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Title: Robert N. Rosen papers

Collection #: Mss 1064

Size: 9.5 linear ft.

Biographical Note: Robert N. Rosen was born in Charleston, S.C. He was educated at the University of Virginia and Harvard University and received his law degree from the University of South Carolina. Rosen is the author of other short works on the history of Charleston, S.C. during the Civil War. He currently resides in Charleston, where he is a practicing attorney.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains 10 boxes of research material obtained by Robert N. Rosen during the writing of the book The Jewish Confederates. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, c2000.

Two boxes contain information regarding specific research about states and cities in the Confederacy. Three boxes contain information and research on specific Jewish individuals mentioned in The Jewish Confederates. One box contains information and research specific to David Levy Yulee as well as topical information. Three boxes contain topical research and information on specific aspects of Jewish life during the Civil War. One box contains oversized materials, such as correspondence, forms, military records, and journals.




















Alabama General Information; 2 CDs pictures from Montgomery, AL and Eutaula, AL, confederate cemeteries and memorials.





Huntsville, Alabama—Letters, papers from Historic Huntsville Foundation, Temple B’Nai Sholom, The Hunttsville Historical Review, Vol. 12, #’s 3 &4





Mobile, Alabama—Copy of The Jews of Mobile, Alabama, 1763-1841, by Bertram Wallace Korn; various journal articles (photocopies) and papers.





Mobile, Alabama II—Copy of The Gates of Heaven: Congregation Sha’arai Shomayim, the first 150 years, Mobile, Alabama, 1844-1994, by Robert J. Zietz





Montgomery, Alabama—Articles (photocopies), letters (photocopies of originals and typed text)





Selma, Alabama—Notes and letters, newspaper article (photocopied), constitution and by-laws of Congregation Mishkan Israel(1945), pictures of Temple Mishkan Israel










Arkansas General Information—Letters, name lists/service records, genealogy(Lilienthal/Elias), Little Rock City Directory listings, misc. clippings, short history of Congregation B’nai Israel










Florida General Information—personal notes, newspaper article, pamphlet, outline, and magazine for MOSAIC-Jewish Life in Florida, chapter from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S., by Bernard Postal










Georgia General Information—personal notes, Confederate Naval Museum pamphlet, newspaper articles, correspondence, journal articles, chapter from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S., by Bernard Postal, extracts from Patriotism for Profits, by Mary A. DeCredico; Notes on the Alexander Family, by Henry A. Alexander





Georgia General Information II—Informational magazines for Temple of Israel, Columbus, Georgia; Shearith Israel Synagogue, Columbus, Georgia; Pioneer Members and History of Temple Beth-El





Atlanta, Georgia—newspaper article, information on the Atlanta History Center Library/Archives, journal article, “Pre-1867 Atlanta Jewry,” American Jewish Historical Quarterly, extracts from Notes on the Alexander Family, by Henry A. Alexander, copy of As But a Day, by Janice O. Rothschild





Augusta, Georgia—personal letter, article “The Jews of Augusta”, history of Congregation Children of Israel





Savannah, Georgia—Cohen-Phillips Papers, personal notes, correspondence (copied)





Macon, Georgia—“A History of Temple Beth Israel of Macon, Gerogia,” by Rabbi Newton J. Friedman





Savannah, Georgia II—personal notes, personal letters, correspondence (copied), Laural Grove Cemetery map Savannah, Georgia, Rebecca Ella Solomons Alexander  journal transcript (copied), extract from The History of the States of Georgia, by Issac W. Avery, misc. pages from a written history, history of Congregation Mikveh Israel










Kentucky General Information—Chapter from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S.,










Louisiana General Information—personal notes, letters (one attached photo), newspaper (copied), misc. pages and journal extracts





Louisiana General Information II—personal notes, letter, misc. pages, primary source copies, and journal extracts





Louisiana General Information III—personal notes, letters, family notes for Moyse and Franck families, manuscript listings from Tulane Univeristy, New Orleans public library, Historic New Orleans Collection, misc. pictures (photocopies)





Louisiana General Information IV—complete copy (photocopied) of The Eternal Stranger: A Study of Jewish Life in the Small Community, by Benjamin Kaplan





Louisiana General Information V—complete copy (photocopied) of History of the Jews of Louisiana: Their Religious, Civic, Charitable, and Patriotic Life, by Jewish Historical Publishing Co. of Louisana





Louisana General Information VI—personal notes, letters, family notes from LSU library





Louisiana General Information VII—extracts from Louisiana Redeemed: The Overthrow of Carpet-bag Rule, 1876-1880, by Garnie W. McGinty; article “New Orleans’ Finest,” by Peggy Robbins





New Orleans, Louisiana—letters (2) with attached correspondence (photocopies), newspaper articles (photocopies), extracts from Gardner’s: New Orleans City Directory for 1861, extracts from The Early Jews of New Orleans, by Betram W. Korn





New Orleans, Louisiana II—personal notes, extracts from the manuscript collection for Congergation Gates of Prayer, New Orleans, LA





New Orleans, Louisiana III—personal notes and letters, Southern Jewish Historical Society information, misc. correspondence and newspapers (photocopies), extracts from A Social and Economic History of the New Orleans Jewish Community, by Julian B. Feibelam, and a complete copy of The Jews in Louisiana, by Leo Shpall





New Orleans, Louisiana  IV—personal notes, various maps of New Orleans (photocopies)





New Orleans, Louisiana V—personal notes and letter, various maps of New Orleans (photocopies), pictures of jewish temples and business in New Orleans (photocopies)





New Orleans, Louisiana VI—booklets “History of Temple Sinai, New Orleans, 1870-1995” and “Temple Sinai Sisterhood History, New Orleans, 1900-1996” both by Yvonne Strug





Shreveport, Louisiana—personal notes and letters, list of Shreveport jewish confederate soldiers, extracts from “Fourscore and Eleven: A History of the Jews of Rapides Parish, 1828-1919,” by Rabbi Martin I. Hinchin, newspaper articles (photocopies), individual biographies, booklet “The Jewish Cemeteries of Shreveport, Louisiana,” by Eric J. Brock










Baltimore, Maryland—article “Baltimore Jews during the Civil War,” by Issac M. Fein; extracts from The Making of an American Jewish Community,” by Issac M. Fein










Mississippi Genral Information—personal letters, newspaper articles (photocopies), individual biographical notes, article “Herrmann Hirsch and the Siege of Jackson,” by Michael B. Dougan; extracts from Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898, by Dunbar Rowland





Natchez, Mississippi—personal letters, newspaper articles (photocopies), pictures (photocopies), genealogy chart, phamphlet from Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, extract from Aunt Sister’s Book, by Clara S. Moses





Vicksburg, Mississippi—autobiography of Philip Sartorious from Atlanta Jewish Federation Archives, extract from A Jewsih Tourist’s Guide, by Bernard Postal





North Carolina





North Carolina General Information—newspaper articles (photocopies), article “Zebulon B. Vance and the ‘Scattered Nation’”, by Selig Adler, extract from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide, by Bernard Postal





South Carolina





South Carolina General Information—personal notes and letters, genealogy notes for Winstock family of SC, misc. pages from The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, newspaper articles (photocopies), report on confederate jews in the midlands of SC, listing of SC materials at the American Jewish Historical Society





South Carolina General Information II—personal notes and letter, genealogy extracts for the Friedheim and Moses families of SC, membership form for Daughters of the Confederacy (photocopy), picture (photocopy), newspaper articles (photocopies), historical papers “The Jews of Georgetown,” by Charles W. Joyner and “Assimilated “New South” Daughter,” by Belinda F. Gergel, booklet for Tree of Life Congregation





South Carolina General Information III—extracts from books: A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S., by Bernard Postal; Men of Mark in South Carolina, by J.C. Hemphill; South Carolina Women in the Confederacy, by Mrs. Thomas Taylor; In Pursuit of the Tree of Life, by Belinda and Richard Gergal





