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Inventory of the Leon H. Keyserling Papers, 1918-1990

Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Letters, correspondence, writings, testimonies, and audiovisual recordings of Leon Hirsch Keyserling (1908-1987), American economist, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Harry S. Truman, lawyer, and founder and president of the Conference on Economic Progress (CEP). Materials primarily relate to Keyserling's professional life as a private consulting economist, especially to members and committees of Congress, as a practicing attorney, and with his nonprofit organization, the Conference on Economic Progress. The collection also includes a small amount of biographical material, clippings and audiocassette tapes relating to Mary Dublin Keyserling, economist and wife of Leon Hirsch Keyserling.
Title: Leon H. Keyserling papers
Creator: Keyserling, Leon H. (Leon Hirsch), 1908-1987
Date(s): 1918-1990    
Extent: 9.70 linear feet
(11 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 2 flat boxes, 2 cassette boxes, 1 banker box)
Repository: Jewish Heritage Collection, Special Collections, College of Charleston Libraries
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: (843) 953-8016
Fax: (843) 953-6319
Call Number: Mss 1052
Language of Material: Materials in English

Biographical Note

American economist and lawyer Leon H. Keyserling was born on January 22, 1908, to William Keyserling (1869-1951) and Jennie Hyman Keyserling (1881-1935), in Charleston, South Carolina. Keyserling grew up on the coastal island of St. Helena and in 1918 moved to Beaufort, South Carolina, with his family. Graduating from Beaufort High School at the age of sixteen in 1924, Keyserling attended Columbia University, finishing in 1928 with a major in economics. Keyserling then entered Harvard Law School, receiving his LLB in 1931 and returning to Columbia to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. At Columbia Keyserling taught economics and conducted research for the Rockefeller Foundation while completing all the requirements for his Ph.D., except for his thesis, interrupted when he entered government service in 1933 at the beginning of the New Deal. From 1933 to 1937 Keyserling was the legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Robert F. Wagner while also serving on the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency. As legislative assistant, Keyserling helped draft the National Industry Recovery Act of 1934, the National Housing Act of 1935, the Wagner National Labor Relations Act of 1935, portions of the Social Security Act of 1935, and the U.S. Housing Act of 1937.

Beginning in 1937, Keyserling served in the United States Housing Authority, first as deputy administrator and general counsel, and then as acting administrator. As general counsel of the National Housing Agency, Keyserling drafted legislation reorganizing federal housing into one central agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In 1942, as acting administrator of the National Housing Agency, Keyserling supervised the construction of several million units of government financed housing for war workers.

In 1940 Keyserling married Mary Dublin, also a prominent economist. Before their marriage she had been the executive director of the National Consumers League and a professor of economics at Sarah Lawrence College. In 1964, she was appointed director of the Labor Department's Women's Bureau by President Lyndon B. Johnson, serving in that position until the end of his administration in 1969.

From 1946 to 1953, Keyserling served on President Truman's Council of Economic Advisors, first as vice chairman in 1946, then as acting chairman in 1949, and finally, chairman in 1950, a position he held until 1953, the end of the Truman administration. During this time Keyserling helped formulate economic policies that enabled the nation to smoothly adjust from a wartime to a peacetime economy while meeting the country's demands for increased housing and education without inflation.

After leaving government service in 1953, Keyserling practiced as a lawyer and private consulting economist, working with various national organizations, governments, firms, and individuals. In 1971 Keyserling retired to devote his time as president and director of the Conference on Economic Progress (CEP). Founded by Keyserling in 1954, the CEP was a nonprofit research organization dealing with U.S. economic development and national economic policies. As president and director of CEP, Keyserling authored more than thirty-five book-length publications, including The Toll of Rising Interest Rates, The Coming Crisis in Housing, and Full Employment Without Inflation. During this time he also worked on the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978 with U.S. Senator Hubert Humphrey and U.S. Representative Augustus Hawkins. During his life Keyserling was the recipient of various honors and awards, including an award from the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change and induction into the National Housing Hall of Fame.

Collection Overview

This collection includes biographical material, letters and correspondence, writings, congressional and other testimonies, clippings, and audiovisual recordings documenting the professional and personal activities of Leon H. Keyserling. Biographical materials include short biographies, biographical notes, resumes of career achievements, personal date books, obituaries from national newspapers, and material from Keyserling's memorial service, including William Keyserling's tribute to his uncle as well as John Kenneth Galbraith's remarks. Also included are materials relating to Mary Dublin Keyserling, such as biographical information, a "Career Record," a copy of her will, and a list of published articles. Professional letters include Keyserling's correspondence with politicians, Democratic Party organizations, researchers, book reviewers, such as Peter Irons, the author of The New Deal Lawyers, and interview requests from Studs Terkel and the BBC. Also present are correspondence between Keyserling and prominent economists such as Gar Alperovitz and David C. Colander, and between the CEP and various organizations regarding consulting fees and pamphlet distribution. Personal letters between Keyserling and various friends and family members include correspondence with his father, William Keyserling (1869-1951), his mother, Jennie Hyman Keyserling (1881-1935), and brother, Herbert Keyserling (1915-2000). Writings include his journal and magazine articles, as well as materials prepared by Keyserling for others, including U.S. Senator F. Wagner and U.S. Representative Augustus Hawkins. Also included are distribution lists of CEP publications, typescripts of speeches presented by Keyserling at conferences and symposiums, as well as poetry and writings by others about Keyserling. Transcripts of testimonies Keyserling gave before courts and congressional committees are mostly from hearings before the House Education and Labor Committee and the Joint Economic Committee. Clippings relate to Keyserling's political, professional, and personal life and also include clippings relating to Mary D. Keyserling, Harriet Keyserling, Robert F. Wagner, and various economists. Audiovisual materials include interviews and speeches on audiocassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and videocassettes.

