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Title: B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (Charleston, SC) records

Collection #: Mss 1046

Dates: 1930s-1990s (bulk 1960s)

Size: 12 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Founded in 1843, B'nai B'rith is the oldest Jewish service organization in the United States. The younger arm of B'nai B'rith, the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, provides opportunities for Jewish youth to develop leadership skills and Jewish identity. BBYO consists of Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA), founded in 1924 for 9th-12th grade boys, B'nai B'rith Girls (BBG), founded in 1927 for 9th-12th grade girls and B'nai B'rith Teen Connection for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. The first AZA chapter in Charleston, SC, (AZA #143) was founded in 1931. The second chapter (AZA #1969) formed in 1969, and merged with #143 in 1983. B'nai B'rith Girls organized a Charleston chapter in 1960.

Scope and Content Note:

The bulk of the collection is housed in 20 large scrapbooks, ranging in size from 36 to 68 cm. in height.

Collection contains records of the Charleston, SC, chapters of Aleph Zadik Aleph and B'nai B'rith Girls. AZA Chapter #143 records comprise bulk of collection and contain: Administrative records: chapter rosters (1931-1980); lists of past presidents and "Sweethearts"; meeting minutes (1964); correspondence (1960-1965); press releases(1960-1962); event planning notes (1960-1964); award information. Photographs (color and b/w) include images of 1930s dances, District 5 conventions, sports teams; 1940s Sweetheart dances, District 5 conventions; 1950s Sweetheart dances and candidates; 1960s Sweetheart dances and candidates, conventions, chapter officers; 1970s dances, basketball teams.

Financial documents (1960s) contain chapter bank account records and proposed budget (1963). Awards (1960s) include honor certificates from BBYO (many 1st place awards for 143's news publication, CHAZA). Ephemera (1960s-1980s) includes event invitations, fliers, tickets and programs. News clippings (1940s-1990s) mention dances, Sweetheart candidates, officers, awards, conventions, sporting events and projects with BBG. Publications include "Service Scraps" (1942-1945); broken run of CHAZA (1945-1981); anniversary programs (1940s); chapter songs (1960s); pledge class publications (1960s); broken run (1975-1989) of Chapter #1969's newspaper, the YENTAH.

Seventeen scrapbooks (1936-1988) contain photographs, news clippings and ephemera from events, dances, elections, etc; includes scrapbook (1987-1988) of combined AZA 143/1969. Misc. #143 material includes artifacts (BBYO pin and patch, dances favors), four 8mm films reels of 1964 dances and a prayer breakfast; AZA 143 jacket (1952); negatives and slides (1930s-1970) of dances, award ceremonies, banquets, sweetheart candidates.

B'nai B'rith Girls #1134 papers contain issues (1960, 1962, 1974) of Genesis, publication of BBG 1134; members manual (1991). Photographs (and color photocopies) of installation banquets (1967), council conventions, fashion show (1971) and misc. images (1960s-1970s) from meetings and conventions. Lists of BBG 1134 presidents and "Beaus" (1960-1980) and BBG 1541 presidents and "Beaus" (1969-1979). Clippings (1962-1986) mention dances, conventions, charitable projects, joint projects with AZA and new officers; oversize scrapbook compiled (1987-1988) by chapter 1541.

Regional and National BBYO material includes issues (1947-1953) of District Five Folder and The Southerner (1953-1960); Southern convention program (1936); minutes (1964) of BBYO Southern Region Executive Committee; The Shofar (1948, 1964-1966); publications re. BBYO/AZA rituals and awards; AZA's 40th anniversary (1963); AZA handbook (1951). Oversize scrapbook compiled (1979-1970) by executive members of Dixie Council highlights six AZA chapters in South Carolina and Georgia.


    AZA Chapter #143 Papers    
I.   AZA #143 Administrative Records    
  A. Ledger of Members (1917-1981): Alphabetical roster of members (1931-1981) with notations by names of deceased members; separate list of chapter presidents written inside front cover, begins with 1917 (?) then skips to 1958; also lists chapter sweethearts.  
  B. List (1931-1980) of chapter presidents and sweethearts (1931-1980): includes list (1969-1980) of presidents and sweethearts for AZA #1969.  
