes that he obey and respect his father (Maier)  
  C. Montague Triest (b.1871-d.1927): page of clippings (1903) from assorted publications (Greenville News, American Jewish Yearbook, etc) re. Montague Triest, most concerning the opening of his Brokerage and Insurance Business (Triest and Israel) at 43 Broad Street (he joined the "Broad Street Brigade of other brokers and insurance men); page of clippings from News and Courier, American Israelite, Evening Post (1910) re. Triestís affiliation with the Elks (he was a charter member), his appointment (1911) as Exalted Ruler and his appointment to the board of Charleston school commissioners; copy of certificate (1914) of Treistís membership in the German Friendly Society (Charleston); clipping (1938) from Charleston Evening Post with photograph of Charleston High School graduating class of 1887, Montague Triest pictured; typescript of eulogy given for Adelaide Israel Triest (wife of Montague) by Rabbi Allen Tarshish (of Congregation Beth Elohim) October 7, 1960; copy of several pages of "Charleston Come Hell or High Water: A History in Photographs" by Whitelaw and Levkoff on which Montague Triest in pictured.  
  D. Maier Triest (b.1901-d.1969): News and Courier clippings re. Triestís election at president of the Charleston Real Estate Exchange (1935), election as chairman of the Charleston County Board of Education (1939), of Miriam Triestís re-election as president of the Happy Workers (1939), of Maier Triestís week as acting president of the Charleston Chamber of Commerce (ca. 1939), Charleston Evening Post Clipping (1939) of picture of Maier Triest with a group of young men at Sullivanís Island, with title, "Enjoying a Seashore Outing" (image ca. 1910s); clipping from News and Courier, re. Triestís award of citation in recognition of years in service in field of education by the SC Assoc. of School Boards (1968); also photocopies of a scrapbook (compiled by Maxine Triest Freudenberg) of clippings, ephemera, resolutions, memorials and eulogies re. death of Maier Triest (1969)  
  E. Triest and Israel/Triest and Sholk: Series of clippings from Charleston newspapers re. the opening of Triest and Israel Brokerage and Insurance Business (1903) and re. the opening of Triest and Sholk (successor to Triest and Israel) in new building at 59 Broad Street (1940); News and Courier articles about history of business, 1987 and 1993  
  F. Photocopies of Triest Family Photographs: copies of a Triest family photo album owned by Maxine Triest Freudenberg; images of Maier Triest as a baby and young boy; image of him with his mother and sisters, Adelaide and Carolina (1912); with a school class ca. 1912; grammar graduation portrait (1912); portraits with his sister (at a formal occasion of hers); other portraits (probably high school and college years); of his wife Miriam (or it may be a sister), of daughter Maxine ca, 1930s, his grandchildren ca. 1950s, of Maier Triest ca. 1960s; misc. images of Maier and Adelaide Triest ca. 1909; image Mrs. Montague(Adelaide) Triest) ca, 1950s; image of unknown man, possibly Maier Triest ca. 1880s; image of Hannah Reichman Triest (Mrs. Maier, the first), ca. 1910  
  G. Triest Family Bible: several pages from the Triest Family bible, "The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy ScripturesÖ" by Isaac Lesser, published 1853; first owned by the first Maier Triest; currently owned by Maxine Triest Freudenberg; includes copy of cover, inside fly page with Maier Triestís signature and date 1871, handwritten records of family marriages (1869-1982), births (1869-1989) and deaths (1848-1989) recorded by various members of the Triest family  
  H. Wedding Invitations: Adelaide Israel to Montague Triest, 1898; copy of page from "Jewish Marriage Notices" compiled by Barnett A. Elzas, 1917 that references nuptials of Adelaide and Montague Triest; invitation to wedding of Adelaide Triest (daughter of Montague) and Samuel Jacobs ca. 1920s  
  I. Family Properties: Article from News and Courier (11.10.1969) re. history of house at 73 Rutledge Ave. in Charleston, SC, mentions that Montague and Addie Triest owned the house from 1913-1959; inventory (27 pages handwritten in a notebook) of contents of 8-E Ashley House, written by Miriam Triest, June 27, 1969  
  J. Misc. Family and Relatives: copy of page from the 1861 Census of the City of Charleston that lists James (should be Joseph) Triest living at 141 Calhoun Street; copy of Joseph Triestís Certificate of U.S Citizenship 1871; obituaries for Morris Israel, Montague Triestís father-in-law; copy of KKBE Confirmation Service, 1946, Maxine Triest gave an address to the congregation and a Triest Award was presented; News and Courier obituary for Samuel Jacobs, brother-in-law of Maier Triest (the 2nd)  
II.   Freudenberg Family: copy of Ketubah of Margot Strauss and Walter Freudenberg, married in Hanover, Germany 1928 (one copy in German, one in Hebrew); copy of architectís plan for front of Freudenberg family department store in Essen, Germany, ca. 1929; copies of certificates of Naturalization for Walter Freudenberg (1945) and Henry Strauss (1946) and Ella Ganz Strauss (1946) (all came from Germany)