Collection Arrangement

1.  Biographical material, 1930-1987
2.  Letters and correspondence, 1918-1987
3.  Writings, 1933-1990
4.  Testimonies, 1956-1987
5.  Clippings, 1935-1988
6.  Audiovisual materials, 1956-1988

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    • Keyserling, Leon H. (Leon Hirsch), 1908-1987
    • Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972
    • Keyserling, Mary Dublin
    • Council of Economic Advisers (U.S.)
    • Conference on Economic Progress (U.S.)


    • Jews--South Carolina--Beaufort
    • Economists--United States
    • New Deal, 1933-1939
    • Full employment policies--United States


    • Washington (D.C.)
    • United States--Economic policy

    Types of Material

    • Articles
    • Audiocassettes
    • Audiovisual materials
    • Black-and-white photographs
    • Clippings (information artifacts)
    • Color photographs
    • Correspondence
    • Letters (correspondence)
    • Long-playing records
    • Magnetic tapes
    • Personal correspondence
    • Poetry
    • Speeches
    • Testimonies
    • Videocassettes

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    Related Material

    Related materials in Special Collections include the Keyserling family papers - Part I, 1890-1980 (Mss 1049a), the Keyserling family papers - Part II, 1900-2004 (Mss 1049b), an oral history interview with Herbert Keyserling (Mss 1035-036), and the publications Leon H. Keyserling: A Progressive Economist by Donald K. Pickens (2009), Doctor K: A Personal Memoir by Herbert Keyserling (1999), and Against the Tide: One Woman's Political Struggle by Harriet Keyserling (1998).

    Detailed Description of the Collection

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    1. Biographical materials, 1930-1987  

    Leon H. Keyserling, 1930-1987, undated

    Biographical material, 1947-1986, undated   box 1 | folder 1

    Includes short biographies and biographical notes.

    Last will and testament, 1961-1986, undated   box 1 | folder 2

    Includes drafts of Keyserling's last will and testament, trust agreement, and revocable trust. Also includes correspondence regarding further changes and clarifications.

    Obituaries, 1987   box 1 | folder 3

    Includes obituaries from national newspapers including The Washington Post, The State, and The New York Times. Also includes typescript of obituary Mary Dublin Keyserling sent to The Washington Post.

    Memorial service, 1987   box 1 | folder 4

    Includes invitations and programs from Keyserling's memorial service held on September 10, 1987 at The Cosmos Club, Washington, DC. Also included is William Keyserling's tribute to his uncle as well as John Kenneth Galbraith's remarks.

    Personal date books, 1951-1987

    Includes day books used to track personal and professional appointments.

    1951-1954   box 1 | folder 5

    1960-1968   box 1 | folder 6

    1970-1979   box 1 | folder 7

    1980-1987   box 2 | folder 1

    Conference on Economic Progress office materials, 1967-1987, undated   box 2 | folder 2

    Includes secretarial manual and instructions involving the operation of the Conference on Economic Progress.

    Conference on Economic Progress index card files, undated   box 17

    Card files containing index cards listing the names and addresses of individuals and organizations that mass purchased pamphlets from CEP.

    Plaque, 1979   box 17

    General, 1930-1987, undated   box 2 | folder 3

    Includes printed announcement of Keyserling's new position as a consulting economist and general law practitioner, an invitation to the 10th Annual Award Luncheon in his honor by the American Jewish Congress and a certificate of appreciation from the Democratic National Committee. Also includes a photocopy of the certificate of incorporation of the Conference on Economic Progress as well as a survey plat and certificate for a house in Washington, D.C.

    Mary Dublin Keyserling, 1961-1987

    Biographical material, undated   box 2 | folder 4

    Includes photocopies of a biographical note, a career record with a synopsis and index, with a list of articles written by Mary Dublin Keyserling from 1964 to 1969. Also includes a photocopy of "Mary Dublin Keyserling Biography," a chapter from a larger work.

    Last will and testament, 1961-1987   box 2 | folder 5

    Includes last will and testament, codicil, and a designation of co-trustee and successor trustee.

    General, 1975, undated   box 2 | folder 6

    Includes a list of foreign travels from 1928 to 1945 and an excerpt from a speech on raising living standards across the country.

    Beth Keyserling Rosenfarb, 1976, 1978   box 2 | folder 7

    Includes last will and testament and correspondence from Beth Keyserling Rosenfarb, younger sister of Leon H. Keyserling. Also includes an obituary for her husband, Joseph Rosenfarb.

    Photographs, 1950-1986, undated

    Photo album, 1954-1957   box 3 | folder 1

    Photo album of trip to India. Images include Keyserling speaking at the Indian Statistical Institute, India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, and scientist Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis.

    National Housing Hall of fame ceremony, 1986   box 3 | folder 2

    General, 1950-1980s, undated   box 3 | folder 3

    Includes photographs of Keyserling at social and professional events. Images include a group portrait with President Lyndon B. Johnson and an image of Keyserling on the set of Meet the Press.

    2. Letters and correspondence, 1918-1987  

    Professional, 1945-1987

    Abramson, Rudy, 1985   box 3 | folder 4

    Correspondence regarding an interview with Keyserling about New York Governor Averell Harriman.

    American Civil Liberties Union, 1986   box 3 | folder 5

    Correspondence regarding membership contributions.

    Americans for Democratic Action, 1984-1985   box 3 | folder 6

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's reluctance to make financial contributions to the organization.

    American Economic Association, 1986-1987   box 3 | folder 7

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's panel presentation, "Advice for the Next President," given at the annual meeting of the American Economics Association as well as information about the meeting.

