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Inventory of the Jan Goin Collection, 1786-1998

Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Family papers collected by Jan Goin, owner of the Jan Goin Gallery in Charleston, S.C. and estate executor for relative and Charleston social worker Rena Muller. Includes data regarding Muller, Kruse, Wulbern and related German family history, including Charleston real estate materials, items from World War II veteran Kruse Muller, family photographs, Confederate paper money, and a large number of Charleston artist files from the gallery.
Title: Jan Goin collection
Creator: Goin, Jan
Date(s): 1786-1998  (bulk 1940-1985)  
Extent: 10.5 linear feet
(19 document boxes, 2 oversize boxes)
Repository: Special Collections, College of Charleston Libraries
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424
Phone: (843) 953-8016
Fax: (843) 953-6319
Call Number: Mss 0165
Language of Material: Materials primarily in English. Bible, prayer book, and some legal material in German.

Biographical Note

Jan Goin, daughter of John and Mary Muller, owned the Jan Goin Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1963, The Mullers opened the Charles Town Gallery at 22-24 State Street, which was later purchased and relocated to 241 King Street by Jan Goin and her husband David Goin. The gallery focused mainly on picture framing and art consignment, and later was renamed Jan Goin Gallery (1980).

Collection Overview

The first series includes biographical materials relating to the Muller family of Charleston, South Carolina, especially Rena Muller (1908-1987), Kruse Muller, Jack Muller, and John Muller. Rena Muller materials include correspondence and data relating to her career as a social worker with the South Carolina Department of Welfare, including new hire guides and manuals, Muller's personal notebooks, charter requests, and writings including case studies and essays relating to social work. Other biographical materials include data regarding World War II veteran Kruse Muller's honorable discharge documents and his "Hell on Wheels" military blouse. Also includes a large number of original family photographs and cabinet cards.

The second series includes legal and business materials such as deeds, correspondence, titles, mortgates, and other data relating to Muller/Wulbern/Kruse family real estate in Charleston's Ansonborough neighborhood, 20 Glebe Street, and 40 Society Street. This series also includes materials relating to Jan and David Goin's successful Charleston gallery, the Jan Goin Gallery.

The third series consists of a variety of paper currency, including Confederate and non-Confederate bills.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged in three series.

1.  Biographical and family materials, 1786, 1810, 1850s-1998, undated
2.  Business and legal materials, 1858-1993
3.  Currency, 1861-1864

Search Terms

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    • Goin, Jan
    • Muller, Kruse
    • Muller, Rena, 1908-1987
    • Muller family


    • Artists--South Carolina
    • Art galleries, Commercial--South Carolina
    • Germans--Charleston (S.C)
    • Women social workers--United States
    • World War, 1939-1945--Veterans--South Carolina


    • Charleston (S.C.)

    Types of Material

    • Blouses (military garments)
    • Cabinet photographs
    • Color photographs
    • Paper money
    • Plats (maps)
    • Scrapbooks

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    Separated Material

    Published material originally with the collection has been removed and catalogued separately.

    Detailed Description of the Collection

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    1. Biographical and family materials, 1786, 1810, 1850s-1998, undated  

    Includes biographical information and materials about the Muller family, including Charleston social worker Rena Muller, World War II veteran Kruse Muller, Charleston architect Jack Muller, South Carolina artist John Muller, and other data on the Kruse and Wulbern families.

    Rena Muller

    Professional correspondence and related materials, 1937-1972   box 1 | folder 1-2

    Includes job offers for Muller, performance reviews, case notes.

    Personal correspondence, 1943-1953, 1973-1979   box 1 | folder 3

    Includes letters about automobile accident involving Muller (1953), letters between Muller and her mentor, Julia Bell, and wartime and other letters (1943-1952) from Otto J. Muller, Kruse Muller, and others.

    Clippings and related materials, 1925-1987   box 1 | folder 4

    Includes Muller's graduation programs, newspaper clippings during the course of her social worker career, obituary, and a small amount of other materials.

    Writings, 1939-1951   box 1 | folder 5

    Case studies, handwritten and typed essays, meeting minutes.

    Charter requests, 1939-1952   box 1 | folder 6

    From the Department of Public Welfare for the South Carolina Historical Society (?). Includes one request for Medway Plan Foundation (1950).

    A History of the County Department of Public Welfare, Charleston, South Carolina, 1962   box 1 | folder 7

    With annotations and marginalia. Also includes 1958 Charleston County Public Welfare Board report.