South Carolina Gerneral Information IV—extracts from books: Great South Carolinians, Helen Henning; Rolls and Historical Sketch of the Tenth Regiment, SC Volunteers, C. I. Walker, “History of the Friedheim Building,” by Paul Gettys, extracts from The American Jewish Year Book





Charleston, South Carolina—cetificates, correspondence, genealogies and business dealings, 1764-1833 (photocopies) from the manuscrip collection on Thomas J. Tobias





Greenville, South Carolina—personal letters, extracts from “A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, SC,” by Jack . Bloom, extracts from South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, by A. S. Salley










Tennessee General Information—personal notes and letters, chapter from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide, by Bernard Postal, excerpt from article “Kronikals of the Times, Memphis, 1862,” by A. E, Frankland, article “A Confederate Trade Center under Federal Occupation: Memphis, 1862 to 1865,” by Joseph H. Parks, excerpt from the West Tennessee Historical Papers “Joseph A. Gronauer and the Civil War in Memphis, “ by Jack D. Holmes





Tennessee General Information II—correspondence (photocopies), newspaper articles (photocopies), typed ecerpts (photocopies), historical papers “From Pedlar to Regimental Commander in Two Years: The Civil War Career of Maj. Louis A Gratz,” by Jacob R. Marcus and “Jewish Soldiers and the Battles Around Chattanooga in the American Civil War: September thru November 1863.”





Nashville, Tennessee—excerpts from Beginnings on Market Street: Nashville and Her Jewry, 1861-1901, Fedora S. Frank, article “Nashville Jewry During the Civil War,” by Fedora S. Frank










Texas General Information—personal notes and letters, genealogy/family notes (photocopy), congregational information for San Antonio and Dallas, pamphlets for Texas Jewish Historical Society and Dallas Jewish Historical Society.





Texas General Information II—excerpts (2 packets) from Pioneer Jewish Texans, by Natalie Ornish, excerpts from Jewsih Heroes and Heroines of America, by Seymour Brody, thesis (photocopy) “100 Years of Jewry in San Antonio,” by Frances R. Kallison





Texas Gerneral Information III—personal notes and letters, article “Settlement of the Jews in Texas,” by Rev. Henry Cohen, bibliographical notes, excerpts from Hurrah for Texas, by Adolphus Sterne, excerpts from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S., Bernard Postal










Virginia General Information—personal letters, newspaper articles (photocopy), excerpt from “Men of the South,” by Southern Biographical Association, account book/diary (photocopy), congregational information, excerpts from A Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the U.S., by Bernard Postal, pamphlet “Jewish Experience in Virginia,” historical information on Ohef Sholom Temple, Norfolk, VA





Fredericksburg, Virginia—excerpts from A Portrait of Jewish Life: Fredricksburg, Virginia, 1860-1986, by Ruth Friedman





Petersburg, VirginiaHitory of the Jews of Petersburg: 1789-1950, Louis Ginsberg (photocopy)





Richmond, Virginia—correspondence (typed copy), list of Richmond Volunteers, articles “Rosena Hutzler Levy Recalls the Civil War,” by Saul Viener and “History of Chimborazo Hospital, C. S. A.,” from Southern Historical Society Papers





Richmond, Virginia II—excerpts from books In Richmond During the Confederacy, by Sallie A. Brock; Universal and Particular Obligations, by Claire M. Rosenbaum; Eventful Years and Experiences, by Bertram W. Korn; The History of the Jews of Richmond from 1769-1917, by Herbert T. Ezekiel





Richmond, Virgina III—personal notes and letters, newspaper excerpts (photocopy), correspondence and memoirs (photocopy), excerpts from family histories





Richmond, Virginia IV—excerpts from Memoirs of American Jews, 1775-1865, by Jacob R. Marcus; Richmond’s Jewry, 1769-1976, by Myron Berman





Richmond, Virginia V—pamphlet “The Hebrew Cemetery of Congregations Beth Shalome and Beth Ahabah”; Universal and Particular Obligations, by Claire M. Rosenbaum; excerpts from The Light Burns On, by Dr. Edward N. Calisch; booklet “A Family Tapestry: The Hutzlers and Richmond,” by Melvin I. Urofsky; copies of “Generations,” Journal of Congergation Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives Trust





Richmond, Virginia VI—personal notes and letters, newspaper articles, misc. maps of Richmond and cemeteris (photocopy)










Ashkenazi, Elliot—author Business of Jews in Louisiana, 1840-1875; personal notes, mention in TJC, pgs. 26, 41-42, 384n. 32





Baruch, Bernard Mannes—b. 1870, Camden, SC, son of Dr. Simon Baruch a confederate surgeon. Biographical notes; excerpts from Baruch: My Own Story, by Bernard M. Baruch, Bernard M. Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend, by James Grant, Bernard Baruch, Park Bench Statesmen, by Carter Field. Mention in TJC, pgs. 135, 341, 371, 378, 379n. 4, 441n. 33





Baruch, Simon—b. 1840, Germany, emigrated to US, graduate Medical College of Virginia (1862), confederate surgeon in charge of the 7th SC Battalion. Biographical notes, confederate inspection notes (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), newspaper articles, “Experiences as a Confederate Surgeon,” by Dr. Simon Baruch. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 484





Baum, Marcus—b. Prussia, emigrated to Camden, SC, brother of Mannes Baum, special aid to Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw. “The Herioc Death of Marcus Baum,” by Dr. Simon Baruch. Mention in TJC, pgs. 14, 134, 172, 194, 445-46n. 52





Belitzer, Theodore—Private, Co. B, 17th Battalion SC Cavalry, later of Co. G, 3rd SC Cavalry. Personal notes, biographical notes, battalion records (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 196.





Benjamin, Israel Joseph—b.1818-d.1864, jewish author and journalist.  Personal notes, genealogy chart, excertps from Three Years in America: 1859-1862, by I. J. Benjamin. Mention in TJC, pgs. 17, 31-32





Benjamin, Judah P.—b. 1811, moved to New Orleans 1828, appointed Attorney General of Confederacy, Feb. 1861, War Department, Sept. 1861. Personal notes and letters, correspondence (typed and photocopy), newspaper articles, biographical notes and pictures (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 495





Benjamin, Judah P., Folder II—“Judah P. Benjamin,” from Southern Historical Society Papers; “Judah P. Benjamin as a Jew,” by Bertram W. Korn; “Judah P. Benjamin: Statesman and Jurist,” Max J. Kohler; “Judah P. Benjamin or Jewish Prophecy Fulfilled,” by Joseph M. Pilcher; “Judah Philip Benjamin,” by Louis Gruss; “The Three Lives of Judah P. Benjamin,” by Charles Curran; excerpts from “Turn to the South”: Essays on Southern Jewry, Nathan M. Kaganoff, and Jews in the South, by Leonard Dinnerstein. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 495





Brown, Samuel—personal letter, confederate money (photocopy), confederate discharge papers (photocopy), confederate identification card (photocopy)





Brown, Simon—correspondence (typed), confederate company muster roll (photocopy), genealogy notes, pictures (photocopy), newspaper article (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 202





Cardozo, Jacob Newton—b. 1786-d.1873, southern journalist. Personal notes, excerpts from The Economic Mind in American Civilization, by Joseph Dorfman





Cohen Family Genealogy





Cohen, Eleanor (Seixas, married name)—excertps from Private Pages: Diaries of American Women, 1830s-1970s, by Penelope Franklin





Cohen, Gratz—b.1844, Savannah, GA, son of Solomon Cohen; entered Confederate service in 1861, Private Savannah Artillery, 1844 as volunteer Aide to Colonel P. G. Harrison, Jr., d. 1865, battle of Bentonville, NC. Personal notes, excerpt from The University Memorial: Biographical Sketches, by Rev. John L. Johnson. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 488