    A. Phillip Randolph Institute, 1977, 1982   box 3 | folder 8

    Correspondence regarding meeting invitations.

    Arbatov, Georgy, 1981, 1983   box 3 | folder 9

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's first visit to Russia and his meeting with Georgy Arbatov, Director of the Institute for Study of USA and Canada.

    Atlantic Economic Conference, 1985-1987   box 3 | folder 10

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's presentations at the 1985 and 1987 International Atlantic Economic Conferences. Also included is a photocopied typescript of Keyserling's paper, Why Have Economists Learned So Little from U.S. Economic Experience since World War II? with corrections.

    Benton, William, 1958   box 3 | folder 11

    Letters to William Benton of Encyclopedia Britannica regarding Keyserling's second talk "New Frontiers for Democratic Service to the People."

    Biemiller, Andrew J., 1979, 1982   box 3 | folder 12

    Letter to Biemiller, former Democratic congressman, on his retirement, and a sympathy letter to Biemiller's wife on his death.

    Brazelton, W. Robert, 1976-1987   box 3 | folder 13

    Correspondence between Keyserling and Dr. W. Robert Brazelton, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, regarding the early Council of Economic Advisors. Also included is correspondence regarding arranging an interview with Keyserling to discuss the Truman administration, Brazelton's book on the subject, with a list of material Keyserling provided Dr. Brazelton for his book.

    British Broadcasting Corp, 1985   box 3 | folder 14

    A request to interview Keyserling for a documentary on the relationship between Britain and America in the twentieth century.

    Center for the Study of the Presidency, 1987   box 3 | folder 15

    Correspondence regarding a quarterly meeting of board of directors.

    Cleveland, Harlan, 1984   box 3 | folder 16

    Correspondence thanking Keyserling for his support of the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Keyserling's offer to participate in the Carlson Lecture Series.

    College of Charleston, 1985   box 3 | folder 17

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's participation in a panel discussion on Southern Jewish History for the Jewish Studies Department.

    Committee on the Present Danger, 1987   box 3 | folder 18

    Letters announcing the eleventh annual meeting of the board of directors.

    Conyers, John, 1985   box 3 | folder 19

    Correspondence regarding a House TV Studio recording between U.S. Representative Conyers and Keyserling discussing the reasons for the malaise around full employment and planning.

    Cosmos Club, 1985   box 3 | folder 20

    Correspondence regarding a speaking engagement.

    Davidson, C. Girard, 1979, 1981, 1987   box 3 | folder 21

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's lecture, "An Alternate Economic Policy for the Eighties," presented as part of the Steinhardt Lecture Series at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

    Democratic National Committee, 1959-1985   box 3 | folder 22

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's testimony at the Democratic platform hearings in Detroit in 1960, including a photocopied typescript of Keyserling's statement. Also included is correspondence regarding monetary contributions to Democratic National Committee as well a letter from Tip O'Neil asking for donations.

    Democratic National Convention, 1980   box 3 | folder 23

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's request for two tickets to the 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York.

    Eastern Economic Association, 1986-1987   box 3 | folder 24

    Correspondence requesting that Keyserling become a charter member of the Committee on Economic Reform and his participation in the 13th Annual Eastern Economic Association Convention 1987.

    Economic Advisory Council, 1959   box 3 | folder 25

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's assistance on drafting a statement for the advisory council. Also included are copies of Keyserling's typescripts, "A Democratic Call to Action" and "Toward a Long Range Purposeful Effort."

    Economists Committee on Public Policy, 1985   box 3 | folder 26

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's reasons for not signing the Statement Opposing the Sugar Price Support Program.

    Eisenstadt, Stuart, 1976-1981   box 3 | folder 27

    Correspondence with Stuart Eisenstadt regarding drafts of the Humphrey-Hawkins bill and other economic and housing matters of President Jimmy Carter's administration. Also included are photocopies of newspaper articles by Eisenstadt concerning inflation, Democrats, and the middle class.

    Evans, Sen. Daniel J., 1985   box 4 | folder 1

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's comments on a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Centennial Committee, 1981   box 4 | folder 2

    Correspondence regarding the Franklin Delano Roosevelt centennial in Washington, D.C. Also included are several photocopies of newspaper clippings about the centennial.

    Georgetown Law School, 1986   box 4 | folder 3

    Correspondence regarding assistance Keyserling provided to the Georgetown Wagner Labor Law Moot Court competition.

    Harriman, Pamela, 1983-1984   box 4 | folder 4

    Correspondence regarding contributions to Harriman's 1984 "Win the Senate Campaign" and an invitation to serve on the campaign's advisory board.

    Harvard Law School Association, 1985   box 4 | folder 5

    Correspondence asking for suggestions on speakers for future programs.

    Howard University, 1985   box 4 | folder 6

    Correspondence regarding a gift of 516 books to the university.

    Irons, Peter H., 1980-1982   box 4 | folder 7

    Correspondence asking for Keyserling's comments on a draft of Irons's book The New Deal Lawyers. Also included is a photocopy of the book chapter, "Lawyers' Lawyers and the Wagner Act," with Keyserling's comments in margins.

    Joint Economic Committee, 1985-1987   box 4 | folder 8

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's testimony before the Joint Economic Committee on the hearings of the 1987 Economic Report of the President.

    Klein, Lawrence, 1976   box 4 | folder 9

    Correspondence regarding the amendments to the Humphrey-Hawkins bill. Formally known as the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act, the bill strove for full employment, growth in production, price stability, and balance of trade and budget.

    Kramer, Orin, 1979   box 4 | folder 10

    Correspondence with Orin Kramer, associate director of the White House domestic policy staff regarding rising interest rates and effects on the economy and the housing sector in particular.