  C. Chapter Rosters and Committee Lists (1956-1966): Rosters have member’s names and addresses; committees include athletic, community service, cultural, religious, social, B’nai B’rith cooperation, fund-raising, membership, property, publicity, boy scout cooperation, photography; also list of 1966 pledge class.  
  D. List of AZA Past Sweethearts (1931-1963): includes addresses (as of 1963) and married name where applicable.  
  E. Chapter Meeting Minutes (Jan.-May 1964): handwritten notes includes mentions of committee activities, references to dues, dances and internal programs, sporting events, discussion on Untied Jewish Appeal.  
  F. Correspondence (1960-1965): Bulk pertains to upcoming dances and includes press release letters to newspapers and other publications; letters to AZA members, parents and alums re. dances and schedules of events; letters to national BBYO officials (from #143 members) requesting applications for AZA awards.  
  D. Press Releases/Articles (1960-1962): to News and Courier, Southern Israelite, Charleston Evening Post, Center Talk etc; bulk are announcements of upcoming dances and new AZA sweethearts; several re. awards and installation of news AZA officers.  
  E. Speeches (ca. 1960s): includes typescript of, "Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone But Faith, Admiration and Sympathy" given by Frank Goldberg, Dec. 1961; speech (typescript) about the youth of America (untitled, undated); speech (typescript) on civil rights (untitled, undated but ca. late 1960s.)  
  F. AZA Honor Code (1962): with space at bottom to be signed by members of Charleston A.Z.A. #143.  
  G. Event Planning Notes (1960-1964): handwritten on notebook paper; contain ideas for sweetheart dances; also "to do" lists for planning; committee lists, lists of out-of-town girls attending dances and those who paid dance admission; also the personal notebook/planner of an AZA member which contains to-do lists, addresses, etc re. AZA events.  
  H. Event schedules, sign-ups, announcements (1945-1966): includes schedule for District 5 Debate and Oratory Finals, (April 1945) with attached list of AZA #143 officers and welcome note to debaters; also includes schedules and sign-up sheets for sweetheart dance weekends and Dixie Six Council Convention.   
  I. National BBYO Material sent to AZA #143 (1962-1964): Includes descriptions of various awards (Shield of David, etc. ); several workbooks from the "Mailbox Institute of Judaism," an application for "All Around" Chapter Award and a statement (1964) of number of BBYO chapters in each state.  
  J. Misc.: Dixie Six B.B.Y.O Council letterhead, Charleston A.Z.A. 143 letterhead,   
II.   AZA #143 Photographs    
  A. Dances (1930s): Group photographs (prints) from 1938 dance at Omar Shrine Temple; one photo is men only; the other is men and dates.  
  B. Camp Conventions-District 5 (1930s): group photographs of participants at third, fourth and fifth annual A.Z.A. National Camp Convention (held in NY) 1937, 1938, 1939; several Charleston members pictured.  
  C. Sports (1930s): image (print) of the AZA #143 basketball team ca. 1937 (players identified on back of photo.)  
  D. Misc. (1930s): group of young men and women (AZA?) studying with Rabbi Tennebaum, ca. 1935 in Charleston, SC  
  E. Dances (1940s): Danny and Betty Hirsch at dance, 1940; AZA members with sweetheart, Helene Firetag, 1947; photocopies of photographs of Helene Firetag crowning her AZA Sweetheart successor, Sheralyn Krawcheck, 1948  
  F. Camp Conventions-District 5-(1940s): group photograph of participants at the 1940 and 1941 annual A.Z.A. National Camp Convention (held in Brevard, NC); several Charleston members pictured.  
  G. Dances (1950s): Jewish War Veterans beauty contest, Sandra Lee Kahn representing AZA (1952); AZA Sweetheart candidates (1953); Sandra Lee Kahn (1952 Sweetheart) crowning Evelyn Sokol, 1953 Sweetheart.  
  H. Sweetheart Portraits (1950s): Joyce Kline (1955), unidentified sweetheart, ca. 1950s  
  I. Dances (1960s): 1964 Sweetheart, Barbara Baker with 1965 sweetheart hopefuls, Barbara Baker crowning 1965 sweetheart Candy Gellman; New Year’s Eve Dance,1968; images of sweetheart court, 1968; image from misc. 1965 dance; 1968 Sweetheart Sharon Silver being crowned; Sharon Silver with other sweetheart candidates,1968; "Hearts" dance at BSBI, 1969.  