Cohen, Jacob—b. 1836, Charleston, SC; served on C.S.S. Tennessee. Persaonal notes, excerpt from Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy, compiled by US Naval War Records Office, POW roll cards (photocopy)





Cohen, Jacob A.—Captain, Co. A, 10th Louisiana Regiment. KIA, Battle of Manassas, 1862. Confederate account payments, roll muster cards (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 35-37, 93





Cohen, Marx Edward, Jr.—b. 1839, Charleston, SC; dentist, enlisted 1862, Co. D, SC Rangers, KIA, Bentonville, NC, 1865.  Personal letter, diary (typed and photocopy), confederate soldiers lists, article on dueling (mentioned in article). Mention in TJC, pgs. 314, 336





Cohen, Octavus S.—of Savannah, GA; son Octavus Cohen, merchant and cotton exporter. 1861 confederate service as volunteer Savannah Artillery; 1863 appointed 2nd Lt., Co. G, 32nd Reg., GA; 1864 brigade ordnance officer, 32nd, GA. Correspondence (photocopy), ordnance invoices (photocopy), armmanent reports (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 489





Cohen, Octavus S., Folder II—Correspondence (photocopy), ordnance invocies (photocopy), armmanent reports (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 489





Cohen, Solomon—of New Orlenas, LA; Private, Co. B, 28th LA. Infantry Volunteers; 1863, wounded seige of Vicksburg. Personal notes and letters, Co. muster rolls (photocopy), POW release form (photocopy), census record (photocopy), Cohen family notes, membership form to Sons of Confederate Veterans (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 214, 252-53, 358, 429-30n. 87





Danziger, Isidore—b. 1842, Paris, Fance; family to New Orleans, 1848. 1862, Private Co. B, LA Infantry Volunteers. Personal letters, Co. muster rolls (photocopy), POW release form (photocopy), biographical notes, Co. listings (photocopy) Mention in TJC, pgs. 164





DeLeon, David Camden, Dr.—b. 1813, Camden, SC; first Surgeon General of the Confederacy, later Medical Director for Gen. Lee’s army. Personal letter, biographical information; articles “David Camden DeLeon, M.D.: Patriot or Traitor?,” by Leonard G. Dauber, MD; “Samuel Preston Moore: Confederate Surgeon General,” by Warner D. Farr; excerpt from Jewish Notables in America, 1776-1865, by Harry Simonhoff. Mention in TJC, index pg. 491





DeLeon, David Camden, Dr., Folder II—Picture (photocopy), newspaper obituary (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), medical reports (photocopy), account records (photocpoy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 491





DeLeon, Edwin—b. 1818, Charleston, SC; lawyer and journalist, Confederate Commissioner (diplomat) to France. Personal notes and lettters, misc. biographical information, excertps from Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Mention in TJC, index pg. 491





DeLeon, Edwin—Folder II, article “Edwin DeLeon, Jefferson Davis’ Propagandist,” by Charles P. Cullop; excerpts from King Cotton Diplomacy, by Frank L. Owsley, Three Letters from a South Carolinina, Edwin DeLeon, Diplomatic History of the Southern Confederacy, by James M. Callahan, Confederate Propaganda in Europe, 1861-1865, Charles P. Cullop. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 491





DeLeon, Perry—b. South Carolina; Confederate Navy; served on C.S.S. Harriet Lane, 1862-1863; C.S.S. Savannah, 1863; C.S.S. Stono, 1863; C.S.S. Albemarle.  Family information, excerpts from Confederate Veteran magazine, service records, excerpts from Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Mention in TJC, pgs. 139, 364





DeLeon, Perry Folder II—historical paper “Sketch of the DeLeon Family,” by Perry M. DeLeon; thesis “Edwin DeLeon,” by Helen Kohn Hennig (chapter 1); excerpt from Historic Camden, Thomas J. Kirkland; family history.  Mention in TJC, pgs. 139, 364





DeLeon, Thomas Cooper—b. 1839, Columbia, SC; brother of David Camden DeLeon, surgeon-gerneral of Confederacy; served in confederate army, 1861-65. Personal notes and letters, biographical information, excerpts from “Confederate Veteran,” and Four Years in Rebel Capitals, by T. C. DeLeon. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 491





Eshileman, Benjamin Franklin—b. 1830, Strasburg, PA; moved to New Orleans, LA, 1850; Captain, 4th Co., Washington Artillery, LA; rose to Lt. Colonel by end of war commanding 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.  Personal notes, biographical and genealogical notes; Historical Military Data fo Louisiana Militia, Washington Artillery; correspondence (photocopy); service and pay records (oversized & photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 115, 407-8n. 83





Ezekiel, Moses Jacob—b.1844, Richmond, VA; first Jewish cadet at Virginia Military Institute, 1862; participated in the cadets defense of Newmarket, VA, 1864. Personal notes, newspapers, biographical notes, pictures (photocopy), copies (4) “Generations” magazine, article “Moses Jacob Ezekiel: The Formative Years,” by Zebulon V. Hooker, II; Autobiography of Moses Ezekiel, by Moses Ezekiel.  Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 492





Felsenthal Family—excertps from The Felsenthal Family, by Cecilia F. Felsenthal, picture, service records for Joseph and Moses Felsenthal, misc. family notes. Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 492





Fischel, Leon—Pvt., Tensas Cavalry Co., Louisiana, 1861. Personal notes; service record-Co. muster roll (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 90, 162, 166-167.





Freunthal, Max—Pvt., 16th Mississippi Infantry. Newspaper (photocopy); article “A Brave Frontiersman,” by Rev. Henry Cohen.  Mention in TJC, pgs. 172, 173, 192, 193





Gerst, Emanuel—Halifax county, VA., 6th Virginia Cavalry. Family correspondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 14, 166





Gintzberger, Henry—Pvt., Salem Flying Artillery, 1st Co. A, 9th Virginia. Personal letter, biographical information. Mention in TJC, pgs. 9, 172, 197, 424n. 108





Gratz, Rebecca—b. 1781-d.1869; Philanthropist, founder of Hebrew Sunday School Society (1838). Biographical and family notes. Mention in TJC, pgs. 154, 417n. 257





Guggenheimer, Max—b. 1842 (Bavaria), came to Lynchburg, VA (1859), entered confederate service Co. G, 11th Reg., VA (1861). Excerpts from Confederate Military History, by Clement A. Evans. Mention in TJC, pgs. 14, 172





Gutheim, James Koppel, Rabbi—b. 1817 (Germany), came to Cincinnati, OH (1846), to New Orleans, LA (1849), Confederate support and one of few Rabbi’s who preached in English at time.  Personal note, biographical notes, address of Rabbi Gutheim in Southern Historical Society Papers (photocopy), three original sermons (Oversized and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 9, 244, 249-50, 249, 254-57, 363-64, 363





Hass, Jacob—b. 1844 - d. 1909, Atlanta, GA. Merchant. Personal notes and letters; biographical and genealogical information; excerpts Atlanta and Environs, by Franklin M. Garrett. Mention in TJC, pgs. 18





Hart, Alexander “Alex”—b. 1839, New Orlenas, LA, entered Confederate service 1861, Captain New Orleans cadets, 5th LA, Reg. Volunteers; 1863 commissioned Major by James Seddon, Sec. of War for Confederacy. Draft notes, biographical information, battle/campaign research, excerpts Lee’s Tigers, by Terry L. Jones, diary (photocopy and typed text). Mention TJC, 101-4, 102, 362, 362





Hart, Alexander “Alex” Folder II—Commision certificate, correspondence, special requisition forms, service records (all pieces photocopy and Oversize). Mention TJC, 101-4, 102, 362, 362





Hart, Kitty Carlisle—article “The Art of Mrs. Hart,” by Marie Brenner; Kitty: An Autobiography, by Kitty Carlisle Hart. Mention in TJC, pgs. 383-4n. 29





Hart, Van E.—Personal notes and letters, Hart family genealogical information (photocopy), correspondence and property records (photocopy), excertps from article “The Alabama Indians of Texas,” Jewish Life in Wilkinson County: 1820-1920, by Marsha R. Oates.