    Lash, Joseph, 1982   box 4 | folder 11

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's assistance with a book on the New Deal. Also includes Keyserling's recollections about Rex Tugwell, an agricultural economist who served as assistant secretary and undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Marlow, Michael, 1986   box 4 | folder 12

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's interview for the Voice of America.

    McHugh, Dr. John, 1981   box 4 | folder 13

    Correspondence regarding a book McHugh was preparing about Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt

    National Committee for Full Employment, 1986   box 4 | folder 14

    Keyserling's comments on his initial exclusion from program, "In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Employment Act."

    National Defense University, 1985   box 4 | folder 15

    Keyserling's remarks at the 3rd Annual Mobilization Conference.

    National Housing Hall of Fame, 1985-1986   box 4 | folder 16

    Letter congratulating Keyserling on his induction into the National Housing Hall of Fame as well as letters of endorsement from Strom Thurmond, Ernest F. Hollings, and Henry C. Chambers. Also included is a program from the ceremony.

    National Leased Housing Association, 1986-1987   box 4 | folder 17

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's participation at the 16th annual meeting of the National Leased Housing Association. Also included is a conference program.

    New York Times, 1987   box 4 | folder 18

    Letter to the editor regarding a tribute by the New York Times upon the death of Arthur F. Burns and Keyserling's correction of an erroneous story included in the tribute.

    Park Electrochemical Corporation, 1987   box 4 | folder 19

    Board meeting announcements and financial statistics.

    Penn Community Services Inc., 1985   box 4 | folder 20

    Letter declining attendance at the 5th Annual Penn School Heritage celebration.

    The Progressive, 1985, 1987   box 4 | folder 21

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's interest in writing articles for The Progressive.

    Public Interest Economics Foundation, 1981   box 4 | folder 22

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's agreement to join the Committee for Economic Recovery and also his reluctance to accede to a request for a financial contribution as seed money.

    Miscellaneous A-R, 1986-1990   box 4 | folder 23

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's appearance on the television program America's Embattled Economy, speaking engagements, and Keyserling's entry in the 1990-1992 edition of The Writer's Directory.

    Rauh, Joseph, 1980   box 4 | folder 24

    Correspondence regarding Joseph L. Rauh, Jr.'s book review of Peter Iron's publication, The New Deal Lawyers.

    Rifkind, Simon H., 1984-1985   box 4 | folder 25

    Correspondence referencing dinners and recollections of their work with Senator Wagner.

    Rosenberg, Marvin, 1984-1986   box 4 | folder 26

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's contributions to the City College of the City University of New York project and the Marvin Rosenberg and Hubert Humphrey Program in Public Affairs, and the possibility of Keyserling speaking at a lecture series.

    Rustin, Bayard, 1980-1983   box 4 | folder 27

    Democrats, U.S.A. regarding the 1984 elections. Also included is the Rustin's1980 news release, "Does Anyone Remember Humphrey Hawkins?"

    Salant, Dr. Walker, 1980-1987   box 4 | folder 28

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's comments on the article, "The Intellectual Revolution in US Economic Policy Making" by Jim Tobin, and Keyserling's opinion of Walter Heller and his speech on the subject of President Kennedy and economic policy.

    Samuels, Loulette, 1984   box 4 | folder 29

    Correspondence regarding the death of Howard J. Samuels, American statesman and industrialist.

    Samuelson, Dr. Paul, 1978, 1985   box 4 | folder 30

    Notes applauding Keyserling's past achievements.

    Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur, 1980   box 4 | folder 31

    Correspondence regarding Count Hermann Keyserling and Keyserling's comments on Schlesinger's Wall Street Journal article about Margaret Thatcher.

    Seidman Group, 1983   box 4 | folder 32

    Keyserling's comments on the selection process and criteria for the Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy.

    Seltzer, Larry, 1983-1987   box 4 | folder 33

    Correspondence updating each other on their lives and Keyserling's comments on unemployment statistics and his health problems.

    Shishkin, Hildy, 1937-1987   box 4 | folder 34

    Condolences on death of Boris Shishkin, economist and AFL-CIO Civil Rights Department director.

    Social Democrats, U.S.A., 1984   box 4 | folder 35

    Letter from Keyserling regarding the endorsement of Walter Mondale's presidential candidacy by the Social Democrats, U.S.A.

    Solar Industry Association, 1984   box 4 | folder 36

    Letter concerning the unprofessional and misleading conduct in regards to a supervisory position and congressional testimony on Capitol Hill.

    South Carolina Hall of Fame, 1984-1986   box 4 | folder 37

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's nomination.

    Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin, 1985-1986   box 4 | folder 38

    General correspondence about the economy and current events including the influx of Japanese automobiles and the effect on the economy, as well as updates on Keyserling's health.

    Supreme Court, 1966   box 4 | folder 39

    Letter from Justice Ramsey Clark welcoming Keyserling to the roll of attorneys qualified to testify before the Supreme Court.

    Miscellaneous S, 1976, 1985-1986   box 4 | folder 40

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's work on a Mary Goldwater memorial, the Theatre Lobby Trust Fund, the housing field, and death of Sophie Segal.

    Taylor, Horace, 1953   box 4 | folder 41

    Correspondence regarding the possibility of Keyserling lecturing at Columbia University.

    Terkel, Studs, 1981-1982   box 4 | folder 42

    Correspondence regarding an interview with Keyserling for a publication on World War II.

    Thatcher, Mrs. Myron William, 1976-1981   box 4 | folder 43

    Correspondence regarding the death of Myron William Thatcher and the activities of Ruth Thatcher.