  J. Sweetheart Portraits (1960s): Sally Sharnoff, 1960; Irene Sable, 1962; Myrna Epstein, 1963; Barbara Baker, 1964  
  K. Conventions (1960s): images from Council Convention, Columbia, SC, Nov. 1968; images from regional conference in Augusta, GA, Dec. 1968.  
  L. Officers (1960s): Group images of chapter officers, July-Dec.1962; June 1963; 1964-1965; officers with sweetheart, Barbara Baker, 1964.  
  M. Misc. (1960s): Barbara Baker, Billy Grossman with BBYO District Director, Jerry Carver, during Dixie Council Convention in Charleston, Nov. 1964.  
  N. Sweetheart Portraits (1970s): Sweetheart winner and other candidates, ca. 1970s.   
  O. Sports (1970s): Photocopy of AZA #143’s Dixie Council basketball team, ca. 1970s; photograph of the AZA #143 national champion basketball team, ca. 1970s.  
  P. Misc. (1970s-1980s): photographs of AZA members at misc. meetings and events.  
III.   AZA #143 Financial    
  A. Purchases (1960): Invoices and receipts for purchases made by AZA members; majority for dance decorations and supplies.  
  B. Bank Account (1960): Cancelled checks, deposit stubs and records for AZA account at the Citizens and Southern National Bank of S.C.  
  C. Financial Reports (1963): Statements of receipts and dispersements, proposed budgets and financial breakdowns for AZA Chapter #143.  
  D. Purchases (1964): Invoices and receipts for purchases made by AZA members; majority for dance decorations and supplies.  
  E. Bank Account (1964): Cancelled checks, deposit stubs and records for AZA account at the Citizens and Southern National Bank of S.C.; includes checkbook  
  F. Bank Account (1966): Statements of account activity, Jan.-March 1966  
IV.   AZA #143 Awards    
  A. National AZA/BBYO Honor Certificates (1960-1963): "National Organization AZA/BBYO Honor Certificate for Charleston AZA"; most are chapter #143’s first place awards for their newspaper, CHAZA.  
  B. Misc. Awards: includes resolution (1963) from Mayor Gaillard, Jr. in recognition of national AZA’s 40th anniversary.  
V.   AZA #143 Ephemera    
  A. Event Invitations (1960s, 1980s): invitations to Sweetheart dances and weekend events.  
  B. Event Tickets (1960s): Tickets to dances, basketball games, variety shows, car washes; ticket for1947 Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Banquet and Dance of the Savannah chapter #206; campaign ticket in support of Elaine Estroff, Sweetheart of Augusta chapter, #192, for regional Sweetheart.  
  C. Event Programs (1960, 1963): Program from Circus Time Variety Show, 1960 and1963 Variety Show.  
  D. Fliers/Announcements (1960s): bulk are announcements distributed to members to remind them about dances, dues, and upcoming events, conferences and meetings; also menu for the "Twilight Grill" from 1962 sweetheart weekend; information about Operation Book Strap; several campaign ribbons for those running for AZA president (Robert Rosen, and Brickman)  
VI.   AZA #143 News Clippings (all have been photocopied)    
  A. 1940s (1947-1948): newspaper image of the 11th Annual Convention Committee for the Southern Region, District Five, 1947; images of 1948 chapter Sweethearts from Augusta, Columbia, Charleston and Savannah; article re. 12th annual convention of AZA District No. 5 held in Augusta, GA (from Center Talk, 1948.)  
  B. 1950s: clippings re. Sol Breibart’s twenty years of service to AZA; dances and Sweethearts, Jewish War Veteran’s contests for Miss JWV; AZA fundraisers (basketball games for March of Dimes); JCC Center Teen-Age Canteen organized by Charleston AZA and Young Judea; variety shows; award of the Alexander-Triest trophy and other chapter awards; anniversary celebrations; new headquarters location; sporting events, conventions; oratorical contests.  
  C. 1960s: clippings re. variety shows, Sweethearts, anniversary celebrations; dances and Sweetheart weekends; chapter elections; conventions; out-of-town guests attending dances; oratorical contests; fundraisers and charity events; tributes to Jacques Kierbel, an AZA member killed in an auto accident in 1962; parent’s day; sports events; BBG "Beau" candidates; BBG/AZA joint events; awards received by Chapter #143; alumni weekends; info on "operation book strap"; Jewish Music Month programs  
  D. 1970s: news clippings re. Sweethearts; fund raising activities; officers and elections; BBG-AZA joint projects; sporting events; religious programs; awards; oratorical contests; general BBYO news ("BBYO On The Go" column from Center Talk); re. formation of BBYO Teen Board; re. induction of new pledges.  