Hausman, William H.—Personal letters, photographs, newspaper clippings (photocopy), death certificate (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), “David Greenfield and the Albany, Georgia He Knew,” Dr. Abram V. Goodman





Heyman, Herman—West Point, GA. Newspaper (photocopy), account book and diary (photocopy), correspondence (oversized and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 18





Hermann, Issac “Ike”—b. France, to US 1859, Confederate service in Capt. Howell’s Company. GA Light Artillery. Personal notes, service and campaign notes (typed and photocopy), service records and company muster roll cards (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 495





Hirsch, Herrmann—b. 1841, Bavaria, to US 1857.  Confederate service with Capt. William O. Girardeau’s Jefferson Riffles, 3rd FL Infantry. Article “Herrmann Hirsch and the Siege of Jackson, Miss.,” by Michael B. Douglas. Mention in TJC, pgs. 164, 169





Holt, Joseph—b. 1807, Kentucky, biographical information, Worldcat search results.





Hyams Family Misc. Papers—Personal notes, correspondence (photocopy), genealogical notes, confederate state service records.





Hyams, Eleazar Levy—Confederate service with Co. E, 28th Miss. Cavalry. Service record and Muster Roll Cards (photocopy).





Hyams, Henry Michael—b. 1806, Charleston, SC; to Louisiana 1828, lawyer, state senator, elected Lt. Governor Louisiana 1859, served until end of Civil War. Personal notes, biographical information, excerpts from family bibles, letters (typed and photocopy), obituary from New Orleans Bullet (typed and photocopy), misc. pages including H. M. Hyams name.  Mention in TJC, see index pg. 496





Hyams, Henry Michael, Folder II—P.O.W. roll card (photocopy), correspondence, newspapes (photocopy), state of Louisiana Convention notes, Majority Report (photocopy and H. M. Hyams as one of the authors). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 496





Hyams, Isaac Smith—Confederate service 1861, 2nd Lt., Co. A, 1st Regiment Louisiana Infantry, son of Henry M. Hyams, Lt. Governor Louisiana. Biographical information, Confederate Company name rolls, correspondence, Co. muster roll cards, account receipts (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, 143-146





Hyams, John Baptiste Prudhomme—Confederate service Pelican Rangers, 3rd Regiment Louisiana Infantry. Biographical and service information, service record and Co. muster roll cards (photocopy). Mention in TJC, 165.





Hyams, Koscitusko Ravenkamp—Confederate service Co. C, 2nd Louisiana Infantry (known as Pelican Grays), son of Lt. Governor H. M. Hyams. Biographical and service information, Report of Maj. J. L. Brent (photocopy). Mention in TJC, 143, 334





Hyams, Samuel Myers, Sr.—b. 1813, Charleston, SC; to Louisiana 1830; Confederate service began as Captain, Co. G, 3rd Regiment Louisiana State Militia, then Lt. Colonel 3rd Louisiana Infantry, May 1861.  Biographical information, Louisiana Infantry records, Confederate correspondence (typed and photocopy), service record (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 41, 89, 90, 146-47, 155, 165





Hyams, Samuel Myers, Jr.—Began Confederate service Jr. 2nd Lt., Pelican Rangers No. 2 (Co. D), 3rd Louisiana Infantry Regiment,  May1861. Biographical information, Louisiana Infantry records, service record and Co. muster roll cards (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 147-48





* * * * *





Jacobs, Rev. Geroge—b. Jamaica 1834, to US 1854, minister congergation Beth Shalom 1857. Biography of Rev. Jacobs, by Emillie V. Jacobs (2 copies and photocopy), list of Confederate soldiers burried by Rev, Jacobs (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 497





Jacobs, Rev. George  Folder II—Newspaper clippings (oversize and photocopy), congregational report (photocopy), correspondence and prayer entries (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg 497





Jacobs, Louis—b. 1842, d. 1913. Personal notes and letters; oral history (typed transcript), eulogy from Jacobs funeral (typed), newspaper (photocopy), genealogical notes, excerpts from Confederate Military History, by Clement A. Evans.





Joans Family Misc. Research Papers—Personal notes and letters, newspapers (photocopy), letters from Rabbi Bertram W. Korn from previous research (photocopy).





Jonas Family Misc. Research Papers, Folder II—Personal notes and letters, genealogical information, Memorandum 1903 (photocopy), misc. Confederate military rooster listings (photocopy).





Jonas Family Misc. Research Papers, Folder III---Personal notes and letters, newspaper (photocopy), misc. pages dealing with legal proceedings invloving the Jonas family (photocopy)





Jonas, Abraham—b. 1812(?) England, to US 1818; Postmaster in Quincy, IL; was a Free Mason and friend and early supporter of Abraham Lincoln. Biographical information, newspaper (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), article “Lincoln and the Jews,” by Isaac Merkens (excerpts), The Lincoln Papers, by David C. Mearns, ed. (excerpts). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148-52, 345, 414-15nn. 237-38.





Jonas, Abraham  Folder II—Correspondence of Rabbi Bretram W. Korn for research on Abraham Jonas (photocopy), transcription of county and town meetings Adams county and Quincy, Illinois (typed and photocopy).





Jonas, Benjamin Franklin—b. Kentucky,1834, d. 1911; began Confederate serivce Private of Artillery 1862, served in the Louisiana state legisature through Reconstruction. Personal notes, biographical and genealogical information, newspapers (photocopy), correspondence and  service records (oversize and photocopy),  article “American Jewry and the Civil War,” by Dr. Bertram W. Korn (excerpts), American Jewry and the Civil War, Bertram W. Korn (excerpts). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 499





Jonas, Benjamin Franklin  Folder II—Three speeches given by B. F. Jonas from 1879-1886  (typed and photocopy)





Jonas, Charles Henry—Confederate service as Captain, 12th Reg. Arkansas Infantry. Military service notes, correspondence (photocopy), service records (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148, 149-51, 150





Jonas, Edward—Military service as 2nd Lt., 1863, Captain, 1865, Major, 1867. Service records (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148, 149, 152, 153.





Jonas, George—Son of Abraham Jonas, Confederate service: Private, Co. B, Confederate Guards Reg., Louisiana Militia. Confederate service record (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148, 151, 153, 254, 365-65





Jonas, George B.—Brother of Abraham Jonas, Confederate service: Private, Co. K, Confederate Guards Reg., Louisiana Militia. Confederate service record and company muster roll card (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 153





Jonas, Joseph—b. England 1782(?), to U.S. 1816, brother of Abraham Jonas, member House of Representatives for Ohio (Democratic Party and pro-slavery). Biographical information, obituary (typed and photocopy), newsletter from Hebrew Union College (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 414-15nn. 237-38





Jonas, Julian J.—Confederate service as Private, Capt. Greenleaf’s Co. (Orleans Light Horse), Louisiana Calvery; later Quarter Master Sergeant. Service records and muster roll cards (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148, 151-152.