    Todd, Saralee S., 1985-1987   box 4 | folder 44

    Correspondence regarding the House Banking Subcommittee hearing held to gather testimony on the Bishop's Pastoral letter on the economy and Keyserling's request for copies of the Employment Act of 1946 and the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978.

    Tugwell, Mrs. Rexford, 1979, 1980, 1985   box 4 | folder 45

    Correspondence regarding the death of Rex Tugwell, agricultural economist who served as assistant secretary and undersecretary to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Also included are obituaries, articles on Tugwell's life and career, and a pamphlet on the Rexford G. Tugwell National Award in Urban and Regional Planning.

    Miscellaneous T, 1982-1985   box 4 | folder 46

    Includes correspondence regarding the death of Justice Mathew O. Tobriner and progress of Christopher Tietze Reproductive Freedom Library.

    United States House of Representatives, Office of Records and Registration, 1979   box 4 | folder 47

    Letter of transmittal of copies of a financial disclosure statement.

    Wagner, Robert F., 1940s   box 4 | folder 48

    Letter, sent to Honorable Robert E. Hennegan, chairman of the National Democratic Committee, recommending Keyserling be appointed to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

    Wagner, Jr., Robert F., 1980, 1985   box 4 | folder 49

    Request from Wagner, Jr. for help preparing a dossier on his father required for induction into the Housing Hall of Fame. Also included is a biography prepared by Keyserling titled "Senator Robert F. Wagner's Achievements in the Field of Housing."

    The Washington Post, 1985   box 4 | folder 50

    Invitation to a luncheon to meet the Washington Post's national correspondents.

    Weaver, Robert C., 1985   box 4 | folder 51

    Invitation to attend a dinner honoring Harold C. Fleming.

    Westwood, Howard, 1984-1987   box 4 | folder 52

    Correspondence regarding Westwood's review of The New Deal Lawyers by Peter Irons, comments on other articles written by Westwood, and on national politics and policies.

    Withers, Dr. William, 1982, 1986   box 4 | folder 53

    Correspondence regarding Wither's editorials and book.

    Wright, Peter, 1983   box 4 | folder 54

    Keyserling's comments on Wright's unpublished manuscript Vignettes, a memoir of his experiences as a civil servant, and the possibility of securing a publisher.

    Wyzanski, Charles, 1982, 1984   box 4 | folder 55

    Correspondence includes criticism by Wyzanski of Peter Iron's book The New Deal Lawyers, and disagreement between Keyserling and Wyzanski over material in the book. Also included are Peter Irons's comments on the disagreement.

    Miscellaneous W, 1957-1987   box 4 | folder 56

    Includes notes of congratulations for publications and Housing Hall of Fame induction.

    Economists, 1976-1985

    Alperovitz, Gar, 1976-1982   box 5 | folder 1

    Includes correspondence regarding Alperovitz's economic ideas and publications as well as several news articles written by Alperovitz regarding "full employment." Also includes a brief background statement and Impact on Inflation on the Economy: Hearings Before the Task Force on Inflation on the Committee on the Budget, which contains Alperovitz's testimony.

    Block, James E., 1981   box 5 | folder 2

    Correspondence regarding Block's article, "The Shibboleth of Productivity," in the New York Times.

    Boland, Lawrence, 1985   box 5 | folder 3

    Letter from Lawrence Boland and Herbert Grubel, professors in economics at Simon Fraser University, asking Keyserling to fill out a questionnaire on the use of mathematics in economics; with Keyserling's reply.

    Colander, Dr. David, 1980   box 5 | folder 4

    Correspondence regarding Colander's selection of Keyserling's prepared statement on the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1976 for his unpublished book.

    Eisner, Robert, 1980   box 5 | folder 5

    Correspondence regarding Keyserling's criticism of Federal Reserve policies in his paper "The Federal Reserve as a "Sacred Cow": The Public Should Know More About It."

    Killingsworth, Charles, 1980   box 5 | folder 6

    Correspondence regarding Killingsworth's speech, "An Overview of the Job Market for Youth," and an article on employment policy for recessions.

    Means, Gardiner C., 1982-1983   box 5 | folder 7

    Keyserling's comments on Mean's article, "Why the Marginal Income Tax Cuts are Intensifying the Recession," and his paper, "Corporate Power in the Marketplace."

    Nathan, Robert R., 1980-1984   box 5 | folder 8

    Correspondence regarding Nathan's health problems and Keyserling's contributions to various causes and committees.

    Council on Economic Progress, 1965-1987

    American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, 1982   box 5 | folder 9

    Bieber, Owen, 1983, 1985   box 5 | folder 10

    Cribben, Joseph, 1980   box 5 | folder 11

    Donahue, Thomas R., 1987   box 5 | folder 12

    Full Employment Action Council, 1982   box 5 | folder 13

    Government of District of Columbia, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Department, 1987   box 5 | folder 14

    International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, 1980   box 5 | folder 15

    International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, 1981-1983   box 5 | folder 16

    Industrial Union Department, 1979-1980   box 5 | folder 17

    International Union of Operating Engineers, 1980-1986   box 5 | folder 18

    Correspondence regarding consulting fees and contributions to the Conference on Economic Progress.

    Kirkland, Lane, 1981-1987   box 5 | folder 19

    League for Industrial Democracy, 1986-1987   box 5 | folder 20

    National Association of Home Builders, 1985   box 5 | folder 21

    Keyserling's response to a request for a biography.

    National Farmers Union, 1965, 1985   box 5 | folder 22

    Oswald, Rudy, 1979-1987, undated   box 5 | folder 23

    Railway Labor Executives' Association, 1981   box 5 | folder 24

    United Steel Workers of America, 1979-1984   box 5 | folder 25

    Correspondence regarding the distribution of Conference on Economic Progress pamphlets.