    Guides and manuals, 1944-1955, 1961   box 2 | folder 1

    Drafts and bound copies, created for the South Carolina Department of Public Welfare.

    Field Supervisor, SC Department of Public Welfare notebook, 1952-1954   box 2 | folder 2

    Includes professional data and inspirational aphorisms.

    "Our Baby," memory book   box 2 | folder 3

    "Addresses," book, 1967   box 2 | folder 4

    Miniature notebooks, 1902-1904   box 2 | folder 5

    Mostly handwritten inspirational notes.

    Estate materials, 1987   box 3 | folder 1

    Correspondence between family members, lists of estate holdings, legal correspondence, notebook with handwritten estate lists, various financial materials. Also includes Preservation Society membership list (1971-1972).

    Deeds of estate distribution and receipts, 1987-1988   box 3 | folder 2

    Alligator leather purse   box 20

    Includes two small change purses and photographs of Muller with purse. One change purse contains antique coins nearly all fused together as a result of a lightning strike to the attic of 20 Glebe Street.

    Miscellaneous materials   box 3 | folder 3

    Various work related documents, deed to lot 35 in Magnolia Cemetery, deed to Glebe Street property, Kruse family genealogical charts, Rena Muller death certificate, funeral arrangements, last will and testament.

    Kruse Muller

    Served in the 2nd Armored Division of the United States Army, or "Hell on Wheels," during World War II.

    Personal materials, 1946-1968, 1984   box 3 | folder 4

    Includes membership cards, receipts, honorable discharge documents, and obituary. Also includes signed letter from Nancy Reagan, thanking Muller for contributions.

    World War II correspondence, 1943-1946   box 3 | folder 5-6

    From Kruse Muller to various family members.

    2nd Armored Division, "Hell on Wheels," territory maps, 1942-1944   box 3 | folder 7

    2nd Armored Division booklet, 1945   box 3 | folder 8

    Includes fabric patch.

    2nd Armored Division, "Hell on Wheels," military blouse   box 20

    World War II ration materials, 1943-1945   box 19 | folder 2

    Include ration wallet, tokens, ration books, some WWII correspondence. Also includes Jacob Kruse Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of South Carolina certificate (1866).

    John Muller

    Scrapbook, 1950-1967   box 4 | folder 1-3

    Loose pages include clippings, membership cards, photographs, and other materials relating to John Muller's career. Also includes rice from 275th anniversary celebration of the first rice harvest in America.

    Charles Town Gallery sales, 1962-1967, 1985, 1996   box 4 | folder 4

    Correspondence, price lists, clippings relating to the gallery's sales.

    Charles Town Gallery clippings and related   box 4 | folder 5

    Newspaper clippings, original photographs, two photoengraver plates.

    Charleston Artists Guild, 1961-1963   box 5 | folder 1

    Flyers, invitations, exhibition pamphlets, typed "Constitution and By-Laws," clippings and a small amount of correspondence.

    Home Federal Lively Arts Collection, 1963   box 5 | folder 2

    Clippings, press releases, original photograph of Muller's featured artwork.

    Jacob Kruse Muller's State of South Carolina school diploma and certificate, 1930   box 21 | folder 1

    "J. Kruse," leather wallet   box 19 | folder 1

    Otto Jacob Muller confirmation and marriage certificates, 1907   box 21 | folder 2

    Jack Muller clippings, 1974-1979   box 5 | folder 3

    Relating to career as Charleston housing official, includes obituaries.

    Muller/Kruse/Wulbern family

    Genealogical family trees (Kruse Muller and Wehman, Wulbern, Muller, and Kruse families), undated   box 5 | folder 4

    Photocopies. Also includes several photocopies of handwritten family histories.

    Family materials   box 5 | folder 5

    Includes two envelopes of materials sorted by maternal and paternal side. Paternal line contains 1850s citizenship papers and printed statute regarding rebuilding Charleston after 1838 fire. Also includes Muller membership cards for Freemason societies, a Muller engraving plate, newspaper clippings.

    Kruse family German bible, 1810   box 19 | folder 3

    Kruse family German prayer book, 1786   box 19 | folder 3

    Dated on inside of silver clasp, "J.K. 1971."


    Wulbern, Kruse, Muller, and related family cabinet cards, circa 1880-1910   box 6 | folder 1-6

    Includes silhouette, childhood pictures of Rena Muller.

    Unmarked cabinet cards, undated   box 6 | folder 7

    Taken in various locations, including New York and Germany.

