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Title: MoÔse family letters

Collection #: Mss 1060

Dates: 1897-1907

Size: .875 linear ft.

Biographical Note:

Edwin Warren MoÔse was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1832. As a young man, MoÔse embarked on a small mercantile business, ran a flour mill in Columbus, Georgia, and finally settled on a career in law. He married Esther Lyon (1837-1917) of Petersburg, Virginia, in 1854. MoÔse fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War and later settled in Sumter, South Carolina, where he continued to practice law. He served as South Carolina's Adjutant and Inspector General (1876-1880) under Governor Wade Hampton. MoÔse died Dec. 12, 1903.

Edwin and Esther MoÔse's children include Marion, Rebecca, Caroline, Georgie, Agnes, Charles, Edwin Warren, Jr., Albert, Penina, Jessica, and Lucius. Marion MoÔse (1855-1909), known as Major Marion MoÔse, married Isabel Nones DeLeon and made a career as a lawyer and politician; he had one son, Davis DeLeon MoÔse (1880-1931). Albert Luria MoÔse (1872-1940) also a lawyer, married Eva May Nathans. Penina MoÔse Solomons Phelps (b.1874), known by many as "Miss Nina," married Dr. Edward Alva Solomons in 1898; the couple had one child, Edward Alva (b.1899). Dr. Solomons died in Oct. 1899, and Penina married Aaron C. Phelps in 1924.

Scope and Content Note:

Collection contains letters (1897-1940) to and from members of the Edwin Warren MoÔse family. Majority of correspondence (1897-1899) is to Penina MoÔse Solomons Phelps from her first husband, Dr. Edward Alva Solomons; other letters (most undated) to Penina from siblings, friends and other relatives. Letters refer to health issues, social activities, relatives and friends. Collection includes condolence letters (1902) sent to Esther Lyon MoÔse upon the death of her husband, Edward Warren MoÔse.

Miscellaneous correspondence includes a letter between Edward Warren MoÔse and son, Marion MoÔse; postcards (1907) sent to Esther Lyon MoÔse from Nina MoÔse Solomons during a trip to Quebec; condolence letter to Davis MoÔse upon the death of his father, Marion MoÔse. Misc. material includes an original poem, "Truth in Parenthesis," and a genealogical chart tracking the descendants of Benjamin A. Nones (1757-1826) and Miriam Marks (1764-1822).




Correspondence to Nina MoÔse Solomons from her husband, Dr. E. Alva Solomons (1897-1899)


June 16, 1897: letter details his activities in Sumter, SC (she is on Sullivanís Island); mentions his dental practice and social appointments; refers to her recent visit to Sumter.



July 3, 1897: Expresses his desire to see her; details a dance in Sumter and inquires about her activities.


July 25th 1897: Solomons laments about a cancelled trip to visit Nina; complains about the mosquitoes in his room; writes about planning a visit to Sullivanís Island; mentions his poor health and mutual acquaintances.


Sept. 3, 1897: Letter contains poetic verses (not Solomons) that reminded him of time spent with Nina on Sullivanís Island; mentions he has selected "the rings" wants to finalize plans for an upcoming visit.


June 11, 1899: (Nina and Solomons are now married); expresses how much he misses her (after six days apart); describes the towns and landscape of Arizona (where he may be recuperating from an illness); mentions visiting with a friend (Nones?)


Undated: Solomons describes having stitches taken out of a wound (in his neck?); mentions an upcoming operation he will need (for enlarged glands in his neck); writes that his sister is taking care of him.


Correspondence to Nina MoÔse Solomons from her mother sisters and brother (all undated)



From Esther Lion MoÔse (mother): thanks Nina for a Motherís Day letter; mentions the horrors reported in the newspaper and writes, "Sodom and Gomorrah was no worse than these times"; general updates about relatives and social activities.


From Albert Lion MoÔse (brother): he extends birthday wishes to his sister and compliments her on her character; discusses how great men are the sons of great mothers, and hopes that her husband will prove to be a good man ; written on letterhead of "Sharp/Alleman and MoÔse/Attorneys and Councilors at Law"


From Agnes MoÔse Bogin (sister): writes about a mutual acquaintance having a tooth pulled; discusses the activities of friends and other relatives; mentions her work and desire to make money.


From Georgie MoÔse Davis (sister): refers to a letter she received from Nina (who was in California); mentions visiting Nina more in the future; recounts her social engagements and mentions her children; description of a university banquet held each February.


From Rebecca MoÔse Davis (sister): describes saying good-bye to her children before embarking on an ocean voyage (letter written on Quebec Steamship Company Limited stationary); extends birthday wishes to Nina.


Correspondence to Nina MoÔse Solomons from misc. others:



From E.U. (Lela) Dick, Jan. 6, 1897: extends birthday wishes and remembers their past; recounts her experience assisting a poor family consumed with typhoid fever.


From Miss Leila Dick, 1906: thanks Nina for information on mountain resorts; discusses health issues.


From Nina Robinson, June 29, 1897: (a cousin of NMS) letter contains Robinsonís practical tips for being organized and on-time; includes comments about Ninaís brother, Albert, and updates about her own family.


From Harry J. Mikell: Sewanee, TN; (a former boyfriend?); letter contains Mikellís best wishes on her engagement to Alva Solomons.


Misc. correspondence



General Edwin Warren MoÔse to son, Marion MoÔse, Dec. 25, 1892: writes that he will present Marion with his entire law library (as a Christmas gift?); mentions that Albert will receive the Encyclopedia Britannica set.


Mabel Davis Lewis to her aunt, Nina MoÔse Solomons Phelps, ca. 1940: from Greenwich, CT; mentions being shocked by the war; talks about her motherís bout with pneumonia; a second letter asks that "mother" not be told of Albert MoÔseís passing until she is well and mentions matters of Albertís estate.


Postcards to Esther Lion MoÔse from Nina MoÔse and Alma Davis Baer, July-August 1907: sent while traveling in Quebec.


Condolence letters on the death of General Edwin Warren MoÔse, 1902:



From Mary H. Richardson to Mrs. E.W. MoÔse


From Harmon (a grandson) to Mrs. E.W. MoÔse


From Isabel Tobias to Marion MoÔse


From Georgie MoÔse Davis to her brother (Albert or Marion); re. death of their father


Condolence letter from Alma to Davis MoÔse re. death of his father, Major Marion MoÔse, (1909?-- Undated)





Poem, Truth in Parenthesis: written about a visit with the Skinner family?



Nones Family Tree: Descendants of Benjamin A. Nones (1757-1826) and Miriam Marks (1764-1822)