  E. 1980s: news clippings re. Sweethearts and dances; chapter activities; oratorical contests and awards; chapter elections and member elections to regional AZA posts.  
  F. 1990s (1993): news clipping re. Dixie Council AIT-MIT Convention and a barrel pickle fundraiser.  
  G. AZA #1969 News Clippings (1970-1982): re. first year accomplishments of AZA #1969; Sweetheart dances; charitable projects; awards received; conventions and sporting events  
VII   AZA #143 Artifacts: "Bernard Novit Debater" ribbon, 1945; BBYO membership pin, ca. 1960s; misc. favors from sweetheart dances, 1962,1963; AZA BBYO 40th Anniversary memento,1963; AZA/BBYO patch, ca. 1960s.  
VIII.   AZA #143 Misc.: notes for a 1995 slide show on Charleston’s BBYO (AZA/BBG); corresponding slides are housed in Box 17 and can be identified by date "Oct. 1995"  
IX.   AZA #143 Films Reels (1964): Four 8 millimeter film reels: Sweetheart Dance, Aug. 27, 1963; Shipwreck Dance, 1964; [prayer] breakfast, Sept. 17, 1964; unidentified film reel, Sept. 17. 1964.  
X.   AZA #143 Publications    
  A. "Service Scraps" (1942-1945): informal newsletter that provided updates on those AZA #143 members in the military; also One Forty Three (Vol. 1), a publication distributed to AZA members in the military  
  B. CHAZA (ca. early 1940s): the official publication (newspaper) of Charleston AZA Chapter #143: published six times (?) per year.  
  C. CHAZA (1945, 1946): Oct. 1945, Dec. 1946  
  D. CHAZA (1947): Feb., March, issue of Judean Chaza, the first combined Issue of the A.Z.A. Cecile Rubin (Young Judea) and T.A.G (?), April 1947, and CHAZA April, May, August, Dec.  
  E. CHAZA (1948): Feb, May, July, August, October, Nov. (?)  
  F. CHAZA (1949): Jan, March  
  G. CHAZA (1950): June, August  
  H. CHAZA (1951): Feb., Aug.,   
  I. CHAZA (1952): May, September  
  J. CHAZA (1953): Feb, April, May, August  
  K. CHAZA (1954): September  
  L. CHAZA (1956): August  
  M. CHAZA (1957): Feb, September  
  N. CHAZA (1959): August  
  O. CHAZA (1960): August, November, Dec.   
  P. CHAZA (1961): Feb, April, June August, Nov., Dec.  
  Q. CHAZA (1962): Feb. May, August, November, December  
  R. CHAZA (1963): Feb., May, June, July, August, December  
  S. CHAZA (1964): March, August, November  
  T. CHAZA (1965): Sept.  
  U. CHAZA (1966): Feb, June, August, Dec.  
  V. CHAZA (1967): Sept.  
  W. CHAZA (1968): Sept.  
  X. CHAZA (1969): Sept.  
  Y. CHAZA (1970): Sept.  
  Z. CHAZA (1971): Sept.  
  AA. CHAZA (1974): May  
  BB. CHAZA (1977): Sept.  
