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Title: Young Judaea (Charleston, SC)

Collection #: Mss 1048

Dates: 1946-1993 (bulk 1946-1956)

Size: 20 items

Biographical Note:

Founded in the U.S in 1909 to support Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, Young Judaea (YJ) is the oldest Zionist youth movement in the United States. Sponsored by the women's Zionist organization, Hadassah, Young Judaea encourages Jewish youth (through clubs, conventions, camps, Israel programs, etc.) to become involved in social and educational activities and develop a sense of Jewish and Zionist identity.

The first Young Judaea chapter in Charleston, SC, known as the Hannah Szenesh Club, was organized in 1945 by Mrs. Solomon L. Goldfarb. In 1947, the club was renamed the Henrietta Szold Chapter. The Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea formed in Charleston in 1950.

Scope and Content Note:

Collection includes papers of the Henrietta Szold and Cecile Rubin Chapters of Young Judaea (Charleston, SC); black and white photograph (1951) from first annual Young Judaea Banquet and Dance; photocopy images of subsequent dances (1952-1953?); issues (1952-1956) of Emes, a publication of the Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea; and news clippings announcing re-activation of YJ in Charleston (1978) and YJ activities (1981, 1993).

Two scrapbooks contain clippings, ephemera, award certificates, correspondence, member lists, chapter songs and photographs. The first scrapbook documents activities of the Henrietta Szold Chapter 1946-1947; the second scrapbook is a combination of material from the Henrietta Szold Chapter (1947-1949) and Cecile Rubin Chapter (1950-1951). Both scrapbooks were compiled by Sandra Lee Kahn Rosenblum.


I.   Young Judaea Papers    
  A. Photographs (1950s): black and white 8x10 photograph of Cecile Rubin Chapter members at 1st Annual Young Judaea Banquet and Dance (held at the Jewish Community Center, June 1951); identifications on reverse; two photocopy photos of subsequent Young Judaea dances (ca. 1952-1953?)  
  B. Publications-Emes (1952): Emes was a publication of the Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea; May 1952 issue  
  C. Publications-Emes (1953): Summer 1953  
  D. Publications-Emes (1954): Feb., March, May  
  E. Publications-Emes (1956): February  
  F. Publications-Emes (ca. 1950s): ca. April-May 1950s  
  G. News Clippings (1978-1996): Article announcing re-activation of Young Judaea (YJ) in Charleston, 1978; group photo of YJ members (from Center Talk) taken at Young Judaea rally, 1981; article from Charleston Jewish Journal advertising YJ activities and encouraging 6th-8th grade Jewish boys and girls to join the group, 1993  
II.   Young Judaea Scrapbooks  
  A. Scrapbook 1946-1947 (Photocopy): Compiled by the Henrietta Szold Chapter of Young Judaea (Charleston, SC); list of members and officers (1946-1947); mention of awards (chapter won 2nd place in the jr. division of National Young Judaea tree planting contest); clippings re. members and events; award and honor certificates; letters of thanks re. fundraising efforts  
  B. Original scrapbook 1946-1947    
  C. Scrapbook 1947-1951 (Photocopy): Compiled by Sandra Lee Kahn (Rosenblum), member of the Henrietta Szold Chapter and later of the Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea (Charleston, SC); dedication to Henrietta Szold written by Rose Brody; lyrics to club songs; photograph of members; list of members and officers, 1947-1948; announcement re. chapterís second victory in tree planting contest; clipping of YJís Exec. Director, Norman Schanin; correspondence from Cecile Rubin Chapter to Henrietta Szold Chapter; ephemera from fundraising activities; photographs of officers (1948-1949); list of Cecile Rubin Chapter members 1950-1951 (first year of existence); "point" system guidelines for members; script from play put on by Cecile Rubin Chapter; clippings re. religious services and activities; planning notes and clippings re. carnival put on by Young Judaea chapters; ephemera and photographs from Cecile Rubin Chapter Awards Banquet and Dance (1951); applications for YJ camp conventions; lyrics to Cecile Rubin chapter song.  
  D. Original Scrapbook 1947-1951