Jonas, Sidney Alroy—Son of Abraham Jonas, Confederate service Major, commissary chief, Army of Tennessee. Personal notes, biographical information, letters from research done by Dr. B. W. Korn (photocopy), newspapers (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148-49, 151-153, 416n. 249





Jonas, Sidney Alroy  Folder II—Journal Shekel, by American Isreal Numismatic Assoc., excertps from  Confederate Staff Officers, 1861-1865, by Joseph H. Crute, service record and receipts (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 148-49, 151-153, 416n. 249





Kempner, Herschell (Harris)—b. 1837, to the US 1854, Confederate service in W. H. Parson’s 12th Texas Cavalry Regiment. Excerpts from The Kempners, 1845-1980’s, by Harold M. Hyman. Mention in TJC, pgs. 14, 30-31, 358-59, 358





Kohn, Theodore—b. 1840 Germany, to US with family 1849, Confederate service as Corporal Edisto Rifles. Excerpts from August Korn, Versatile South Carolinian, by Helen K. Henning.  Mention in TJC, pgs. 51-52, 51, 373





Kursheedt, Edwin I.—b. 1838 Jamaica, Confederate Service Private, Washington Artillery Company, New Orleans, Louisiana, later Corporal. Personal Notes and letters, biographical information, skirmish reports (photocopy), excerpts In Camp and Battle with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, by William M. Owen, correspondence (photocopy), service records and muster roll cards (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 500





Lehman, Mayer—b. 1830 Bavaria, to U.S. 1848, Confederate supporter and merchant through the Civil War. Booklet “Jewish Commercial Interests Between North and South: The Case of the Lehman and the Seligmans,” by Elliot Ashkenazi, excerpts from Herbert H. Lehman and His Era, by Allen Nevins, historical sketch “A Centennial, Lehman Brothers, 1850-1950,” author unknown, excerpt from American Jewsih Historical Society, misc. index pages. Mention in TJC, pgs. 22, 23, 256, 341, 360





Leon, Lewis—b. 1842 England, first Confederate service with Co. C, 1st North Carolina Volunteer Infantry (6 months), then with Co. B, 53rd North Carolina Infantry. Biographical notes, misc. campagin and regimental notes (photocopy), company muster roll cards and service record (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 501





Leon, Morris—Confederate service in Co. I, 44th Georgia Infantry. Biographical notes, misc. campagin notes, company muster roll cards and service record (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 166, 175, 176, 180-82, 210





Leovy, Henry J.—b. 1826, Confederate service on the staff of Major General J. Patton Anderson, later given rank of Colonel and position as Judge of the Military court of southwestern Virginia. Personal notes, biographical notes, confederate correspondence with mention of Leovy, article “Red String Scare: Civil War Southwest Virginia and the Heroes of America,” by Kenneth W. Noe, obituary (photocopy), corresondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, 81, 137-38, 143, 322, 323





Levy Family Papers—Program “The Levy Family and Monticello”, genealogical notes.





Levy, Eugene H.—b. 1840, Confederate service in Dreux’s Battalion, serving to the end of the Civil War. Personal notes, letters pertaining to previous research, muster roll cards (photocopy), marriage certificate (photocopy), certificate of military leave (photocopy), journal of E. H. Levy (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 501





Levy, Ezekiel J.—Began Confederate service as 4th Sergeant, Richmond Light Infantry Blues, later known as Co. E, 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers, reached rank of Captain by end of War.  Biographical information, biographical information on Isaac Joseph Levy (brother), excerpts from A Famous Command: The Richmond Light Infantry Blues, by John A. Cutchins. Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 501





Levy, Jonas Phillips—b. 1807, Confederate supporter and sea captain. Article “The Strange Role of a Jewish Sea Captain in the Confederate South,” by Samuel Rezneck.





Levy, Lazarus—b. 1837 Germany, to US 1852, soldier in Civil War and wounded and Battle of Shiloh. Personal notes and letters, biographical information, newspaper (photocopy), correspondence and business accounts (oversize and photocopy).





Levy, Lionel L.—Confederate service Prtivate, Co. 5, Battalion, Washington Artillery, Louisiana, later listed at the rank of Captain. Personal notes, company troop listings, service record, receipts, and correspondence (oversize and photocopy).





Levy, Michael—Began Confederate service as Private, Captain Samuel G. Smith’s Co. (Dixie Grays), 6th Regiment Arkansas Infantry, by War’s end was Captain. Biographical information, service record, correspondence, inventories (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 93, 403n. 17





Levy, Samuel Yates—Began Confederate service Captain in City Light Guard, Savannah, GA, later part of Co. D,  1st Regiment Georgia Infantry, spending most of service in JAG coprs. Personal letter and biographical notes, poem written by S. Y. Levy, service records, vouchers, correspondence (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 502





Levy, Uriah Phillips—b. 1792 Philadelphia, first Jewish American to serve entire career as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy.  Booklet An American, A Sailor, and a Jew: The Life and Career of Commodore Uriah P. Levy. Mention in TJC, pgs. 35





Levy, William Mallory—b. 1827 Virginia, began Confederate service Captain, LeCompte Guards, 2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment, reached rank of Major by end of War, one of the highest ranking Jewish Confederate Officers. Personal notes, biographical information, correspondence (photocopy), service record, receipts, and requisition forms (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 92, 104-6, 359, 406n. 58, 429n. 82





Lincoln, Abraham—President of the United States during the Civil War.  Article “The Conspiracy to Implicate the Confederate Leaders in Lincoln’s Assassination,” by Seymour J. Frank (photocopy), article “Lincoln and the Jews,” by Issac Markens (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 502





Luria, Albert Moses—Confederate service Lt., 23rd North Carolina Infantry.  Biographical information, article “Albert Moses Luria: Gallant Young Confederate,” by American Jewish Archives, service record and inventory (oversize and Photocopy).  Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 503





Lyons Family—Lyon family genealogy.





Lyons, Rachel “LaLa”—b. 1838. Personal letter, excertps from The Ancestry of Nathalie Fontaine Lyons, by Jo White Linn, editor, correspondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 220, 221, 237-8, 279, 387n. 67





Marks, Leon Dawson—Began Confederate service 2nd Lt., Shreveport Grays, Louisiana Miltia, 1861; reached rank of Colonel before being killed in action, 1863.  Personal letters, biographical information, Marks family genealogy, campaign information, newspaper (photocopy), service records, inventories, account receipts (oversize and photocopy).  Mention in TJC, pgs. 41, 89, 100-101, 101, 158, 196, 361, 362.





Myer, Abraham—b. 1842 Germany, Confederate service Private, 4th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry. Biographical information.





Mayer, Simon—Began Confederate service with Natchez Light Infantry, later with Co. O, 10th Mississippi Regiment, reached rank of Lt. by end of War.  Personal notes and letters, biographical inforamtion, campaign information, individual biographical information, Circa newsletter, correspondence (photocopy), service record and correspondence (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 503-4





Menken, Adah Isaacs—Personal letter, artciles “Adah Isaacs Menken,” by Leo Shpall, “Adah Isaacs Menken: Daughter of Isreal,” Allen F. Lesser, A.M., “ ‘The World’s Delight’: The Story of Adah Isaacs Menken,” John S. Kendall, excerpts from The Naked Lady: A Biography of Adah Isaacs Menken, by Bernard Falk; Weave a Wreath of Laurel, Allen Lesser; Mazeppa: The Lives, Loves and Legends of Adah Issacs Menkens, by Wolf Mankowitz. Mention in TJC, pgs. 222.





Merz, Louis—b. 1833 Bavaria, to U.S. 1845, Confederate service as Private, West Point Guards, GA.  Personal letters, newspaper (photocopy, article for the LaGrange Reporter, by Louis Merz, Diary of Louis Merz (transcribed and photocopy), correspondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 18, 164, 165, 195-96, 195, 209





Meyer, Adolph—b. 1842, Confederate service on staff of Brig. Gen. John S. William and attained rank of adjutant general by War’s end. Personal notes, biographical information.





Michelbacher, Rabbi Maximilliam—of Richmond, VA. Wrote defense of Southern Jews in the Confederate Army. Biographical information, newsletter Generations. Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 504





* * * * *





Moise, Edwin Warren—b. 1832, Confederate Service Captain, Co. A, 7th Confederate Cavalry. Troop and Campaign research, service records, correspondence, request forms, and receipts (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 505.





Moise, Penina—b. 1797 Charleston, first American Jewish women to achieve prominence in the field of American Literature. Copy of poem writen by P. Moise, newspaper, excerpts from Jews of the South, by Samuel Proctor, eds.  Mention in TJC, 35, 224-25, 225





Mordecai Family Papers—Personal notes and letters, genealogical information.