  CC. CHAZA (1981): Sept.   
  DD. 10th, 13th, 25th Anniversary Programs for Charleston Chapter AZA #143 (1941, 1944, 1956)  
  EE. 11th, 17th Southern Region Annual Convention Programs (1947, 1953)  
  FF. The Songs of 143 (ca. 1963): "Fireside chants of the Charleston Chapter of AZA"; also includes several loose sheets of AZA songs, ca. 1960s  
  GG. Progress: The Voice of the Jacques Kierbel Memorial Pledge Class (Sept.-Oct. 1962)  
  HH. David M. Lancer Pledge Class Newsletter (ca. 1960s)  
  II. 143 News (March 1963)  
  JJ. Misc. (1962-1979): includes the AZA #143 coloring book/primer of Charleston Satire (1962); "CHAZA #143 Installation and Alwyn Berlin Memorial A.I.T. Class Induction Ceremony, Feb. 18, 1979"  
  KK. AZA #143/#1969-THE YENTAH (1975, 1983, 1984, 1986-1989): original newspaper of AZA #1969; became newspaper of combined 143/1969 chapters when they merged in 1983   
  LL. AZA #192 (Augusta, GA) The Messenger (1975): AZA #192’s newsletter  
XI.   AZA #143 Scrapbooks  
  A. Photocopy of 1936-1939 Scrapbook: Contains news clippings (bulk re. conventions and meetings, oratory contests and dances); invitations to dances, photographs of members and events, ribbons and certificates from conferences and debate contests; list of 1939 officers (original scrapbook in 5/1)  
  B. Photocopy of 1940-1941 Scrapbook: List of 1941 basketball team members; news clippings from sweetheart and basketball games; several photographs of banquets (original scrapbook in 5/2)  
  C. Photocopy of 1942-1948 Scrapbook: Original scrapbook has been disassembled due to condition; clippings re. Sweetheart dances; photographs of members, pages from issues of CHAZA; clippings re. new officers; dance ephemera  
  D. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-Photographs: photos of sporting events, dances, meetings; conventions, Sweetheart candidates   
  E. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-News Clippings: re. debate finals, dances, sporting events, conventions, etc.  
  F. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-Ephemera: invitations to dances; ribbons from conventions; misc. ephemera from conventions  
  G. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-Correspondence: letters to AZA parents and alums re. dance weekends; memos from chapter president re. scrap metal drive (1942)  
  H. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-Programs/Pamphlets; from Regional and District conventions (7th Annual Southern Region Convention, 1942; 10th Annual Regional Convention, 1946; 11th Annual Regional Convention; and basketball tournaments; 9th Annual Southern Regional Winter Tournaments, 1945; 12th Anniversary and Summer Tournament, 1946; Savannah Summer Tournament, 1947; 5th District Tournament 1947  
  I. Loose Material from 1942-1948 Scrapbook-Misc.: AZA songs, menus from events; fliers for war bonds.  
  J. Photocopy of 1949-1953 Scrapbook: Original scrapbook has been disassembled due to condition: contains clippings re. Sweetheart dances, debate contests and anniversary celebrations  
  K. Loose Material from 1949-1953 Scrapbook-Photographs: from dances, award ceremonies; many AZA members are identified on reverse of photographs; sporting events (softball games, basketball teams); Sweetheart court portraits  
  L. Loose Material from 1949-1953 Scrapbook-News Clippings; re. dances, conventions, new officers, sporting events, speakers and meetings, oratorical contests, religious services   
  M. Loose Material from 1949-1953 Scrapbook –Ephemera: invitations and tickets to dances; campaign material for Sweetheart candidates  
  O. Loose Material from 1949-1953 Scrapbook-Correspondence: letters to parents and alums re. schedule of events for dance weekends; letters from community organizations thanking AZA for help with charitable events; telegrams from past Sweethearts wishing new candidates luck.  
  P. Loose Material from 1949-1953 Scrapbook-Programs/Pamphlets: 12th Annual Winter Convention (Southern Region), 1952; 15th Annual Convention, 1951; "Sweet Sixteen" Convention, 1952; program from "Dixieland and Minstrels" presented by AZA #143, 1952  
  Q. Loose Material from 1949-1953-Misc.: ribbons from conventions; dried rose from Parents Day; advertisements for Dixieland and Minstrel show; copies of songs used in Minstrel show; wills from Stag Banquet, 1952; script for skit, "AZA Marches On-A Skit on 25 Years of AZA" by Jack Breibart and Buddy Karesh  
  R. Photocopy of 1954-1956 Scrapbook: clippings re. Sweetheart candidates, #143 events, dances, awards, oratorical contests; program from Minstrel show (1954); several issues of CHAZA; chapter award certificates; invitations to confirmation services; correspondence from other AZA chapters and community institutions; photographs of members, dances, Sweethearts, program from variety show; photographs and ephemera from conventions; song sheets (original scrapbook in 5/3)  