    Young, Kenneth, 1978-1987   box 5 | folder 26

    Miscellaneous professional correspondence, 1981-1984   box 5 | folder 27

    Correspondence regarding requests for copies of the pamphlet Money, Credit, and Interest Rates and How to Cut Unemployment to 4 Percent and End Inflation and Deficits by 1987.

    Personal, 1918-1987, undated

    Bauer, Catherine Krouse, 1936-1943, undated   box 5 | folder 28-29

    Casebeer, Maureen and Ken, 1980-1984   box 5 | folder 30

    Droshnicop, Hilda, 1933-1934, undated   box 5 | folder 31

    Dublin, Joanne and Amos, 1978-1986   box 6 | folder 1

    G., Irene, 1937-1939, undated   box 6 | folder 2

    Goldwater, Mary, 1935-1936, undated   box 6 | folder 3

    Keyserling, Harriet and Herbert, 1953-1992   box 6 | folder 4-5

    Correspondence between Keyserling and his brother and sister-in-law.

    Keyserling, Jennie Hyman, 1920-1935, undated   box 6 | folder 6

    Correspondence between Keyserling and his mother.

    Keyserling, Mary, 1980-1990   box 6 | folder 7

    Includes correspondence with Joseph E. Jeffs, Georgetown University, regarding the gift of a portion of Leon Keyserling's papers.

    Keyserling, Paul and Beth, 1966   box 6 | folder 8

    Letter from Keyserling to his nephew and niece.

    Keyserling, William, 1918-1947, undated   box 7 | folder 1

    Correspondence between Keyserling and his father.

    Lowenthal, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 1978-1981   box 7 | folder 2

    Peter, H. W., 1939-1940, undated   box 7 | folder 3

    Richard, Jean, 1982-1987   box 7 | folder 4

    Rosenman, Dorothy, 1985   box 7 | folder 5

    Rutz, Elizabeth, 1985-1987   box 7 | folder 6

    Svedberg, Hillevi, 1937-1987   box 7 | folder 7

    Tenbrook, Margaret, 1985-1987   box 7 | folder 8

    Tirana, Rosamond, 1982-1986   box 7 | folder 9

    Winner, Frieda B., 1965-1987   box 7 | folder 10

    Zilberman, Lucy and Israel, 1984-1986   box 7 | folder 11

    75th birthday, 1983   box 7 | folder 12
    Condolences, 1935, 1987

    Jennie Keyserling, 1935   box 7 | folder 13

    Leon Keyserling, 1987   box 7 | folder 14

    General personal correspondence, 1932-1986, undated   box 7 | folder 15

    3. Writings, 1933-1990  

    Journal and magazine articles, 1933-1987

    Index, undated   box 8 | folder 1

    Index of articles written by Keyserling including a separate list of New York Times Magazine articles.

    1933, 1938   box 8 | folder 2

    Includes the article "Social Objectives in Legal Education."

    1945-1948   box 8 | folder 3

    1950-1958   box 8 | folder 4

    Includes the articles "For a National Prosperity Budget" and "The "Great Crusade" Against Wage Earners."

    1960, 1962, 1966   box 8 | folder 5

    Includes the article "Something for Everybody", Keyserling's review of the book, The Guaranteed Income.

    1973, undated   box 8 | folder 6

    Includes "What's Wrong with American Economics" reprinted from Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs.

    1980-1987   box 8 | folder 7

    Includes "Should the President and the Congress Obey the Law? A Case Study Based Upon the 1978 Humphrey-Hawkins Act,""U.S. Economy, Performances and Prospects and Needed Corrective Policies," and "The New Deal and its Current Significance in Re National Economic and Social Policy." Also included is the typescript, "Rexford Guy Tugwell."

    Materials prepared for others, 1933-1982

    Index, undated   box 8 | folder 8

    Chronological index of materials prepared for others by Keyserling, listing speeches, articles, letters, and testimonies.

    Senator Robert F. Wagner, 1933-1937   box 8 | folder 9

    Primarily speeches but also includes a committee printing of Wagner's Labor Relations Bill.

    Representative Augustus Hawkins, 1976-1982   box 8 | folder 10

    Includes letters, speeches, and comments relating to the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act and the Jobs Creation Act.

    AFL-CIO, 1978   box 8 | folder 11

    Draft of "Suggested Resolution in Regards to the Federal Reserve for Consideration at August 1978 Meeting of Executive Council of the AFL-CIO."

    Full Employment Action Council, 1979   box 8 | folder 12

    Includes the pamphlet, Where Are National Economic Policies Headed?

    Conference on Economic Progress, 1954-1984
    Publications, 1954-1972

    Pamphlets written by Keyserling published through the CEP.

    Toward a Full Employment and Full Production, 1954   box 8 | folder 13

    A National Prosperity Program for 1955, 1955   box 8 | folder 14

    Full Prosperity for Agriculture, 1955   box 8 | folder 15

    Consumption-Key to Full Prosperity, 1957   box 9 | folder 1

    Wages and the Public Interest, 1958   box 9 | folder 2

    The "Recession"-Cause and Cure, 1958   box 9 | folder 3

    Toward a New Farm Program, 1958   box 9 | folder 4

    The Federal Budget and "The General Welfare", 1959   box 9 | folder 5

    Tight Money and Rising Interest Rates and the Damage They are Doing, 1960   box 9 | folder 6

    Food and Freedom, 1960   box 9 | folder 7

    Poverty and Deprivation in the U.S., 1962   box 9 | folder 8

    Progress or Poverty, 1964   box 9 | folder 9

    Achieving Nationwide Educational Excellence, 1968   box 10 | folder 1

    The Coming Crisis in Housing, 1972   box 10 | folder 2

    Pamphlets list, 1978, undated   box 10 | folder 3

    Chronological list of pamphlets written by Keyserling published through the CEP.