Mordecai Family Papers  Folder II—Correspondence between members of the Mordecai family (photocopy).





Mordecai, Alfred—b. 1804 North Carolina, Major U.S. Army, resignation at beginning of Civil War, choose not to fight on either side. Biographical information, articles “Divided Loyalties in 1861: The Decision of Major Alfred Mordecai,” by Stanley L. Falk; “The Life of Alfred Mordecai: As Related by Himself,” and “Life of Alfred Mordecai in Mexico, 1865-1866: As Told in His Letters to His Family,” by James A. Padgett ed.  Mention in TJC, pgs, 43





Mordecai, George Washington—Confederate service Private 2nd Co., Howitzer Battalion, Virginia Volunteers. Refuge, diary of G.W. Mordecai (typed and photocopy).





Mordecai, Moses Cohen—b. 1804 Chalreston, SC, ship-owner and merchant. Personal notes and letters, biographoical information, property notes, excerpts from Eventful Years and Experiences, by B. W. Korn.  Mention in TJC, see index pg 505





Moses Family—Genealogical papers, A Mother’s Poems: A Collection of Verses, by Octavia H. Moses; The Moses Family, by Herbert A. Yates





Moses, Franklin J., Jr.—b. 1838, Sumter, SC, Confederate service Lt. Co. F, 1st Regiment of S.C. Regulars. Personal notes and biographical information, newspaper (photocopy), historical paper “Franklin J. Moses: Proto-New Dealer and Reconstruction Governor,” by Christopher Dell, article “Franklin J. Moses, Jr., Scalawag Governor of South Carolina, 1872-74,” by R. H. Woody, excerpts from South Carolina During Reconstruction, by Frances B. Simkins and Robert H. Woody, service records (oversize and photocopy) Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 506





Moses, Franklin J., Sr.—b. 1804, Charleston, SC, first Jew to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in any American State or foreign country. Personal notes, newspaper (photocopy), excerpts from Saga of American Jewry, by Harry Simonhoff, excerpts from South Carolina During Reconstruction, by F. B. Simkins and R. H. Woody. Mention in TJC, see index pgs 506





Moses, Isaac Harby—Personal letter, biographical information. Mention in TJC, pgs. 159, 194





Moses, Raphael J.—b. 1812 Charleston, SC, Confederate service Major, chief of commissary Georgia. Personal notes and letters, biographical information, newspaper, notes from “Three Months in the Southern States: April-June, 1863,” by Lt. Col. Fremantle (handwritten), excerpts from Saga of American Jewry, Henry Simonhoff, correspondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 506





Moses, Raphael J.  Folder II—Autobiography of Raphael J. Moses (typed and photocopy).





Moses, Raphael J., Jr.—b. 1844 Apalachicola, FL, son of Major Raphael J. Moses, Confederate service Lt. Confederate Navy. Obituary page (typed and photocopy), newspaper (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 506





Moses, Zalegman Philips—Personal letters, genealogical information. Mention in TJC, pgs. 163





Myers, Abraham Charles—b. 1811 Georgetown, SC, Confederate service as Quartermaster General. Personal notes and letters, biographical information, newpapers, service records (secondary source), Quartermaster: A Brief Account of the Life of Colonel Abraham Charles Myers, by Walter E. Burke. Mention in TJC, see index pg 506





Myers, Fredrick—b. 1833 Savannah, GA, Confederate service with Chathem Artillery, GA,  later with Maxwell’s Battery in Johnston’s Army, NC. Newspaper clippings (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy). Meniton in TJC, pgs. 168





Myers, Gustavus A.—British Consul in Richomond during Civil War.  Personal notes, excerpts fropm Gustavus A. Myers papers (typed and photocopy), biographical information. Mention in TJC, pgs. 59, 273, 317-18, 319, 338





Neugas, Max—Confederate service with McIntosh’s Company (Pee Dee Rifles), 1st Regiment SC Volunteers, later known as Company D. Personal letter, biographical infromation, campaign information, newspapers (photocopy), correspondence (typed and photocopy), service record and muster roll cards (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs 207-8.





Ochs, Adolph—Personal notes, biographical information. Mention in TJC, pgs, 264-65, 365





Oppenheimer, Benedict “Ben”—Personal notes, genealogical information, oral history (typed), newspaper (photocopy), article “Jews in the Confederacy,” by Mrs. Townes Randolph Leigh, soldier’s application for pension (typed and photocopy). Mention in TJC, 173-74, 421n., 40-41





Pember, Phoebe Yates—b. 1823 Gerogia, Confederte nurse. Personal notes and letters, newspaper. Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 508





Philips-Myers Family Papers—Military records (photocopy), newspaper (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy). **Originals in Southern Historical Collection, UNC Library, Chapel Hill, NC**





Philips-Myers Family Papers Folder II—genealogical material (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), family diary (typed and photocopy). **Originals in Southern Historical Collection, UNC Library, Chapel Hill, NC**





Philips Family Papers—Personal notes, Descendancy Charts, genealogical data, excerpts from Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston, Ray B. Harris





Phillips, Eugenia Levy—b. 1824 Charleston, SC; spy for Confederate forces during the Civil War. Personal notes, biographical information, excerpt from Jews of the South, by Samuel Procter, will of Moses C. Levy (typed and photocopy), diary and correspondence (photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pg. 509





Phillips, Philip—b. 1807 Charleston, SC; lawyer and first Jew elected to the U.S. congress.  Personal notes, biographical information, historical paper “The Relation of Philip Phillips to the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise in 1854,” article “Philips Phillips and Internal Improvements in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Alabama,” by David T. Morgan, Diary of Philip Phillips (typed and photocopy) **Southern Historical Collection, UNC Library, Chapel Hill, NC**  Mention in TJC, see index pg. 509





Pollack, Clarence J.—b. Columbia, SC; service record/muster roll cards (photocopy), receipts for payments (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 194





Poznanski, Gustavus—American Jewish Reform Minister, Confederate service with Co. D., 1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry. Personal letters, newspaper (photocopy), excerpt Where They Lie, by Mel Young, genealogical chart, pamphlet on Mr. Poznanski, service record and muster roll card (photocopy).





Proskauer, Adolph—b. Prussia, Confederate service with Co. C., 12th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, rising to the rank of Major by the end of the War. Personal notes and letters, biographical notes, campaign information, newspaper (photocopy),  typed account of the Gettysburg battle. Mention in TJC, see index pg 510





Proskauer, Adolph  Folder II—pictures (photocopy), excerpts from Sketch of the Twelfth Alabama Infantry, by Robert E. Parks, correspondence (photocopy and oversize), service record and muster roll cards (photocopy and oversize), receipts and vouchers (photocopy and oversize). Mention in TJC, see index pg 510





Rosenbalm Family—Personal letters, excerpts from 37th Virginia Infantry Regemental History, by Thomas M. Rankin, muster roll card (photocopy), correspondence (typed and photocopy).





Rosenblatt, Bernard—b. 1845 Warsaw, Poland; joined Confederate Service upon declaration of war, but left to join Union Army upon learning of Confederate fight to uphold slavery.  Biographical information.





Rosenthal Family—Genealogical information, affidavit from Jonas Rosenthal.





Scherck, Issac—Entered Confederate service as Private in a Mississippi Regiment rising to rank of Major by war’s end. Personal notes, correspondence (re-written and photocopy), diary/ledger (some typed and photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs 38, 307





Seixas, James Madison—b. Charleston, SC; moved to New Orleans 1854, Confederate Service as Private, 5th Co. Washington Artillery, rising to rank of Lt.  Personal notes and letters, biographical information, genealogical information. Mention in TJC, pgs 89, 91





Shelby, Joseph Orville—b. 1837; Confederate service Captain later Brigadier-General. Biographical information. Mention in TJC, pg. 154





Sternberger, Moses—Confederate service Private, Co. K, 14th Regiment Virginia Infantry. Personal letter, 14th Virginia Infantry information, newspaper (photocopy), genealogical information, muster roll cards (photocopy).