  S. Photocopy of 1956-1957 Scrapbook: clipping re. dances and Sweethearts; Sweetheart issue of CHAZA (1956); photographs of sweetheart candidates; photographs of officers; clippings, correspondence re. 25th anniversary of Chapter #143; photos, program, tickets, etc. from 25th anniversary celebration banquet; convention ephemera (original scrapbook in 6/1)  
  T. Photocopy of 1957-1958 Scrapbook: Clippings re. annual Sweetheart weekend, candidates and dance; photographs of Sweetheart candidates and new Sweetheart; programs from pledge class production; clippings re. AZA’s move to the Jewish Community Center; clippings re. annual conventions and officer elections (original scrapbook in 6/2)  
  U. Photocopy of 1958-1959 Scrapbook: photographs of events during 1958 Sweetheart weekend; includes images of candidates; clippings re. Sweetheart weekend; photographs of 1958 and 1959 officers and basketball tournaments; honor certificates; photographs from a banquet honoring Sam Altman (original scrapbook in 6/3)  
  V. Photocopy of 1959-1960 Scrapbook: lists of members and advisors; photographs and clippings re. Sweetheart dance; several issues of CHAZA; clippings re. AZA work with American Cancer Society; clippings re. conventions; program from Circus Time Variety show; clippings re. new officers and lists of committees for 1960 (original scrapbook in 7/1)  
  W. Photocopy of 1960-1964 Scrapbook: clippings re. election of new officers at chapter #143; clippings re. 1960s Sweetheart dance, debate teams, community service projects, awards won at conventions (Triest Trophy), members of Charleston AZA being elected to southern region offices; clippings and tributes re. deaths of #143 AZA member and advisor, Jacques Kierbel, in an automobile accident, 1962; several clippings re. B’nai B’rith Girls Beau dances (7/4)  
  X Photocopy of 1960-1961 Scrapbook: invitations and tickets from Sweetheart weekend events, 1960; clippings re. Sweetheart candidate, AZA events, newspaper drives; several issues of CHAZA; clippings re. election of new officers, chapter awards, oratorical contests; photographs of #143 members at regional meetings; clippings re. 143 members elected to regional AZA posts; clippings re. basketball tournaments; photographs from B’nai B’rith Banquet, 1961 (original scrapbook in 7/2)  
  Y. Photocopy of 1961-1962 Scrapbook: clippings re. Sweetheart dance, candidates and weekend events; photographs of Sweetheart candidates and snapshots from 1961 dance; clippings re. AZA #143 30th Anniversary dance; photographs from Stag Banquet; clippings re. Bobby Krawcheck, regional AZA president; photographs from Savannah chapter 206’s visit to Charleston; memorial pages to Jacques Kierbel, AZA advisor killed in a car crash; photographs of new initiate banquet (original scrapbook in 7/3)  
  Z Photocopy of 1962-1963 Scrapbook: clipping re. Sweetheart weekend, dance, candidates, etc.; photographs from Sweetheart dance; several issues of CHAZA; several issues of "Progress, the Voice of the Jacques Kierbel Memorial Pledge Class"; clippings re. AZA/BBG joint programs, elections of new officers and attendance at regional conventions; convention photographs; photographs from softball games; fliers and programs from #143 Variety Show; clippings re. Steven Steinart’s time in Washington D.C. working as a congressional page (original scrapbook in 8/1)  
  AA. Photocopy of 1963-1964 Scrapbook: clippings, photographs, ephemera re. Sweetheart dance and weekend; photographs from Dog Patch Dance; re. members attending B’nai B’rith Youth Org. Summer Institute in Israel; fliers for pledge dance; press release and clippings re. AZA, winner of Parent’s Magazine Youth Group Achievement Award; photographs from chapter visit to Roper Hospital; clippings re. chapter elections; photographs of Stag banquet, AZA #143 at Southern convention in Asheville; letters from community organizations thanking AZA for time and contributions; several issues of CHAZA; photographs of basketball extravaganza and spring initiation dance (original scrapbook in 8/2)  
  BB. Photocopy of 1964-1965 Scrapbook: clippings re. 1964 Sweetheart weekend, dance, candidates, etc; photographs of Sweetheart dance and Shipwreck Dance; several issues of CHAZA; clippings re. chapter events and election of new officers (original scrapbook in 9/1)  
  CC. Photocopy of 1965-1966 Scrapbook: clippings re. 1965 Sweetheart weekend, dance, candidates, etc; photographs of Sweetheart dance; clippings re. conventions and AZA #143 members in attendance; photos of basketball extravaganza and an AZA vs. BBG softball game (original scrapbook in 9/2)  
  DD. Photocopy of 1966-1967, 1968 Scrapbook: clippings re. 1966 Sweetheart weekend, dance, candidates, etc; photographs of Sweetheart dance; notices of regular meetings, photographs of basketball games; certificates and chapter awards; several issues of CHAZA; photographs of pledge’s installation, softball games, candidates for 1967 Sweetheart; misc. photocopy of 1968-69 scrapbook which summarizing the year’s activities (original scrapbook in 9/3)  