    Pamphlet distribution lists, 1961-1984

    Distribution lists recording purchase dates, purchasers, and numbers of pamphlets ordered from the CEP.

    The Coming Crisis in Housing, 1973-1975   box 10 | folder 4

    Federal Reserve Board, 1980-1981   box 10 | folder 5

    Freedom Budget, 1966-1967   box 10 | folder 6

    Full Employment Without Inflation, 1975-1980   box 10 | folder 7

    Goals for Full Employment and How to Achieve Them, 1978-1980   box 10 | folder 8

    How to Cut Unemployment to 4 percent and End Inflation and Deficits by 1987, 1983-1984   box 10 | folder 9

    Humphrey Hawkins Bill, 1977-1979   box 10 | folder 10

    Jobs and Growth, 1961-1963   box 10 | folder 11

    Liberal and Conservative National Economic Policies, 1979-1980   box 10 | folder 12

    Money, Credit, and Interest Rates, 1981-1982   box 10 | folder 13

    The Scarcity School of Economics, 1974   box 10 | folder 14

    Toward Full Employment Within Three Years, 1976-1978   box 10 | folder 15

    The Toll of Rising Interest Rates, 1978   box 10 | folder 16

    Wages, Prices, and Profits, 1972   box 10 | folder 17

    Finances, 1981-1985   box 10 | folder 18
    Speeches, 1933-1987, undated

    Index, undated   box 10 | folder 19

    1933, 1947   box 10 | folder 20

    1970-1978   box 10 | folder 21

    1981-1987   box 10 | folder 22

    Poetry, 1958-1985, undated   box 10 | folder 23

    General, 1924, 1982, 1986, undated   box 10 | folder 24

    Includes the pamphlet Israel's Needs and Our Responsibilities.

    Writings by others, 1950-1990, undated   box 11 | folder 1

    Includes journal articles and papers written about Leon Keyserling. Also includes a copy of Challenge and Decision by Edgar Ansel Mowrer, personally inscribed to Keyserling.

    4. Testimonies, 1948-1987  

    Index, undated   box 11 | folder 2

    Index list of Keyserling's testimonies.

    Democratic Regional Hearings with Respect to Democratic Platform, 1960   box 11 | folder 3

    Interstate Commerce Commission, 1962   box 11 | folder 4

    Baltimore and Ohio Railroad vs. U.S.A., 1967   box 11 | folder 5
    House Education and Labor Committee, 1975-1986

    Printed testimonies.

    Equal Opportunity and Full Employment, 1975   box 11 | folder 6

    Oversight Hearing on Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act, 1983   box 11 | folder 7

    The Income and Jobs Action Act of 1985, 1985   box 11 | folder 8

    Oversight Hearing on the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, 1986   box 11 | folder 9
    Joint Economic Committee, 1966-1987

    20th Anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946: An Economic Symposium, 1966   box 11 | folder 10

    "Scrap the Gramm-Rudman Bill," 1985   box 11 | folder 11

    4 page typescript.

    "Needed Reconstruction in National Economic Policy," 1987   box 11 | folder 12

    Photocopy of a 14-page typescript with Keyserling's annotations.

    Kellogg Company, 1980   box 11 | folder 13

    5. Clippings, 1935-1988  

    Leon H. Keyserling, 1937-1987, undated   box 11 | folder 14

    Includes national and state newspapers, and magazine clippings relating to Keyserling's political, professional, and personal life.

    Mary D. Keyserling, 1940-1968, undated   box 11 | folder 15

    Harriet Keyserling, 1974-1986, undated   box 12 | folder 1

    Jennie H. Keyserling, 1935   box 12 | folder 2

    Obituary for Jennie H. Keyserling.

    Robert F. Wagner, 1936, 1988, undated   box 12 | folder 3

    Economists and economy, 1981-1985, undated   box 12 | folder 4

    General clippings, 1931-1987, undated   box 12 | folder 5

    6. Audiovisual materials, 1956-1988  

    Audiocassette tapes, 1974-1988

    Leon Keyserling, 1974-1987, undated   box 13-14
    (42 audiocassettes)
    Speech at CSULB, 1974 October 2
    Speech at CSULB, Seminar 1, 1974 October 2
    Speech at CSULB, Seminar 2, 1974 October 3
    Leon H. Keyserling on the Wagner Act, 1975 November 8
    U.S. Conference of Mayors, New Orleans, LA, 1977 November 15
    Memorial Service for Rexford Guy Tugwell, 1979 July 25
    Family Council: The Great Depression, WAMU-FM, 1979 October 30
    University of Delaware, tape 1, 1979 December 3
    University of Delaware, tape 2, 1979 December 3

    2 copies

    University of Delaware, tape 3, 1979 December 3-4
    "Here's Info"-NFO Radio, 1980 July

    Three programs with Leon Keyserling

    Wall Street Week, 1980 August 29
    Pension and Profit Sharing Seminar for Attorneys and Accountants, 1980 November 11
    Conference on the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, University of Southern California, 1980 November 11-14
    Studs Terkel interview, part 1, 1981
    Studs Terkel Interview, part 2, 1981
    Address at centennial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's birth, Women's National Democratic Club, 1982 January 29

    2 copies

    Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC, 1982 February 10
    "Consider the Alternatives," 1982 February

    Keyserling with Robert K. Musil.

    Rocky Mt. Farm, Denver, CO, 1983 December 2
    Economic Journal, KCUR-FM, Kansas City, MO, 1984 March 3

    Keyserling with Sheldon Stahl.