    Miscellaneous photographs and related materials, 1909-1998, undated (scattered)   box 7 | folder 1-2

    Include Wulbern family negatives, photographs of Muller and Wulbern families, especially Rena Muller, scenery, 1939 World's Fair, Glebe Street property, and several other topics.

    Picture postcards, 1906-1915, undated   box 7 | folder 3

    Most blank, some written in German. Also includes a map of the Roman Empire.

    Rena Muller   box 7 | folder 4

    Includes photos removed from alligator purse (see box 20).

    Muller and Wulbern family scrapbook, undated   box 7 | folder 5

    Wulbern family cased image, 1856   box 7 | folder 6

    Kristiana and Jacob Kruse cased images, undated   box 7 | folder 7

    Two small wooden image cases.

    "Auntie Maybell Muller (Mrs. T. Allan Legaré)" cased image, 1962   box 8 | folder 1

    Family photo album, circa 1850s   box 8 | folder 2

    Includes images of family in Germany and Wagner, Muller, Stelling, Wulbern, Koopman, and Thumb families. From studios in Charleston, Savannah, Newberry, and others.

    Muller family scrapbook, undated   box 8 | folder 3

    Kruse Muller   box 8 | folder 4

    WWII photographs and portraits.

    20 Glebe Street   box 8 | folder 5

    2. Business and legal materials, 1858-1993  

    Muller and Kruse legal papers, 1858-1902, 1933-1965   box 9 | folder 1

    Stock shares, contracts, auction lists, genealogical information and other data, mostly in German.

    Maybell Muller Legare legal documents, 1959-1964   box 9 | folder 2

    Includes income tax and expense receipts, power of attorney documents, sketch of gravestone memorial, renovation materials, correspondence regarding estate, Rena Muller's caregiving notebook/diary.

    Family real estate

    Ansonborough   box 9 | folder 3

    Newspaper clippings, renovation notes and correspondence, materials from Charleston preservation societies about the neighborhood, especially 20 Glebe Street and 40 Society Street.

    College of Charleston's 20 Glebe Street purchase   box 9 | folder 4

    Includes correspondence, news clippings, mortgage receipts, several photographs and a photocopy of Christiania Kruse property title.

    40 Society Street   box 9 | folder 5

    Legal correspondence, plats, and materials related to Rena Muller's purchase of the property.

    20 Glebe Street   box 10 | folder 1

    Include deeds, titles, bills of sale.

    Miscellaneous, circa 1903-1989   box 10 | folder 2-3

    Various mortgages, real estate titles, legal correspondence, wills, and related items. Includes information on St. Philip Street property condemned for parking garage.

    Charles Town Gallery and Jan Goin Gallery

    Materials relating to Charles Town Gallery (opened 1963), later renamed as Jan Goin Gallery (1980). A large number of artist files include data on artists featured at both galleries. Also includes promotional materials for Jan Goin Gallery post-renovation, including type styles, business requests, lecture materials, newspaper clippings, and number of photos and negatives.

    Exhibitions and programs, 1985-1993   box 11 | folder 1-4

    Renovation photographs and clippings   box 12 | folder 1

    Renovation receipts, 1981   box 12 | folder 2

    For the Jan Goin Gallery and the Goin family home.

    Promotional materials, 1984-1988   box 12 | folder 3-4

    Guest book   box 12 | folder 5

    For Charles Town Gallery (1974) and Jan Goin Gallery (1980).

    Consignment agreements, Charles Town Gallery   box 12 | folder 6

    Original consignment agreement, Jan Goin Gallery   box 12 | folder 7

    Artist files   box 13-18

    Include artist résumés, consignment lists, payment receipts, correspondence, color slides, art samples, and related materials. Arranged alphabetically.

    Jan Goin daily planners, 1986   box 19 | folder 4

    3. Currency, 1861-1864  

    Confederate States of America   box 18 | folder 2

    Ranges from fifty cent notes to one hundred dollar bills. Also includes various currency sheets, one Bank of South Carolina note (1862 January 1), "Soldiers' Way-Side Home" notes, Keatinge & Ball one dollar note.

    Non-Confederate   box 18 | folder 3

    Includes currency from North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia, ranging from five cent notes to ten dollar bills.

    CSA-era bonds and related   box 18 | folder 4

    Charleston Importing and Exporting (1863) shares, Carolina Insurance (1862) shares, Jacob Kruse Confederate Tax receipt (1862), Nicaraguan 50 cents note, miscellaneous newspapers, and several other items.

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    Donated by Jan Goin, July 2010.

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