Straus, Isidor—b. 1845 Bavaria; worked in various capacities for the Confederate forces in Europe to purchase supplies throughout the war. Personal notes, biographical inforamtion, excerpts from Under Four Administrations, by Oscar S. Straus, Memoirs of American Jews, by Jacob R. Marcus, History of Macy’s of New York, by Ralph M. Macuer.  Mention in TJC, pgs. 33, 270, 371





Timrod, Henry—b. 1828 South Carolina; Confederate service Co. B, 30th SC Regiment, but health issues kept him from constant service, well regarded poet.  Article “Henry Timrod: Poet of the Confederacy,” by William Fidler, “Notes and Documents: Seven Unpublished Letters of Henry Timrod,” by William Fidler; excerpts from A Literary Map of SC, by Beverly Spears, Great South Carolinians.  Mention in TJC, pgs. 221, 237-38, 279.





Touro, Judah—b. Newport, RI, 1775, settled in New Orleans 1801, businessman and philanthtopist. Biographical information, six journal articles about the life and work of Judah Touro





Triest, Maier—b. Bavaria then to Charleston, SC; Confederate service Sgt. Major in 24th, South Carolina, later Captain.  Personal letters, newspaper (photocopy), descendants charts and genealogical information, photograph, excerpt from The Confederate Privateers, by Wm. M. Robinson, Jr., certificate of citizenship (photocopy). Mention in TJC, pgs. 25, 89-90, 125-26, 125





Triest, Maier  Folder II—Personal letters and notes, biographical information, regiment information, muster roll cards and service records, receipts, and correspondence (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, 25, 89-90, 125-26, 125





Weinberg Family—Personal notes, family history (typed), excerpts from The Story of the South Carolina Lowcountry, by Herbert R. Sass, photographs, certificate of the United Daughters of the Confederacy-Clarendon Chapter (photocopy), marriage contract (photocopy).





Wetherhorn, Levy—b. 1842 Charleston, SC; Confederate service as member of the German Artillery. Biographical information.





Whitlock, Philip—Excerpts from the diary of Philip Whitlock (oversize and photocopy). Mention in TJC, see index pgs. 516-17





Wise, Rabbi Issac Mayer—Editor of Jewish periodical at the onset of the Civil War (only 9 Jewish periodicals in U.S. at the time). Excertps from Eventful Years and Experiences, by B. W. Korn.  Mention in TJC, 208, 277





Wolf, Simon—b. 1836. Excerpts from Selected Addresses and Papers of Simon Wolf, by Simon Wolf. Meniton in TJC, see index pg. 517





* * * * *





Yulee, David Levy—b. 1810 St. Thomas, West Indies. Educated in Virginia, admitted to bar in 1836, served as a state senator in Florida 1838-1860, supported the confederacy and was imprisoned for a short time following the war; was a strong supporter of the railroads in Florida, with an intrest in several. He died 1886 in New York. Personal notes and letters, biographical inforamtion, David L. Yulee Papers index, correspondence (photocopy). Meniton in TJC, see index pg 517





Yulee, David Levy  Folder II—Personal notes, decisions from law cases involving Yulee throughout his carrer.





Yulee, David Levy  Folder III—Escerpts from Records and Correspondence of the Union and Confederate Armies During the Civil War (photocopy).





Yulee, David Levy  Folder IV—Seven articles; “Senator David L. Yulee,” by C. Wicliffe Yulee; “The Secession Movement in Florida, 1850-1861,” by Dorothy Dodd; “Seantor Yulee,” by Wicliffe Yulee; “The Florida Railroad Company in the Civil War,” by Robert L. Clarke; “David L. Yulee, Florida’s First Senator,” by Leon Huhner; “Moses Elias Levy,” Leon Huhner; “Moses Elias Levy Yulee,” by George R. Fairbanks; “The Confederate Baggage and Treasure Train Ends Its Flight in Florida,” by A.J. Hanna





Yulee, David Levy  Folder V—Masters Thesis “David Levy Yulee, Statesman and Railroad Builder,” by Mills M Lord, Jr.;





Yulee, David Levy  FolderVI—PhD Dissertation “Joseph Holt, Judge Advocate General (1862-1875): A Study in the Treatment of Political Prisoners by the United States Government During the Civil War,”  by Mary Bernard Allen





Yulee, David Levy  Folder VII-a—Ph.D. Dissertation “The Contribution of Joseph Holt to the Political Life of the United States,” by Roger J. Bartmen





Yulee, David Levy  Folder VII-b—Ph.D. Dissertation “The Contribution of Joseph Holt to the Political Life of the United States,” by Roger J. Bartmen





Yulee, David Levy  Folder VIII-a—Personal notes and Ph.D. Dissertation “David Yulee: A Study of Nineteenth Century American Thought and Enterprise,” by Arthur W. Thompson; includes written dissertation and 300 letters which have been transcribed.





Yulee, David Levy  Folder VIII-b—Ph.D. Dissertation “David Yulee: A Study of Nineteenth Century American Thought and Enterprise,” by Arthur W. Thompson; includes written dissertation and 300 letters which have been transcribed.





Yulee, David Levy  Folder VIII-c—Ph.D. Dissertation “David Yulee: A Study of Nineteenth Century American Thought and Enterprise,” by Arthur W. Thompson; includes written dissertation and 300 letters which have been transcribed.





Yulee, David Levy  Folder IX—Personal notes, Ph.D. Dissertation “The Public Career of Senator David Levy Yulee,” by Joseph Cary Adler





(The material and research in this section are organized by topic)





Anti-Semitisim—Personal notes, excertps from Memoirs of John Quincy Adams; Anti-Semitism in American History, by Daivd A. Gerber; The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, Vol. II & IV, by Louis Ruchames; Wensley: A Story Without A Moral, by Edmund Quincy;  Letters of Lydia Maria Child.  Articles “Cutting Out Shylock: Elite Anti-Semitism and the Quest for Moral Order in the Mid-Nineteenth Century American Market Place,” by David Gerber; “That Other ‘Peculiar Institution’: Jews and Judaism in the Nineteenth Century South,” by Abraham  J. Peck, “Ambivalent Relations: Acceptance and Anti-Semitism in Confederate Thomasville,” by Mark I. Greenberg; newspapers (photocopy), Anti-Jewish Expulsion Order—Dec. 17, 1852 (typed and photocopy), Civil War Times Illustrated, March 2000.





Chaplins—Articles “Was There a Confederate Jewish Chaplin,” by Bertram W. Korn; “Jewish Chaplins During the Civil War,” by Bertram W. Korn





Demographics—Personal notes, articles “The Jewish Population of the United States as Estimated from the Census of 1820,” Ira Rosenswaike, “Jewish Statistics in the U.S. Census of Religious Bodies (1850-1936),” by Urich Zvi Engelman, “The Jews in the United States—1848,” by Rev. Isaac Leeser; excerpts from To Count a People: American Jewish Population Data, 1585-1984, by Jacob Rader Marcus





Homefront—Personal notes, misc. pages and early drafts of chapter sections.





Individual Soldiers—Newspaper (photocopy), obituary notes, articles “Five Civil War Fighters,” by Dr. Stanley F. Chyet; “The Fighting Minority,” by Peggy Robbins; excerpts from Civil War magazine September-October 1993, journal pages (typed and photocopy).