  EE. Original Scrapbook 1936-1936: (see folder 3/1)  
  FF. Original Scrapbook 1940-1941: (see folder 3/2)  
  GG. Original Scrapbook 1954-1956: (see folder 4/1)  
  HH. Original Scrapbook 1956-1957: (see folder 4/2)  
  II. Original Scrapbook 1957-1958: (see folder 4/3)  
  JJ. Original Scrapbook 1958-1959: (see folder 4/4)  
  KK. Original Scrapbook 1959-1960: (see folder 4/5)  
  LL. Original Scrapbook 1960-1961: (see folder 4/7)  
  MM. Original Scrapbook 1961-1962: (see folder 4/8)  
  NN. Original Scrapbook 1960-1964: (see folder 4/6)  
  OO. Original Scrapbook 1962-1963: (see folder 4/9)  
  PP. Original Scrapbook 1963-1964: (see folder 4/10)  
  QQ. Original Scrapbook 1964-1965: (see folder 4/11)  
  RR. Original Scrapbook 1965-1966: (see folder 4/12)  
  SS. Original Scrapbook 1966-1967: 
(see folder 4/13)
  TT. Original Scrapbook 1972-1981 (OVERSIZE): "The Sweethearts of #143": color photographs of Sweethearts being crowned, chapter officers, car washes and other fundraising activities, religious events, basketball games and trips to visit children in the hospital, parents day, advisors and members at debate contests; performing community service (ex. Cleaning up Brith Sholom cemetery, banquets and members at conventions, Hanukah parties, etc; each sweetheart has her own page.  
BOX 10
  UU. Original Scrapbook #1969/#143 (1987-1988) (OVERSIZE): "The Faces of CHAZA #143"; color photographs of members, community service projects, receiving awards, dances, conventions; trip to the beach   
BOX 11
  VV. Original Scrapbook AZA #1969 (1979-1980) Original (OVERSIZE): scrapbook is shaped like a record album; photographs of dances, Sweethearts and community service activities; Easter seals tennis tournament, religious activities and breakfasts; photographs of "womanless weddings" (with invitations and announcements, #1969 members at conventions; chapters advisors, etc.   
BOX 12
  WW. Original Scrapbook Dixie Council 1969-1970 (OVERSIZE): lists officers; photograph of advisor; Dixie Council newsletters; photographs and short bios of executive committee members; ephemera from dances; page on Jewish Heritage; page on membership; each chapter in Dixie Council (Chas. Cola, Greeneville, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah) has a page representing with photographs to represent their chapter; ephemera; photos from camp conventions  
BOX 13
  XX. Original Scrapbook BBG-AHAVA #1541 Chapter 1977-1978 (OVERSIZE): color snapshots of chapter members; photographs of officers and "Beaus" with chapter members; photographs of activities with BBG chapter #1134, of chapter advisors and fashion show fundraiser; photographs of dance decorating and 1978 beau dance, religious activities and sisterhood activities (sleepovers, trips, etc.); lyrics to the alma mater; photos of the "Mits"; last page is photo collage of members  
BOX 14
XII   AZA #143 Misc. Oversize    
  A. AZA Jacket (ca. 1952-53): Red wool letterman’s jacket with cream leather sleeves; size medium; given to Sandra Kahn Rosenblum when she was AZA #143 Sweetheart in 1952; "Charleston AZA #143" ironed (?) on back of jacket  
BOX 15
  B. Oversize documents: oversize, true color photocopies of AZA #143 basketball team, ca. 1950s? (pictured are Morris Rosen, Nathan Solomon, Sydney Prystowsky, Maurice Berlinsky, Elmo Solomon, Rudolph Robinson, Aaron Prystowsky); certificate, "Henry Monsky Chapter Achievement Award (AZA #143), May 18, 1956; plaque, "The Parents’ Magazine Youth Group Achievement Award for Outstanding Service to the Community" presented to Chapter #143, 1963; plaque, National Organization AZA/ BBYO Honor Certificate for best chapter newspaper, 1963  
BOX 16
XIII.   AZA #143 Slides/Negatives: includes negatives of 1938 dance, 1959-1964 Sweetheart dances; 1961, 1963 stag banquet; Savannah AZA visiting Charleston, 1962-1963; Valentine’s Day party at Roper Hospital, 1962; installation dance, 1962-1964; 1962, 1965 Sweetheart weekend; 1962 regional convention in Macon, GA; Sons of Pericles meeting and basketball game, 1962; variety show, 1963; Dixie Six Council Convention, 1963; parent’s day, 1963; Dog patch days dance, 1963; basketball games, 1963-1964; regional conference, 1963; hospital party, 1964; shipwreck dance, 1964; slides of 1930s and 1940s dances and Sweethearts, members receiving Triest Trophy, 1951; 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965 Sweetheart dances; 1962 stag banquet, 1963 dog patch dance, misc. slides of members and events, 1960s-1970s  
BOX 17
    B’nai B’rith Girls #1134  
I.   BBG #1134 Publications-Genesis 1960-1974    
  A. "Genesis" (1960, 1962, 1974): newspaper of the Charleston Chapter 1134 (BBG started in Charleston in 1960); 1960 issue includes information on founding of BBG in Charleston.  
