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Title: Kornblut family papers

Collection #: Mss 1044

Dates: 1880s-2001

Size: .375 linear ft.

Biographical Note: In the early 1900s, the Schafer family of Little Rock, South Carolina, owned dry goods stores in Little Rock, Latta, and Dillon, S.C. As each Schafer daughter married, she was given a store to operate. In 1906 Lizzie Schafer married Leon Kornblut, who took over as proprietor of the Latta store. Kornblut later formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Isadore Blum, and eventually operated stores in South Carolina towns of Latta, Dillon, Marion, Mullins, Cheraw, Chesterfield, and Lake View, and Tatum, NC. Latta Dry Goods Company later became Kornblut's Department Store. Leon and Lizzie Kornblut raised their family (Rebecca, Esther, Moses and Sigmond) in Latta, SC. Moses and Sigmond Kornblut joined the family business and took over operations of the Latta and Dillon stores.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists mainly of photocopies as the originals remain with the donor. Collection contains genealogical information on the Iseman, Schafer, Blum, Kornblut and Baker families; also copy of Leon Kornblut's U.S. Naturalization Certificate (1921). Photocopies of photographs of the Leon Kornblut family (1906-1956), Kornblut relatives in Poland (1890s-1920) and the Abraham Schafer family (1880s-1950s). Correspondence includes photocopy of letter (Oct. 1906) from Rebecca Schafer to her daughter Lizzie, re. business matters, spending money and Lizzie's upcoming wedding; copy of telegram to Freda Baker Kornblut offering congratulations on the birth of her son (1952).

Photocopy of Lizzie Schafer's handwritten diary recorded in two ledger books (209 pages) from Jan. 1904-Aug. 1906; writings chronicle her daily activities in Little Rock, SC, mention her parents and siblings, the family business, her schooling and courtship with Leon Kornblut. Clippings (1956-1993) re. members of Korblut family from Latta and Dillon newspapers. Material related to Latta Dry Goods Company and Kornblut's Department Store includes color copy image of Latta Dry Goods Company, ca. 1906, and photocopy images of opening of Kornblut's Department Store in Dillon, SC, 1962.

Business records contain invoices (1913) from Baltimore Bargain House to Latta Dry Goods Co. (with images of Baltimore Bargain House); receipts for goods sold at Latta Dry Goods Co. (1910-1927). Misc. material includes clipping re. Freda Baker Kornblut's enlistment in the U.S. Navy WAVES, ca. 1942, memos (1999, 2001) from Harold Kornblut (son of Moses Kornblut) re. history of Latta Dry Goods Company, and essay, "The Town of Latta Has Grown," by John D. Roberts re. changes in Latta, SC.


I.   Kornblut Family Papers    
  A. Biographical Information: Photocopy of Leon Kornblut’s U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, 1921; genealogy chart for the Iseman Family (includes the Schafer, Blum and Kornblut families); genealogy chart for the Epstein Family, relatives of the Blum/Schafer families; genealogy chart for the Baker family, relatives of the Kornblut/Schafer families.  
  B.  Images- Leon Kornblut Family (1906-1956): Photocopies of photographs of Kornblut home in Latta, SC (1906), formal images of Leon and Lizzie Kornblut (1910) and their children, Moses, Esther and Rebecca, ca. 1920s; image of Leon Kornblut with brother-in-law Isadore Blum on a trip to New York; formal and candid shots of the Kornblut family, 1940s; wedding picture (1950) of Moses Kornblut and Freda Baker and of Kornblut family (with spouses, grandchildren, etc) ca. 1950s.  
  C. Images-Kornblut Relatives (1890s-1920s): Photocopies of formal images of Leon Kornblut’s family and relatives in Poland including his mother, brother and cousins; not all images are of relatives in Poland (?)  
  D. Images-Abraham Schafer Family (1880s-1950s): Photocopies of formal images of Abraham and Rebecca Schafer and their children, Lizzie, Sam, Fanny and Belle; also images of Schafer cousins (Evelyn and Bernice Schafer) and Isadore and Belle Schafer Blum (1953).  
  D. Correspondence: Photocopy of letter (Oct. 17, 1906) from Rebecca Schafer to her daughter Lizzie (later Lizzie Kornblut); handwritten on "R. Shafer, Dealer in General Merchandise" letterhead, re. business issues, a monetary loan and Lizzie’s upcoming wedding; photocopy of telegram (March 1949) from Moses Kornblut to Freda Baker re. an upcoming visit; telegram (1952) from "Mollie" to Freda Baker Kornblut offering congratulations on birth of Freda’s son.  
  E. Diary of Lizzie Schafer Kornblut (1904-1906): Photocopies of two ledger books (209 pages total) that contain Lizzie Schafer’s hand written thoughts and observations about her daily activities, life in Little Rock, SC, the family business, parents and siblings, admirers and her courtship with Leon Kornblut; includes short stories (school assignments?) on topics such as "country life" and Robert E. Lee.  
  F. Clippings (1956-1993): Photocopies of articles re. members of the Kornblut family; from newspapers in Dillon and Latta, SC.  
  G. Misc.: Memoir by John D. Roberts, "The Town of Latta Has Grown," with images (photocopies) of Latta over the years; clippings re. Freda Baker Kornblut’s enlistment in the U.S. Navy WAVES (1940s); memos (1999, 2001) from Harold Kornblut re. history of Latta Dry Goods Company; Morris Fass Department Store (Dillion, S.C.) miniature memo pad embossed with "Shopping List."  
II.   Latta Dry Goods Co./Kornblut’s Department Store    
  A. Images: photocopy image of Latta Dry Goods Company, ca. 1906; photocopy images of opening of Kornblut’s in Dillon, SC 1962 (interior views)  
  B. Invoices (1910-1960s): Includes invoices for goods sold at Latta Dry Goods 1910, 1913, 1926 and 1927 when it was renamed Blum and Kornblut's; invoices to Latta Dry Goods for merchandise purchased from Baltimore Bargain House 1913; bag from Kornblut’s Dillon, SC store.   
  C. Correspondence: Letter to Markel Bros. (New York, N.Y.) from Leon Kornblut requesting a straw hat for customer (1927-06-01). Written on Blum and Kornblut, Inc. letterhead.