Foreigners in Confederate Service—Excerpts from Foreigners in the Confederacy, by Ella Lonn





German Jews—Personal notes, newspaper (photocopy), articles “Foreigners in Ante-Bellum Towns of the Lower South,” by Herbert Weaver, “The Acquisition of Regional Identity in the Antebellum Atlantic South,” by Michael E. Bell, historical paper “Swindled into War, Ignored in Peace,” by Andrea Mehrlander, excerpts from Eventful Years and Experiences, by Bertram Wallace Korn





Jewish Businessman—Article “Commercial Passions: The Southern Jew as Businessman,” by Stephen J. Whitfield





Jewish Women—Excerpt from The Ladies of Richmond, by Katherine M. Jones, article “The Jewish Women, 1861-1865,” by Stanley R. Brav





Jewish Converstions to Christianity—Personal letter, paper “Taking up the Cross: Converstion Among Black and White Jews in the Civil War South,” Lauren F. Winner





Jewish Johnny Rebs—Personal notes, list of soldiers in the 2nd South Carolina (photocopy), excerpts from Memoirs of American Jews, by Jacob Rader Marcus





* * * * *





Officers—Personal notes and letters, newspaper (photocopy), correspondence (photocopy), misc. pages from various sources.





Peddlers—Article “The Post-Civil War Economy of the South,” by Thomas D. Clark





Polish Jews—Article “Polish Political Emigres in the United States and the Jews, 1833-1865,” by Abraham G. Duker





Slavery-Abolitionists—Articles “Revolutions and Reform: The Antebellum Jewish Abolitionists,” bye Jayme A. Sokolow,  “The Abolitionists and the Jews,” by Louis Ruchames;  excerpts from “Die Juden und die Salaverie” [The Jews and Slavery], by Bernhard Felsenthal, with English translations





Secret Relationship Between Jews and African Ammericans—Personal letter, newspaper, article “Black Anti-Semitism and How It Grows,” by Arch Puddington, excerpts from The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, published by The Nation of Islam





Statistics—Personal notes made on the numbers of Jews in different military capacities (ie. Infantry, artillery, etc.) for the different states in the Confederacy





Voices of Jacob—Excerpts from Voices of Jacob, Hands of Esau: Jews in American Life and Thought, by Stephen J. Whitfield





Gerneral Information-Civil War Jewry—Articles “To Bigotry No Sanction,” by Charles Goolsby, “Bernard Baruch: Son of the South,” by Charles Goolsby, “American Jewry and the Civil War,” by Dr. Bertram W. Korn; excerpts from The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South, by Eli N. Evans, Jews in American Waars, by J. G. Fredman and L. A. Falk, A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends, and Folklore, by B. A. Botkin, Resoter of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy of the Confederate States; service list of soldiers, photographs (photocopy); book The Jewish Background and Influence in the Confederacy, by Frances Mearns, copy of Civil War Times-May/June 1992





General Information-Civil War Jewry II—Leter (photocopy), articles, “Jewish Confederates,” by C. W. Schneider, “The Jews in the Confederacy,” by Mrs. T. R. Leigh, “Jews in the Confederacy,” by Maj. J. C. Whatley, “That Obnoxious Order,” by John Simon, “The Fighting Minority,” by Peggy Robbins; excerpts from Jews In American History, by H. L. Golden and Martin Rywell, The Jews in America, by Simon and Schuster, American Judaism, by Nathan Glazer; misc. pages from various texts, historical paper “Jewish Religious and Communal Life in American During the Civil War,” by Frank Stern, pamphlet from exhibit “The American Jew in the Civil War”, historical paper “Jewish American Life in the South,” by H. R. Greenstein





Confederate Soldiers—Personal letters, service lists of Jewish South Carolina soldiers in the Civil War, pamphlet Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor





Correspondence—Personal letters, some with information concerning specific research on individuals and/or locations and events.





Gomez House, NY—Personal letter, excerpt from Portraits Etched in Stone, by David de Sola Pool, information from the Gomez Mill House, Marlboro, NY





Valentine, Jacob—Personanl notes, newspapers(photocopy), excerpts from correspondence regarding operations in Charleston harbor, muster roll cards and service records(photocopy and oversize).





American Jewish Archives—Personal notes and letters, excerpts from the manuscript catalog of the American Jewish Archives, photographs (photocopy).





Yulee-Korn Materials—Personal notes, letters and memos from Dr. Bertram W. Korn, excerpts from the B. W. Korn manuscript collection, newspaper excerpts (photocopy), biographical sketch of David Levy Yulee, by C. Wickliffe Yulee; excerpts from The Papers of John C. Calhoun, ed. Clyde N. Wilson, correspondence and notes (photocopy)





Moise, Edwin W.—Captain Confederate army unit formed in Columbus, GA, July 1862.  Personal letter, biographical sketch, excerpts from The Moise Family of South Carolina. Mention in TJC, see index pg. 505





AJHS Research—Individual catalog cards from the American Jewish Historical Society (photocopy), list of Individual and Fmaily records in the AJHS collections.





Waul’s Texas Legion—Excerpts from Jewish Heroes of America, by Seymour Brody, Waul’s Texas Legion, 1862-1865, by Robert A. Hasskarl and Capt. Leif R. Hasskarl (lisiting of members of Waul’s Texas Legion)





United States Jewry—Article “Factors Bearing Upon the Survival of Judaism in the Ante-Bellum Period,” by B. W. Korn, excerpts from United States Jewry, 1776-1985, by Jacob Rader Marcus





Rosters of Confederate Soldiers  Folder I—Various materials (with notes) and lists of names of soldiers who served in the Confederate Army 1861-1865.





Rosters of Confederate Soldiers  Folder II—Various materials (with notes) and lists of names of soldiers who served in the Confederate Army 1861-1865, 4 computer disks with listing of soldiers.





The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier, and Citizen, by Simon Wolf





The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier, and Citizen, by Simon Wolf (Copy II)





General Research—Materials in this folder cover topics: David Levy Yulee, Judah P. Benjamin, various regions, and the Simon family.





General Research  Folder II—Personal notes and letter (letters contain extented notes of various Jewish Confederate and service records), various pages from multiple sources documenting the service of certain Jewish soldiers.





Letters and Research—Personal letters and notes (letters contain research information of various persons and topics related to TJC)





Letters and Research  Folder II—Personal letters and notes (letters contain research information of various persons and topics related to TJC), copy of Civil War magazine, Vol. XI, No. 5;





U. S. Senate Journal—Personal research notes, pages from Journal of the Senate-April 24, 1879





Congressional Records—Personal notes, various pages from Congressional Records-Senate





Letters and Research  Folder III—Personal letters and notes, newsletters from Preservation Society of Charleston, genealogy chart for Levy family, newspaper





Letters and Research  Folder IV—Personal and notes (letters contain research information of various persons and topics related to TJC), manuscript content cards from American Jewish Archives (photocopy), photo inventory, excerpts from Pills, Pen & Politics, by Edward Pinkowski, Herself, by Hortense Calisher, misc. photocopies from research sources, photographs from grave sites.





Library Society Research—Reference cards from the Library Society of Charleston, SC on misc. topics for TJC; no expanded research (oversize and photocopy)





American Jewish Archives (AJA) Research—excerpts from The American Jew in the Civil War, by Isidore S. Meyer (photocopy), excerpts from AJA journal “Civil War Centennial Southern Issue,” vol. XIII, April, 1, no. 1 (photocopy)





Letters and Research  Folder V—Personal notes, misc. research pages.





State Research—Various pages from research done on Confederate States, including Virginia and Florida





Bibliographical Research—Various pages for bibliographical research.





Letters and Research  Folder VI—Personal notes and letters, genealogical notes/research, excerpts from the West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, scholarly paper “Moses E. Levy of Florida: A Jewish Abolitionist in London,” by Chris Monaco





Primary Source Material Research—Photocopies of various primary source material research for TJC, including coorespondence, muster roll cards, inventories, documents, and journals (some materials oversize)





Photographs—Photographs of various used in TJC and research (inventory included)





Photographs Folder II—Misc. photographs of various used in TJC and research





Microfilm of Phillips and Myers Family Papers