    "Economic Legacy of the Truman Administration" at National Economists Club, 1984 March 26
    Evening Dialogue, Truman Presidency, Wilson Center Library, tape 1, 1984 May 4
    Evening Dialogue, Truman Presidency, Wilson Center Library, tape 2, 1984 May 4
    Evening Dialogue, Truman Presidency, Wilson Center Library, tape 3, 1984, May 4
    Smithsonian symposium on Eleanor Roosevelt, 1984 October 13
    All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 1985 July 5

    50th Anniversary of the Wagner Act.

    Black Caucus Legislative Weekend, 1985 September

    Keyserling talks to Congress.

    Drafting the Wagner Act, tape 1, 1985 March 2

    Ken Casebeer interview with Keyserling.

    Drafting the Wagner Act, tape 2, 1985 March 2
    Drafting the Wagner Act, tape 3, 1985 March 3
    Drafting the Wagner Act, tape 4, 1985 March 3
    Voices of America, 1986 March

    Michael J. Marlow interviews Keyserling in connection with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt retrospective.

    Michael Harrington on the death of Leon Keyserling, 1987 August
    Leon H. Keyserling's memorial service, Cosmos Club, 1987 September 10
    Round Table Recommendation for DNC Platform-Economics, tape 1, 1987 December 2
    Round Table Recommendation for DNC Platform-Economics, tape 2, 1987 December 2
    "America's Embattled Economy," undated
    Dr. Walker and Leon H. Keyserling, undated
    Leon H. Keyserling on unemployment and tax bills, undated

    Mary Keyserling, 1980-1988   box 14
    (5 audiocassettes)
    Mary Dublin Keyserling, 1980 April 2

    2 copies

    Mary Dublin Keyserling with Caroline Ware, NCCRE, 1982 October 29
    Dialogue with Mary Dublin Keyserling-WGMS AM, Washington, DC, 1988 May 11

    2 copies

    Miscellaneous, 1983, undated   box 14
    (3 audiocassettes)
    Flying Solo, undated

    2 copies

    Beverly Ritz, 1983
    Reel to reel tapes, 1956-1987

    Leon H. Keyserling, 1956-1987, undated   box 15
    (29 reel to reel tapes)
    Farmers Union Talk, 1956
    Radio Press Conference, 1959 September 27

    Keyserling interviewed by Edward T. Folland, Bruce Martan, and Eileen Shancihan.

    Railway Labor Executive Association Dinner, Washington, DC, Reel 1, 1962 February 8

    Briefing session on railroad merger problem.

    Railway Labor Executive Association Dinner, Washington, DC, Reel 2, 1962 February 8
    Railway Labor Executive Association Dinner, Washington, DC, Reel 3, 1962 February 8
    Dress Conference, WCBC News, Reel 1, 1963
    Dress Conference, WCBC News, Reel 2, 1963

    Question and answer session.

    National Economic Policies, Ellis Hall, Reel 1, 1964 January 4
    National Economic Policies, Ellis Hall, Reel 2, 1964 January 4
    "The Business Climate of 1985," 1965 May 11

    Presented to Texas Instruments.

    "Progress or Poverty," 1965 November 9

    Presented at Georgetown University.

    Fall Conference, Reel 2, 1965 November 13
    Fall Conference, Reel 3, 1965 November 13
    Television program, 1965 December 30

    Senator George McGovern and Keyserling.

    Faye Henle Program, WOR Radio, NY, 1967 February 14
    Close Up: An Economic View of 1968, 1968 January 4

    Interviewed by Joseph McCallrey.

    Untitled, 1968 June 20
    Panorama, 1968 October 18
    L. King Show, Miami, WIOD, NBC, 1968 October 24

    Albert Gordon and Leon H. Keyserling.

    "Economics and the War in Vietnam," 1970 December 23

    Keyserling vs. Tom Riddell.

    Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA, 1971 January 7
    National Farmers Organization, 1971 April 12

    Keyserling on agricultural policy changes.

    National Farmers Organization, 1971 April 19

    Keyserling on interest rates and what the government can do.

    Memorial Service, Reel 1, 1987 September 10
    Memorial Service, Reel 2, 1987 September 10
    Memorial Service, Reel 3, 1987 September 10
    American University, undated
    F.U. Breakfast, Reel 1, undated
    F.U. Breakfast, Reel 2, undated

    Mary Keyserling, 1962-1969, undated   box 15
    (8 reel to reel tapes)
    Economic and Democratic Advance in Israel, 1962 February 3
    Martha Dealie interview with Mary Dublin Keyserling, 1964 January 12
    Lee Graham interview with Mary Dublin Keyserling, 1965 April 26
    Interview with Mary Dublin Keyserling, 1965 April 30
    "Press Conference USA, Voices of America," 1966 March 23
    "Woman Power: An Underutilized Resource," 1969 May 16

    Presented at the Administrative Management Society International Conference, Toronto, Canada.

    "Jobs and Economic Growth," undated
    Mary Dublin Keyserling with Linton Wells, undated

    Videocassettes, 1974-1984   box 16
    (8 videocassettes)
    "Inflation, Recession and a New Approach to Both," California State University, 1974

    2 copies

    Beryl Dakers interview, WIS TV, Columbia, SC, 1977 April 1
    Economic Conditions and Policies in Portland, OR, 1981 January 30
    Portland City Club, Liberty Cable Television, 1981 January 30

    2 copies

    Dr. Keyserling and Representative John Conyers, 1984 June 25

    2 copies

    Record album, 1963 December 2   box 16

    Memorial Tribute to President John F. Kennedy at the Women's National Democratic Club, Mary Dublin Keyserling presiding.

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