  B. B’nai B’rith Girls Members Manual (1991)  
II.   BBG #1134 Photographs (1960s-1970s): color photocopies of BBG installation banquet (1967) song practice at council convention (1967), of members performing Charleston Alma Mater song (1967); Ellen Feldman and Ellen Frist, 1969; BBG fashion show (1971); misc. photos from meetings and conventions  
III.   BBG #1134 Administrative    
  A. List of BBG Presidents and Beaus (1960-1980)  
  B. Presidents and Beaus (1969-1980): also includes list of BBG #1541 presidents and beaus, 1969-1979  
IV.   News Clippings 1962-1986: news clippings re. attendance at conventions; beau dances, joint meetings and activities with AZA, "Little Miss BBG" contest, awards, charitable projects and committee work; re. formation (1968) of BBG chapter #1541 (a.k.a. Ahava BBG); clippings re. activities of BBG #1541 (AHAVA), speakers, pep contests, local members being elected to national BBG/ BBYO positions; election of new officers and religious activities.  
    See also BBGG #1541 scrapbook in Box 14     
    Southern Region AZA/BBG    
I.   Southern Region Publications    
  A. "District 5 Folder" (1947-1953): newsletter for all AZA chapters in District 5 (East coast); includes Feb. 1947, May 1947, Feb. 1953, June 1953  
  B. "Southerner" (1953-1960)": official publication of the Southern Region of BBYO District #5; Feb-Jun 1953; Dec. 1960 (convention issue)  
  C. Southern Regional Convention Program (1936)  
  D. 7th Annual Southern and Eastern Regional Convention Program (1943)  
II.   Southern Region Administrative-AZA-BBG Executive Committee Meeting-Charleston, SC Feb. 1964: includes meeting agenda, AZA Honor Code and welcome letter from Robert Rosen  
    B’nai B’rith Youth Organization-National    
I.   BBYO Administrative-Minutes of Atlanta BBYO Committee Meeting Oct. 1961: includes list of members present, notes from a "mock dorm session," news on local Atlanta activities and synopsis of meeting (re. discussion of quality of Southern Region AZA)  
II.   BBYO Publications    
  A. The Shofar (1948, 1964-1966): newspaper; official publication of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization  
  B. "Judas Maccabee AZA Ritual for Public Presentations" (ca. 1950s): in the form of a play  
  C. "Inside Information-AZA" (1951) and "Ceremonial Handbook-AZA" (1952): First is a pocket manual that contains information on the history and development of AZA, rituals, songs, new members, etc; Ceremonial Handbook is four pages and lays out the proper ceremonial rituals to be used at each meeting  
  D. "AZA Contests and Awards" (ca. 1960s): describes the different award criteria and application process.  
  E. "AZA 40th Anniversary Program Guide" (1963): describes national and local anniversary celebrations, lists AZA alums in the rabbinate, notes re. publicizing anniversary events  
  F. "BBYO-50 Years: Program1945-1995, Charleston, SC"  
  G. Misc. Publications (1964, 1994-1995): "News from B’nai B’rith Young Org" (one page) Summer 1964; program from Charleston BBYO Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 1994